First of all, Vom Drakkenfels would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Now! On to the News! I am happy to say that Rennick's Kilo is well on his way to completing his Championship. With five Reserve Winners,  two of those earned at the Gulfstream Rottweiler Specialty in Miami. Winners Dog and two points under Mr. Eric Ringle at the Fort Myers Dog Club Show in Ft Myers and  Best of Winners and two points under Mr. Ronald Lambert at the Brevard Kennel Club Show in Orlando, Kilo now has four points towards his American Championship. Congratulations to Kilo and his owner Leroy Philips!

Vom Drakkenfels would like to congratulate Quinn Webb on his acquisition of Ken vom Schwaiger Wappen's last son, Hodeva's Agazi. Quinn made the journey to Sweden and met with Marianne Martinsson of Hodeva's Kennel. Agazi has his Korad, the Swedish equivalent of the German Korung. He also has his Swedish Championship and his TJH Working Title, an Army Patrol Dog Title, certifying him in Tracking and Obedience.


I wanted to tell everyone about the wonderful trip I took to NY for the USRC NE Regionals. This trip was kinda special since it was the first trip that my daughter Collina made with me..."just the girls". Quinn Webb, owner of Damien, met us up there along with our friend Dennis Posse and his wife. What a trip that was! The bus did wonderful the whole time but the 2 girls got broken down a few times.../giggle. Once we arrived at the show we went over to the BEAUTIFUL arena that was setup for the SchH Nationals being held the same time. Due to weather however the conformation part of the show was moved inside the Arena. We missed the Obedience which we all wanted to see but we did see the helper try-outs which I think Quinn got on tape. We headed back to the room to get the dogs all set for the next days events...everyone was SOAKED by the time everyone was out and run. The dogs loved it! /UGH. The next day was the same with DOWNPOURS...but we were all set with the bus parked just outside....THANK YOU DARLENE AND ANDY! This show had some outstanding dogs with HUGE classes of 15-18 dogs each and people that were going hardcore for the win. Excellent vendors (I got 4 new gold collars for $15 buck!!) with a good selection of items. and the most important thing...good friends, 2 good Judges, and a fun time!

Now for the results of the dogs I took up: Sue Sealing send her boy Eli up and he did very well in the 6-9 class P-3, Damien and his Sister might have walked away from the SE Regionals with Best Puppy Male and Female but at this show they BOTH took the SG-3 from a huge classes in 12-18. Damien got slightly distracted during his run and decided that the big blue ball that someone was playing with was much more exciting and launched me out of the ring onto my shoulder and knees...(ouch). Hunter Lund's Cai took a VP in 6-9 and his Loki went SG in 18-24. Nova took the SG from the same class and Trinity went SG in the 18-24. Sue Lynch's boy Ketel One's a step above (Red) was a show boat and took the V-2 in a HARD 18-24 class. The dog that won went Youth Sieger...Congrats to Darren Taylor's Matcho vom Haus Milan. This win follows a V rating he got a the Klub show recently in Germany. This beautiful boy is American bred and was in the top 10 for the Klub show! What a thrill that has to be. We left the show soon after and Collina attended her first Judge's Dinner with new friends. She said she is looking forward to more shows soon and had a great time. The next day in Open Males my friend Joanne Lockner and I prepared ourselves to show Norris in the Open Class. He did VERY well but I mishandled him during the teeth exam and final line up, it cost us. The ball for baiting came out too soon and he was then focused on that instead of the exam. We walked away with a V-4. This show was almost comparable to a National with the number of dogs and the quality of what I saw. We had people from California (Hi RJ!!) to Canada to of course Florida. It was such a pleasure to meet all the new faces and have time to chat between dogs...Congrats to all the well deserved winners. I fell in love with a Furst daughter...wow what a HEAD on that girl!! loved it!!








Now we have the IFR coming soon to see, SPARK is having a USRC Sanctioning show in Penn, there is a USRC Sanctioning show in VA, the Florida Circuit in January, The GulfStream (Dec) and the Seminole Rottweiler (Feb) Specialties and then the AIRK Nationals (NC in Mar) and the USRC Nationals (SC in Apr) and I think Grace mentioned the ARC Nationals (/crosses fingers) in Florida??.

Thanks for letting me Share...and I wish I could have made the Medallion but my daughter had to get back to work...see you next year for that one though.

For all those that did the Dogwood Specialty and USRC Kentucky Bluegrass...I MADE IT HOME! The dogs did wonderful even with a full bus of 18+hitchhikers.

I started out my show weekend this week by doing my first specialty after the long hiatus from the circuit...I was totally AWESTRUCK with the puppy male 9-12 class!! Congrats to all the breeders on that flock of wonderful pups and the stud owners that produced them. Congrats to all the winners!! BRAVO! The show was well put on with plenty of crate room, refreshments offered and warm smiles from old friends. It was good to see you. Now my brags from that one...

Evman's Cai vom Drakkenfels- Daughter of Multi-V, Am Ch. Krikarotts Jockey vom Blackriesen and my DragonLady went to her FIRST show...(not that she wasn't a trained pup or anything.../wink) She is owned by Hunter Lund. She walked out of a tough 6-9 class with the Second place! Crazy Cai then decided to strut her stuff at the German show...VP2!

The little girl she lost to was OUTSTANDING! What a Head piece on that puppy!! WOW. Cai's half-brother Alumna's Behr von Evman went V-1 in Champion class and their dad Jockey went V-1 in the Veteran's Class...I showed Lamboss to a V-2 in Veterans, Asia V-1 in Veterans, Eve also got V-1 on Quantum, little Yoga went VP-3 in the 4-6, Hunter's boy Loki went SG-4 in 18-24, Sue Lynch's boy Red walked away with the SG1 in a TOUGH 18-24 class but lost the JS title to the OUTSTANDING son on Elvis named Cooper. Congrats to his owners and breeders! He is well deserved of that title!! My new girl Redwood Krest's Nova

 took the SG-3 in 12-18. Trinity went SG-4 in the 18-24...she was JUST 18 months. Quinn's boy A'Damien vom Drakkenfels took the SG-3 from 12-18, Susan Hayes sent her new pup Eli up with me and he took home a SG-3 from the 6-9 class...his first show!!, Eve and von Evman took the Kennel class.

Congrats to the Female Select winner: V-1 USRC Select Ch Esmonds Kaleidoscope of Quarks Am CDX, Can CD, RN, NA, NAJ, NAP, NJP, SchHI, BST, BH, U-CD, U-AGII, TT, CGC, TDI.

/pant pant...did I forget anyone that I showed or helped show? I'm tired just reading that.

CONGRATS to Joanna Lockner's boy Norris on taking V-2 in Open and 4th place at the Dogwood Specialty from the Open Class!! I have her convinced to bring him to NY now...hehehehe...

I think by the time I climbed into bed every muscle of my body was lead.

One last comment...I was slightly offended by something I saw at the Dogwood Specialty. I think that it was poor taste to place a set of bolt cutters at the ring side with a sign that said "where do you stand on the tail docking issue". Who did that? and Why strong arm people? /shrug. Me...I still stand firm that it should be left up to the Breeders discretion and no one else honestly. Its their decision...they own the litter. Tail or no Tail its still a Rottweiler...but that was uncalled for and tasteless.

The Dragon Litter has arrived!! They will be making a debut at the Show in 2006

Lady and her seven babies!

I recently got one of my babies back!!...Introducing my daughter Collina Marie Cardona. She will be helping at shows and learning so be sure to say hello when you see her.

NEW ARRIVAL!! I am happy to announce that Redwood Krest's Nova has arrived and is happily playing in the fields with the rest of the pack. She is a special co-ownership with Joeri and Christina from Redwood Krest. She is a lovely girl and we will have a great time together! Thank you soooooo much Joeri...I will not disappoint you.

On my way up to the panhandle to meet with Harald of Katus Wappen Rottweilers we stopped in to check on one of our sons and his family. Remember Beo from the "B" Litter? He just turned 9 months old.


We are pleased to announce an exclusive breeding, the vom Drakkenfels "E" LitterThis will be Bora's third and last breeding. She will be retired to become a couch potato like her mother before her.  Watch for them in the ring 2006.

Bora von Drachenfels


Ken von der Scherau

Please visit our Litters Section for additional information on this breeding.

Welcome to Germany! Enjoy your Tour! 

(Click on a thumbnail to view a larger picture)


Vom Drakkenfels is proud to announce our next upcoming Breeding, the vom Drakkenfels "D" Litter.

Lady von Drachenfels



Aluma's Kwazi Behr von Evman



UCI International Champion American & Canadian Champion Multi V1-Rated Aluma's Kwazi Behr von Evman, BH, CD, TT, CGC a.k.a. Behr is currently working on his CDX with his owner Ana Ruiz.

Please visit our Litters Section for additional information on this breeding.

Updates on all dogs coming soon but presently vom Drakkenfels is on a 2 month well deserved rest until shows return in September.  Kim will be taking a tour of Germany and Venice at the end of July to go and watch the Frankenschau in Röthenbachtal and bringing back lots of pictures for the News area plus her review of two other shows.


Off to we went for the looooooong trip to Chicago Landesgruppe Show!

Congratulations to Norris and his owner Joanne Lockner on his V1 in the Open Male Class and his selection as this years Chicago Landesgruppe's Most Beautiful In Show.

I also had the pleasure of showing:
  • Rennick's Kilo took V2 in the Open Male Class

  • Lora Crni Vitez took V1 in the Open Female Class

  • Ketel One's A Step Above (Red) took SG in the 12-18 Male Class

  • Ketel One's Aubrey Crni Vitez (Bruiser) took an SG in the 12-18 Female Class

  • Multi V1 ECRK'04 Siegerin, USRC SE Reg Select Dolli Top-Rot, IPO1 took V2 in the Siegerin Class

  • Thundervly's Loki von Herrschaft took SG3 in the 18-24 Youth Male Class

  • Evmans Cai vom Drakkenfels took VP3 in the 4-6 Female Puppy Class, her very first show!

  • Konnestoltz Seth von Dik took VP3 in the 4-6 Male Puppy Class

  • Damien vom Drakkenfels took SG in the 12-18 Youth Male Class


The East Tennessee Rottweiler Klub hosted it's 1st annual German Style Conformation Show, what a great job the Club Members did! The Host Site was fantastic with the mountains of east Tennessee as a backdrop. Judge Joe Hedl presided and did his normal superb job of judging and teaching those in attendance. I'd like to thank the club for the presentation for the Most Entries in the Show. It was a very special moment and I will see you again next year.


Vom Drakkenfels crew with friends and Judge Joe Hedl at the ETRK's 2005 Conformation Show.


I had the pleasure of handling some new dogs this Show and they presented themselves very well.


Rennick's Kilo, owned by Leroy Phillip took V3 in the Open Male Class.


Blackriesen Lambos von Evman, owned by Evie Johnson and Walter Barton took V2 in the Veteran Male Class.


Konnestoltz Seth von Dik, owned

 by Dennis Posey, took VP1 and

Best Male Puppy!


I also had the pleasure of showing:
  • Ketel One's Causin' a Commotion (Buster) took VP2 in the 4-6 Male Puppy Class

  • Victory von Evman II took VP3 in the 4-6 Male Puppy Class

  • Ketel One's A Step Above (Red) took SG1 in the 12-18 Male Class

  • Bali vom Drakkenfels took VP3 in the 6-9 Female Class

  • Thundervly's Trinity vom Drakkenfels took SG3 in the 12-18 Female Class

  • Thundervly's Ulani Crni Lotos took an SG in the 12-18 Female Class

  • Arushka vom Drakkenfels took an SG in the 12-18 Female Class

  • Ketel One's Aubrey Crni Vitez (Bruiser) took an SG in the 12-18 Female Class

  • Multi V1 ECRK'04 Siegerin, USRC SE Reg Select Dolli Top-Rot, IPO1 took V2 in the Siegerin Class

  • Sagenhaft's Cathae took an SG in the Open Female Class


Congratulations to  DT-VDH Ch. Vico von der Flugschneise, Sch3, AD, BH, ZtP and his owner James Trucks on this years  ETRK's Sieger Title.

Congratulations to Akas Elez Rott and owners Aaron & Stephanie Tabor & Randy & Leslie Ressinger on this years ETRK's Siegerin Title AND Best In Show!

We also had a couple of reunions this weekend!


A'Damien vom Drakkenfels met his Dad, Rathko Crni Lotos again. Damien took SG4 his first time in the 12 to 18 Class. Rathko took a V in a very competitive Open Male Class and V1 in the Stud Dog Class.

Thundervly's Loki von Herrschaft met his sister Leah von Herrschaft. Loki took SG2 in the his Class, Leah took V1 in hers.


Evman's Cai vom Drakkenfels, aka Cai the Terrible made her appearance at the ETRK Show as well,

 letting us know she's ready to join in on the fun!

Cai INSISTS she can compete in the Open Female Class....

..she shows that even the 'Big Dogs" are no match... Poor Aunt Bora...

...and she shows she has the

drive to obtain her SCHI by

the age of 3 (months)

What a great weekend for me and the kids!! Sam and his crew at the CWRC put on a great show, very relaxing and I actually made it early and didn't have the "Kimmy Rush" going on before I hit the ring.  The weather was perfect both days for the dogs and the Doggy Limo made it up there with no problems. 

Vom Drakkenfels Crew and friends with Judge Wayne Simanovich at the CWRC USCR 2005 Southeast Regional Sieger Show and BST. 

Congrats to James Trucks and his boy DT-VDH Ch. Vico von der Flugschneise, Sch3, AD, BH, ZtP on this years 2005 Sieger at the age of almost nine!


Multi-V1 ECRK 04 Siegerin Dolly Top-Rott, IPO 1 took the Select female.


Aaron Tabor with Gonzzo Earl Antonius, IPO 1 on Select Male



USRC SE Regional '05 Best Puppy Male- A'Damien vom Drakkenfels, CGC and according to Quinn Webb soon to be AD, BH, and have his Sch1 by next spring...hehehe...He works hard with his son. 

USRC SE Regional '05 Best Puppy Female-

Arushka vom Drakkenfels.

Thundervly's Loki von Herrschaff- SG1 in 12-18 owned by Hunter Lund.

Bali vom Drakkenfels-VP3 in 4-6.


Thundervly's Ulani Crni Lotos-VP2 in 9-12


Thundervly's Trinity vom Drakkenfels- SG4 in 12-18

Evman's Cai vom Drakkenfels owned by Hunter Lund, pictured at eight weeks, made her debut along with her brother....

Evman's Cobalt vom Drakkenfels, who met his new Mom and Dad, Jamie Hinson and Tim Brown.

It was love at first sight.

Many Thanks to everyone at the show for your support and Congrats to all the Winners.  I hope to see everyone at the Knoxville German show in May after the CRC.  Then off to Landesgruppe in June, Chicago.



Vom Drakkenfels would like to congratulate von Evman Rottweilers and Am. CH, Multi V-1, Krikarott Jockey vom Blackreisen, IPO1, AD, ZtP, CGC, TT,  on attaining his last 3 point major to complete his American Championship. Jockey is the Father of the vom Drakkenfels "C" Litter, we are very proud of him!

JOCKEY and his daughter QUANTUM LEAP von Evman
at 14 months old winning
Best of Breed & Best of Opposite
Caribe Kennel Club, PR
April 2005


We would also like to re-welcome past owners Marcia and Peter Whited, of Carroll, Iowa, and Hunter Lund, owner of ThunderVly's Loki von Herrschaft, into the vom Drakkenfels Family for the second time. I'm looking forward to watching them grow and I'm sure they will get all the love they deserve.

Carmen with her new parents, Marcia and Peter Whited

Cai with her new dad, Hunter Lund

The Eastern Carolina Rottweiler Klub  hosted their 2005 ECRK Winter Show on March 12th and 13th. Vom Drakkenfels had a great weekend at the Show. Thank you to the ECRK for the fine work you all did..

The vom Drakkenfels Team with Alex Rodriguez and Judge Bianka Miksic.


Congratulations to the Sieger and Siegerin winners!

V-1 CH Ringside's Bust a Move, BH, ZtP, CGC


Xemilija of Nikola's Lion, IPO1, BH

Trinity wins the 9 to 12 month Class


Indio takes V-2 in the 18 to 24 month Class


Bali takes VP-2 in the 4 to 6 month Class, her first Show!


Damien takes VP-2 in the 9 to 12 month Class

Damien w/ owner Quinn Webb and Arushka with my daughter Collina

Arushka takes VP-3 in the 9 to 12  month Class

I also had the pleasure of showing:

Sue Lynch's Bruiser (Ketel One's Alburey Crni Vitez) to a  V-1 rating in the 12-18 Female Youth Class

Sue Lynch's Red (Ketel One's A Step Above) to an V-2 rating in the 12-18 Male Youth Class

Sue Lynch's "Dolly" (Dolly Top Rot) to a V-3 rating in the Siegerin Class.


The vom Drakkenfels "C" Litter arrives! Lady's (Dragonlady von Drachenfels) first litter arrived on February 9th. Two females and four males were welcomed into the vom Drakkenfels family and all are doing well!

The Boys at 1 Week

The Girls at 1 Week

Congratulations to their Dad, Multi V-1 Krikarott Jockey vom Blackriesen, IPO1 BH AD E CGC TT on winning the Veterans Class at the Central Florida Rottweiler Club USRC Conformation Show and BST.

The Central Florida Rottweiler Club hosted their USRC Conformation Show and BST on February 19th and 20th. Vom Drakkenfels had a great weekend at the Show. The dogs are coming along great in their training and performed very well. We took home a couple trophies:

Arushka wins VP2 in the 9-12 mo Female Class


Indio wins V4 in the 18-24 mo Male Class


It was great to see some old friends and some beautiful new dogs.

Skip Bittner with Dutch

Gonzzo Earl Antonius

Harold Krischick with Ken

Congratulations to Quinn Webb and Damien on successfully completing the CGC Title and taking a VP

and Mike Kimball with Akino vom Drakkenfels taking a VP.

Off to Grandma's House we go! The B-Litter takes a road trip to their other Grandmother's House.


Puppies at 8 weeks with Stud Dog Owner Evie Johnson of Von Evman Rottweilers

The Puppies joined us also for a trip to the USRC Carolina Working Rottweiler Club Sanctioning Show in South Carolina. The Club Members worked very hard to put on a well done Show. Thundervly's Ulani Crni Lotos  made her show debut, taking 1st Place with Arushka vom Drakkenfels taking 2nd in the 6 to 9 Month Female Puppy Class.  Thundervly's Trinity vom Drakkenfels took 2nd Place in the 9 to 12 Month Female Puppy Class.

We would like to welcome Nubi Crni Lotos' new owners to the vom Drakkenfels family. Deborah and her children are giving Nubi the loving she deserves and Nubi is returning it ten-fold. Their plans for Nubi include working with her in Obedience and Agility.

The vom Drakkenfels "B" Liter turns Six Weeks Old! And Pictures! We have Pictures!


We would also like to congratulate Akino vom Drakkenfels on earning his CGC Title!! Congrats to Mike, Cecelia, and Akino! Keep up the great work!!


Bali                                             Bronx                   Beowulf







Vom Drakkenfels is proud to announce our next upcoming Breeding, the vom Drakkenfels "C" Litter.

Lady von Drachenfels


Krikarott Jockey vom Blackriesen

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