I just wanted to share a Special Event with everyone, the wedding of my niece, Joezette to her longtime friend and partner, Brad Hite.

Share with me the Special Event, click on the picture for the photo montage.

The vom Drakkenfels "H" Litter  has arrived!

We want the little ones to the family,  the little "red" ribbon female will stay with us, and is now known as "Halo" vom Drakkenfels.









Updates on the Kennel Construction!



Vom Drakkenfels has moved Dragon Dens to another beautiful secluded spot in the woods...




...updates will come as the rebuilding continues over the next few months...


In memory Krikarott Jockey Vom Blackriesen

Please Contact Jockey's Mom and Dad at von Evman's to Share their grief at the passing of a great dog and father to our children.



 Vom Drakkenfels was invited to a very special B-day Party.  Champ vom Vilstaler Land turns 15 (105 in human terms) and we celebrated with him in style at the vom Evman Kennels.  Thank you Eve and Manson for a wonderful day with him...  


"Happy Birthday from Mom and Dad 
(Eve and Manson Johnson of von Evmans Rottweilers)
Your mom and I never told you this, but you were adopted.  Now, I know this may come as a shock to you at first, but when you think about it, we went all over the world looking for a male out of our breeding lineage that we could use to continue our breeding program and, of course, to love with all our hearts.
Champ, out of all the dogs we looked at for nearly 2 years you were the dog god lead us to visit.  You had all the potential, physically, mentally and genetically to be the next great stud dog, but it was up to us to make it happen.
The next nine months went by fast as we worked to build you into something the Rottweiler community had never seen before.  We developed your stamina so you could run for miles in competition and never tire.  We added muscle mass until we had reached your peak weight (132 ) for your height (27in).  We practiced showing and posing for hour upon hour until we would look at you, smile and say, "wow" to each other.
During all this extensive training you always gave us everything you had.  Every morning you sat waiting by the door to begin the day's work.  This is what made you so special: you have the heart of a stallion.  This is God's special gift to you because no matter what anyone did to show or train you, without your heart it would have never led to where it did.  Champ, you have always done much, much more than we have ever asked or expected of you.  You have been the perfect son to us.
In the show ring, you proved yourself to be the BEST of the BEST.  We will never forget the 1997 Westminster Kennel club show.  When you entered the ring the judge put you in a corner all by yourself.  Your mom and I thought, "oh no!  The judge doesn't like him" we watched the show as nervous parents wondering what was happening to our son.  In the end, the judge made the public statement that he had to put you in the corner because you were so superior to the other dogs that he couldn't judge them fairly with you next to them.  The judge said  when he saw you come in the ring, with your perfect head and perfectly muscled body, he couldn't believe what he was seeing.  He had bred, owned, showed and trained Rottweilers most of his adult life and he thought you were "the Perfect One." After he saw you, he said "there will never be another one like you."  Mom and I agree totally with him.
The rest of your show career is the record of a True Legend.  You won the American Rottweiler Club National Specialty with the largest entry ever, over 1000 dogs!!  You have won everything we ever asked of you and more.  Best in Show wins, Multiply BOB wins, National Club Sieger Awards in German shows.  Your Breeding career had been one of the most illustrious careers in Rottweiler history.  You have won numerous Top Stud dog Awards throughout the world.  You were even the Top Stud dog in Australia!  With the use of frozen semen we have brought your beauty in mind, body and spirit to families all over the world!
As our son, you have been the most incredible child we have ever been blessed to have.  During the best days of our lives, you have been with us every night to celebrate it.  During the worst days of our lives, you have been with us to offer your unconditional love.  These last years have been the best!  We all know each other so well that we can look at each other in the eye and "feel" the love.  When you curl up next to us in this crazy world outside, you bring us peace, joy and harmony.
You have done one more thing that is perhaps the most significant thing you could for other dogs and humans.  Champ, you have become the reason for the Foundation at the University of Wisconsin College of Veterinary Medicine to study Cancer in Rottweilers and in Humans.  We promise that your final victory over Melanoma will stand the test of time and be your greatest accomplishment to Rottweilers and Mankind. 
We carry your love and soul in our hearts with every breath we take.
All our love,
Mom and Dad"








Marge always does a good job and her team at MARK didn't let us down. The weather AMAZING!! Our Judge was Bill Alexander. We split forces a bit and Joanna, Dustin, Hunter, Anthony, Ann, Sue, Luana,  Randy,  and Teena all met to be with me and my son for the MARK while Gene headed to the NE Regionals in NY and Quinn, Jason, and the others hit the UCI International Show in Orlando....now for the teams results...(Gene you will have to fill us in on the NE Reg.) Even my friends Haider Beqat (Stolzenfels) and Spencer I had not seen in YEARS showed up to give support. We had new family too...

MARK: We started the morning with puppies...beautiful, beautiful puppies. Our guys had a good time out there....only problem is I didn't get Marge's recipe for the Wings she made for the Lunch.

We had George (VP) in 4-6.


 Fury then came into the ring to run down a (VP3) in the 6-9.



Fury's sister Brazil, his Dad, Agazi and Fury himself.

My little hellion Billy in between trying to take out anything that moved actually walked out (VP2) in 4-6 from a ring of 10 other little girls...yes I said 10.


Demen took on the boy in 12-18 (SG2) . He turned 12 months last weekend so we were truly pleased.


 Petra (P2) in the 6-9 class.


Duchess (VP), Duke (VP), and our little Keera (Deja vu vom Drakkenfels) to come away with (SG2).../cheer.




Dustin did an outstanding job as always and this show he proved that he could beat me with my own breeding...PFFFFFFT to you and Quinn for that.

 Dennis Posse and his beautiful boy Seth ended the day with the Youth Sieger title!! Congrats Dennis...you worked hard on him and he looks out of this world.


The Judges dinner was at Johnny Carino's so we feasted on pasta, steak, seafood...mmmm....

Next day we started with the boys...plenty of macho boys that wanted to show off for the ladies...grrr...once the dust settled we took the (V4) on Chancellor, Damien (SG),

                                       Open Class Males

 Agazi (V1) in the Working Class,


Red (V2) in the Champion Class Norris (V1 and BEST MALE IN SHOW).

The only girl we took was my little Ru...Arusha is sitting 4 weeks pregnant so I didn't want to stress her too much....she was V1 in open and went head to head with Michelle's girl from Bred-by. Talk about working for a win...


WOW. Congrats on winning BEST FEMALE IN SHOW to our very own Michelle !!! That girl was beautiful and I felt honored to have a chance against her in that ring.


Jason reported that our girl Ulani completed her International from Open. Donna's boy Caesar completed his International from Open and he is heading to the AKC now, Agazi competed from the Champion class and completed before heading up to the MARK for his V1 (remember guys that he is 8 years old now), True took the Junior International and 2 x BoB puppy and a Group 4!! I think that makes him 8 X V1 from the 12-18 age group.

I want to send congrats to ALL of the others that showed this weekend. I heard that the show had an outstanding Rottweiler presence there with Eve (Von Evman), Skip and Jenn there to lead them.

Goodness I hope I didn't forget any of the babies...and to ALL the owners and breeders out there for all the shows...a HUGE congrats....I just wish I could have been there to watch them ALL.

Pictures from the show will be posted on my website as soon as we get them all in. Give us about a week.../smile


I wanted to let everyone know that the Lady X Brito babies are now in with their new moms and dads.
Carol and Rich Orloski of Sarasota, Fl-Past owners of a Harpo X Beau daughter are now getting puppy breath from "Chase"
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Carigan of Tampa, Fl have their tank puppy "Grissom" to run after.  Can you tell they are CSI fan's too? /smile


Mr. and Mrs. Brent Nance of Winter Haven, FL are teaching "Gaza" what time to wake up the kids will be...hehehe...he will be good at that.


Gaza meets a few of his new playmates!

Carrye from Lehigh, FL...the girl that risked life and limb to get our little Petra from the Miami airport when she arrived from Germany...has her little boy "Gizmo" tucked into bed with her daughter Jontell.
I thank you all for giving my kids a chance in the future and for the loving homes I know you will be.  If you need me for anything please be sure to call or email me and if you can't reach me you are part of a huge family now of friends and owners who will step right in there.  I can't wait to see the stories and see the pictures....


As you know I'm extremely proud of my 2 boys....  

I just got off the phone with Quinn and he said that Damien started the AKC circuit in Sept and already he has 7 points with one major completed.  He has 5 points toward his Can Ch, they completed his RN, he has Multi V1 and now he is working to complete both CH's and his BH by the end of the year.  Well today Damien went one step more to please his papa and surprise and delight his grandma....  He took a BoB and a Group 4!!!  His handler is my good friend Jennifer Ilton-Bittner who took on both my boys (Damien and Quinn) and will always be recommended to anyone who needs a good person that loves this breed.  Damien is a strong boy with a ton of drive and even I can't hold him at times when he gets moving.  I just wanted to share this with you guys and to announce that soon I will have some time and his sister Arusha will be hitting the AKC/CKC rings.  I am currently moving and building a new place and Honestly I can't wait...it will be fun to see them both out competing
together.  They went Best puppy on the same day at the USRC SE Reg '05 and they are both Multi V...now we will see them hopefully finish.

Proud grandma...

       Vom Drakkenfels kicked off the season in high spirits, and what a welcome back to the circuit we received. It was good to see everyone again and meet new people. We headed out to Atlanta at about 4:30 am with the bus for the first outing of the season. Bora, my old girl, decided she was going to join us for a weekend away and climbed into a crate and told me firmly "close the door". I guess she wanted to see for herself how the new kids on the block did and check in with our others... True and Damien were entered in the show in Atlanta. True took the Second in both regular and in sweepstakes and Damien took Am-Bred class...so off we went again to head up to Kentucky.

    We arrived up there late Thursday and planned a free day for grooming, playing and training on Friday. Joanna, Tina and Lynette joined us that night and we enjoyed a quick dinner and chat. After we let the pups out to play and romp and of course I had to put her majesty in the room.

     The next day it was chilly and a bit rainy but cleared and then POURED on us...

...but we went on with the show and had a fantastic time. The show hosts did an outstanding job with this show and it was a lot of fun. Our Judge was Monika Bhala who is an FCI judge that LOVED those pups...and they loved her right back in true welcoming Rottweiler fashion. Our baby dragon kids did outstanding...kicking it off with "George" Ketelhau's Get em George winning VP1 and BEST PUPPY MALE from 4-6 with my boy "Fury" Fast and Furious vom Drakkenfels winning the 3rd place spot!


Ketelhaus' Get em George


Fast and Furious vom Drakkenfels



     He was followed by "Demen" Ketelhaus' Da Devil Made Me Do It taking the VP2in the 9 to 12 MALES.

Pics coming soon!

     Not to be outdone My little "Billy" Billy vom Haingraben took a VP1 in 4-6 FEMALES (special thanks to Harald Krischick on helping me get her), "Wonka" Ketelhaus' Golden Ticket took VP3 and Brazil did a VP.


Billy vom Haingraben


Ketelhaus' Golden Ticket



      They were followed by "Petra" Petra von der Teufelsbrucke who started out a little put out and nervous...but baby that little girl can fly...Right to the VP3 spot in the 6-9 class. She is only 6 months now by 2 days!!



Petra von der Teufelsbrucke



Last of the babies was "Duchess" Ketelhaus' Duchess von Streveil who followed her baby brothers example and brought home the VP1 and BEST FEMALE PUPPY to her owners Randi White and Ketelhaus' Breeder- Susan Lynch.


                Keep it up Sue!!! Beautiful!

 I hope you are holding onto your seats....there is MORE.... "True" owned/bred by Nora P. went in next for the 12-18 Class...V-1! "Keera" Deja Vu vom Drakkenfels, owned by Joanna went in to 12-18 class...V-2!

Pics coming soon!

 Next day Adults...a HUGE congrats to Joanna Lockner and her boy "Norris" USRC-SER'06 Select, Landesgruppe BiS'05, Multi V-1, UCI Int'l, Am CH Thundervly’s Legend von Mitternadt, CGC on yet another V1 in Champions - but this time he won USRC SER Select 06!! and his 9th V1 rating. Norris is working on his working titles and will be Seiger soon.



USRC-SER'06 Select, Landesgruppe BiS'05, Multi V-1,
UCI Int'l, Am CH
Thundervly’s Legend von Mitternadt, CGC


CONGRATS to Sue yet AGAIN on V3 on "Red" Multi V-1, Am CH, Ketel One's A Step Above, CGC Damien went V, Lora went V and my little Arushka took a V4 and the best part of the day was Agazi and Jockey in Veterans...still just as handsome as always. Wheew...


Multi V-1, UCI Nat'l Ch, Swed CH Hodeva's Agazi KORAD TJH TT CGC



American, UCI Int'l Ch, Multi V-1, Can Pointed,
           Multiple Top Stud Dog Winner           Krikarott JOCKEY Vom Blackriesen
IPO I, BH, AD, E, ZtP, BST, CGC, TT, HT, HD -, ED -



Okay, that is my news from the Dragon den...Thank you to everyone that handed me a lead. CONGRATS to ALL WINNERS!!! Going back to my crate until the next show...Thanks for letting me share!  


*Special thanks to Jason Knight and Mike Lecuyer for the additional photographs.

The vom Drakkenfels  "G" Litter turns two weeks old!! And we have pics!!






...And Introducing Carol's little girl, Drakkenfels' Golden Dragon Chaser  "Chase"

Damien takes on Canada!! 

We're very proud to announce that Damien is halfway through his Canadian Championship thanks to his special friend Jennifer Bittner from Dajen Kennels. We are very proud of Damien's progress as he on his way to yet another Title. Congratulations to his owner, Quinn Webb on his accomplishments so far this year!


Damian pictured  above with Handler Jennifer Bittner


The Ribbons he earned! 2x Best of Breed, 4x Best of Opposite Sex, 2x Best of Winners and more!

What's NEXT Quinn???


The vom Drakkenfels  "G" Litter has arrived!

Lady has started whelping her Brito litter and in true vom Drakkenfels  tradition they are being born during a Hurricane...hehehe... She is still in labor so I will keep you updated as the night goes on. Congrats to all our past owners and additional family for vom Drakkenfels   newest babies....

Lady stood up and glanced around at me...I promptly went to her and moved the puppies away for her to leave her box. She walked across the room got a drink and then returned to her box and gentled rolled her puppies to one side and gently layed down next to them. She glanced up and gave me permission to bring them to her once she was settled into a comfy spot. After replacing the puppies onto her nipples I moved back to allow her to love them. She gently placed her big head over the top of them to keep them warm and fell asleep. After just a few moments I look over so she her contracting...as large as she is she was being so quiet I didn't realize she was whelping she never even shifted her puppies at all. I went to remove the puppies from her again and place them on the heating pad...she immediately began to clean the puppy but at one glance I knew this one was gone already. I allowed her the time she needed to love him before I removed him from the box. She was so very gentle. Lady is a big girl with a lot of attitude...I love her temperament which is true to our breed.

We have been blessed with four sons but after talking to Lady and explaining to her the need for a girl...she has given us One little girl....

Carol you have a daughter now...you are on the top of my list for a female.

Lady and her pups:


Good Morning,

Collina (my daughter) stayed up all night for the first part of the "Fader watch" . I am VERY proud of her. She did outstanding and I woke for work to find the puppies almost double their birth size, full, and sleeping. I let Lady outside, cleaned up the box and put Collina to sleep for just a couple of hours. She wants to make sure Hunter is good to go before she turns over her hard work. This is the most critical time for any litter and if there are weak puppies they will fade.


What do Dragons do between Training and the Shows?


We caught on film, Collina's attempt at Training. Who was being trained??







We have a new Show Boy for the Drakkenfels' Team this year. We would like you to meet No-Bil's True Blue "True", owned by Nora Pinkerton, my first Breeder.  We were VERY happy to have Bill and Nora ringside to watch True in his first Shows in Tampa.  True surprised us all at the young age of 13 months by walking away with a 3 Point Major on the first day. His sister, Taz, took a Reserve the following day!




What happens when you combine a AKC Speciality weekend with a German show?? Nothing but a good time!!!

Norris' owner Joanna Lockner contacted me to let me know she was still 2 point away from his Championship. We thought we had completed him on the January circuit only to get a letter to tell us he was 2 single points shy. Joanna phoned me to say there was a going to be a specialty in Wisconsin..."and guess what Kimmy...there is a German show the SAME weekend!!!"   Woo hoo!! That was enough temptation for me to jump on the plane.

I arrived up in Wisconsin on one of the smoothest flights I have had...Midwest is now a favorite. The first day of the show was the ARC Specialty with George Smith as our Judge. Norris did well and took a Reserve...so close but not done. The following day was the double. We started with the first part of the German Show. They had combined the show all in one day. Our judge was Fernando Martins FCI-Portugual. To say that this series of shows was HOT is an understatement....its was EXTREME and the Judge did a great job with the dogs and watching the tempo during the heat. The first of Joanna's kids was Deja vu who is a Lady daughter. She went VP3 in her class. She was in full Heat btw which drove poor Norris absolutely insane. After she showed it was a run over to the AKC, Change into a nice dress and back into the ring. Guess what....HE DID IT!!! Multi V-1, UCI Int'l, Am CH Thundervly’s Legend von Mitternadt, CGC "Norris" completed his Championship by going Best of Winners for a 4 point Major!!



Thank you to EVERYONE ringside for cheering and supporting him. Norris is a truly wonderful dog with an outstanding bloodline. Joanna's tears when I came out was enough for me to realize what I do is soooooo worth each moment in the ring. We headed back down to the German show and Norris took the V2 in the open class. The rest of the weekend was just plain fun time. I couldn't get Norris to focus at all since he had a female occupying his mind and the HEATWAVE didn't help. hehehe...I was happy to get back to 91 degrees not 97 in the shade. Congrats Joanna and Norris!! its a great way to follow a huge win at the Nationals 06.














Welcome home to my special little girl, Billy vom Haingraben!!


She is in training with the other little ones for a successful time in the Ring!

I would like to thank Harald and Ruth Krischick, Edgar Hellman of Wilden Westen for helping me locate her, and Billy's breeder, Daniela Seidemann, for giving me the opportunity with Billy!


What does vom Drakkenfels and Ketelhaus do when not at Shows? Take a trip with us and see!


Hey guys, guess what??!!??

There is a new baby Dragon! Thank you to Valerie Vought and Eugene Ellison for this adorable little boy! Introducing:

Aiden vom Oakbrookhof

Coming to vom Drakkenfels in August, 2006


News from Mark Mahlmeister about Forever Faithful Cheyanne vom Drakkenfels!

"....I have been working with her, I will put her up against any puppy in obedience at her age or several weeks older. I will keep you informed about her training I forgot I had took this video so I thought I would send it to you. I just love the dog. I can't thank you enough for you letting me have her. You'll have send some photos of Brazil I would like to see her grow up also. I will send so more photos this week of her. she has grown so much in the last week. I truly believe she might be as smart as my old dog. I have been using German commands on some things so she get those commands down also. Was you impressed about how smart she is. I told you grandma I won’t let you down I will make you proud and so will Cheyanne. Her markings are perfect...."



News from Cathy Varidel, Sagenhaft Rottweilers, about:

Sagenhaft's Elric v Drachenfels, CGC, RTD

"I am so proud to announce 5 year old Elric is now a certified assistance dog. He can now go anywhere I can go. Today we had a visit to my doctor (he even signed his certification), shopping in WalMart, and into a restaurant. His behavior was exceptional, everything a service dog should be. He drew alot of crowds but ignored everyone until I told him to say "hello", even resisted the tempting fresh meat aroma at WalMart. His reception into each place was so much better than I could have hoped. One one guy in WalMart wanted to question his presence because he was not a "seeing eye dog", to my amazement another customer jumped in and told him all about service/assistance dogs and that the law allowed them anywhere their handler had access. By law a business may only ask two questions 1) is that a service dog 2) do you have a disability, and the only answer you are required to give is yes to both questions.
Not only do I have my best friend to help with mobility but just thinking of the points my boy is scoring for rotties with the general public is such a joy, and so many opportunities to educate, too!"





We would like to announce the arrival of Petra von der Teufelsbrucke from the Teufelsbrucke Kennel of Germany. Petra is co-owned with Susan Lynch of Ketelhaus Rottweilers. Thank you Sue! Our new Hellion has already taken over the Dragon Clan...

Congratulations to Quinn Webb and my grandson Damien on adding yet another title just weeks after adding their AD. Damien is now known as:

Multi V-1, USRC SER'05 Best Puppy, UCI Int'l Ch. A'Damien vom Drakkenfels AD, TT, CGC

Quinn says that Damien still has three titles to accomplish this year!


I would like to also say that Kilo (Rennick's Kilo) is not done yet either with titles...he is back in action and took another

2 points  and a BOS under respected judge Dorothy Collier in Boca Raton.

Well yet another very wonderful show has come and gone. I finally recovered from the 12 hours of sleep I got in 3 days...hehehe...I didn't want to close my eyes just in case I missed some of the excitement.

2006 USRC Nationals- We left after picking up the last pups in Jacksonville on our way up. Sue Lynch was an excellent hostess and would not let us leave with no sleep to head up...and breakfast was yummy! Thanks Sue! Thursday night was the meeting night in the hotel parking lot area...we had such a good time with the pups playing in the huge fields behind the host hotel. The Hotel was a little far from the show site but we made it work for us. We got greetings and hugs for all the babies. Friday dawned early with having to be in the ring by 9am after check ins at 7:30.

The show Club did a wonderful job and was very organized. The show grounds was a clearing with trees all the way around that in the day it was shaded...and in the afternoon shaded on half the field. Okay first up was the boys...I had a chance to relax for the 4-6 class and the 9-12 but in the 6-9 we had Demen, Dragon, and my son Exile.

              Demen                                                        Fia                                                                 Taz

 Demen was handled by me and Dragon by my daughter Collina...she beat me with him at the AIRK Nationals so it was revenge time! Demen didn't let me down and walked away with the 3rd place. Exile did good with Erik showing him...He is going to be a BIG boy...can't wait. Next we relaxed with Lunch before the girls. The newest young dragon was Fia owned by Luana and Ken. Her first major show so mom and dad were very nervous. Fia showed BEAUTIFULLY. During her class thou there was a critical situation with a young lady at ringside. Chloe has emailed me today to let me know that she is MUCH better and at home. If anyone that was there would like to Email her send me a PRIVATE note. Her mother expressed concerns to me that she was learning and this could effect that...but this girl told me she will NOT be put off...hmmm...future dragon? Maybe.../grin.  Taz did VERY well in the 9-12 class...she was at the bottom of that class and it showed in comparison. BUT never fail...Next Nationals she will be in Champions! hehehe... Her owner Donna Warner (past owner of "Putting on the Fritz" I'm sure some old timers remember) was very proud of her daughter.

Next day was even better! 5am Kimmy delivers the bike to Quinn and Damien.

Guess what folks...

THEY MADE IT!! Damien now has his AD!!

Gene Ellison and his boy Artie went to work for the BST...and PASSED

These 2 have a HUGE future ahead of them and I can't wait to watch them go for the top. By the time I got into the ring I was wiped out...hehehe...but loving every moment. I had no males to show for the Youth classes but I did have girls. The 2 brothers from Khan Frontation...WOW. Well deserved V-1 and V-2. RJ Hackett arrived with Ryka.

Ryka wins USRC 2006 National Youth Siegerin!!

I am happy to say that this outstanding youth performed wonderful!! RJ has trained her perfectly and made my job so much more simple. She went V-1 in the 12-18 class and went on to win the 2006 National Youth Siegerin title. What a rush... I also had the pleasure of showing a new dragon child-Lois' girl Deva in the 18-24 class to finish up the day.  Deva did a wonderful job with me in that ring but the competition was ummm...


Final day of the competition and the big boys time to play. I showed Akino

in the Open for his first major show and I want to say that this boy is going to the AKC ring soon. I have to get him thru his testing first. Damien wanted to make sure he showed his brother what to do and walked with an SG rating. Tough competition in that ring...in my humble opinion the Judges were outstanding and did not make the V and easy thing to earn...you had to work for it! The winner of the Open Class- Herbie vom Grutenblick was the most beautiful boy at the show...and went on to win The National Sieger! That was a dog that really really impressed me...I was totally Proud of Dustin taking the V-2 with Norris from that class.

Dustin and Norris worked HARD for that spot. Then in Champions I'm proud to say that "Red" was moved up since I finished him at shows 2 weekends before I was hard pressed with AKC to get his Certificate faxed. They didn't let me down...Red was V-3 in the
Champions Class! His mother Lora Crni Vitez Took the V-3 in the Open Female class to match her son!! Congrats to Sue Lynch who bred Red and Demen and owns Lora. My 2 girls were in the 5th and 6th spot when the dust settled. I was extremely pleased. The classes of this show were HUGE with dogs from all over the country...and Internationally. I snuck into Sue's house at 3am to drop the dogs off and leave the trophies on her table...what a surprise she had that morning....

Thank you and Congrats to Everyone at the show. I can't wait for the next time. And good luck this week at the ARC Nationals to all those going!! Wish i could but I work a full time job.

Next goal: Finish Kilo and get Ru started. /grin.

Here is a link to shots from other people

Thank you for all those that contributed

Rottweiler World - Germany

Click on the Thumbnails for a larger picture!!




 I wanted to share all my brags for the past Month since I am so crazy busy right now...

2006 AIRK Nationals in Jacksonville, NC- We had a fantastic time at this event. The dogs were Beautiful and the classes HUGE. Congrats to the team of people that put that together! Well done. Lively conversation at the Tent as always:




Sue Lynch of Ketelhaus Rottweilers

 Handler Skip Bittner of Abraxus Rottweilers


Marge Gold of Goldmoor Rottweilers

Steven Robinson of Darkstarr Rottweilers


Susan Lynch's kids came out in force and gave a very good showing. I had the pleasure to show Puppies: "Demen"-VP, "Danka"-VP3, "Dragon"-VP3, "Duke" VP, "Duchess" VP,  Followed by  "Red" Ketel One's a Step Above went V4, Lora Crni Lotos-V-1 and 2004 EWRC Siegerin Dolly Top-Rot IPO-1 went V in Champions.


 Here is Dolly, "Jockey" Am. CH, Multi V-1, Krikarott Jockey vom Blackreisen, IPO1, AD, ZtP, CGC, TT, Evie Johnson's boy, who took V-1 in the Veterans Class, with their litter of Demen, Danka, Dragon, Duke,  and, Duchess:


My kids did well with Arushka taking SG in 18-24 and Nova taking SG. Exile was a big lug of a puppy with a G in the 4-6 class...he will get better. Only time can tell. My sister is now "hooked" with Her puppy, "Mouse" she is going to show in Agility...heheh...I'm proud of them. She is weaving!

Joanna brought "Norris" CH Thundervly’s Legend von Mitternadt CGC (the boy I finished on the January circuit) and he was shown to another V-1 in open by the newest member of team, Dustin

Dustin went on to help out a few folks with wins and made a few new friends along the way that weekend...I love German shows...We also put a V3 on on Quinn's boy Su Ch Hodeva's Agazi, TJH CGC TT

After winning 2nd place at the Seminole Rottweiler Club Specialty in both Sweepstakes and Regular Classes, Donna Warner's little "Taz", No-Bils Tazmanian Devil took a VP3 in the 6-9 Puppy Bitch Class, one of the largest classes of the Show.

After the AIRK I hit the AKC again in force to finish up "Red". We went down to St. Petersburg and took BOW both days and then today in Jacksonville another BOW...Red is now at the age of 2...<drum roll>

Multi V1-Rated, Am Ch. Ketel One's a Step Above, CGC
-Sue Lynch's first home bred champion!

and my 4th for the year...whew...now its time for me to work "Kilo" Rennick's Kilo and get him done too. His owner Leroy and I completed his Chic # recently and I put a V-1 on him under Radke at the CFRK show this past Feb. He only needs 8 more points!

We also handed out Jan Cooper's new BSL Pins to help support the BSL cause! Please join us in supporting Jan by visiting her site at Jan Cooper's BSL News Feeds Website

So for now....I am a very proud trainer-momma and wanted to brag on my wonderful kids and their owners/breeders ...Thanks for letting me Share!


First let me start by thanking everyone who lent a hand to me and the folks I was running for. THANK YOU!! I think I ran 20 miles this weekend.../big hug. The Judge Jurgen Radtke was outstanding and honestly gave feedback even after the judging was completed to better help people understand the decisions.... excellent teaching!

The CFRK put on a great show, as they always do, even in the pouring rain and drops in temps. The dogs were ready to go...they loaded the bus on Sat morning like the devil was on the heels. Red was first out and waiting inside the bus whining to be let into his crate. He was followed by my 2 new sons Exile and Blade for there first shows. then came the girls! Its almost as if they all knew this was the first show of the season and wanted to be there first!! Once we are all loaded we arrived on the site which is in a beautiful glade area with the parking area covered by large oak trees.

First up- the boys. Sue Lynch brought me my new boy Demen (Ketelhaus' da devil made me do it) who had performed as if he was always in the ring and didn't need me to coach him at all. hehehe...he walked out with the VP2:

Ketelhaus' Demen

Ketelhaus' Demen w/ owner Sue Lynch



Congrats to Theresa and Steve on the VP1 on that handsome youngin with Joe. Exile was in 4th when the dust settled and Blade (no placement) was a little less inclined to show...

Exile vom Drakkenfels

I have a bit more work to do. Dek took a 2nd followed by Buster who took the third in 12-18, Damien went SG2 behind Skip's boy Agony in the 18-24. Damien was a bit over the top and wanted to run FOREVER!! Agony went on to take the Select Youth Male title. Congrats to Skip and his owner!! Kilo took the V1 in Open with Red in V2...I'm so proud of those 2 especially after what they did on the January Circuit. Ken von der Scherau (papa to Exile and Blade /grin) went V1 in the Working class and won stud class with the babies!! Weeee...Congrats for Harald and Ruth!

Then it was the girls turn to shine! We started with Demen sister Danka (Nora's new baby) who strutted to the VP1 from 4-6 spot.

Ketelhaus' Danka

My newest dragon child Taz walked out with the VP1 in 6-9..Her owners are tickled and really gunning for more now. /wink.

Hemi (Hoover daughter) walked away with a 3rd from the 9-12 for her owner. Next was Cai in the 12-18 with a SG2.


Evmans Cai vom Drakkenfels



The best part of the show was listening to the boys brag how they beat me with my own dogs...hehe...I think I am teaching alittle too well...in the 18-24 my girl Trinity went SG1 and finished up with the select Youth title!! Woot! She was followed by Arushka (judge said Ru was the best moving dog!!) with the SG3 and Nova went no placement for SG. In open Bruiser walked away with the V2 and to finish up the weekend Dolly (not yet conditioned from Danka and Demen) took the 3rd position.

The Select Male was a beauty from the Sieger class, Nancy Hanson's boy "Maik" and the Select female went to David York and his new girl "Fenja"!!

CONGRATS to all winners!! Pictures from the show will be in the News section of the site soon....Now make ready for the Nationals...we have the AIRK Nationals, the USRC Nationals and then the ARC Nationals with the CRC 50th anniversary celebrations.

Sorry this is a bit in the middle of the circuit but I wanted to share some of the news and results from down in Florida. This circuit is always tough since it is 13 days straight majors for males and females and hosts the Eukanuba Nationals in the middle. We still have six more days to go but so far from my camp comes wonderful news. "Norris" the boy that I took to his BIS at the Landesgruppe in Chicago has completed his American Championship with back to back Majors. Joanna Lockner, his owner, is now on her way home with a huge smile and plans to bring him to the AIRK and USRC Nationals. Thank you to everyone for your support and helping me wipe the tears from my eyes when I walked out of that ring.

 That makes the first Champion since my return to the ring last year and I was happy to have it be with Norris and Joanna. "Kilo" was not to be outdone thou. He walked out of the Am-Bred Class with his BoW on the second day in Sarasota.

We Also completed the CGC on both boys and got the hearts completed-CLEAR. /cheer. Kilo is now going to receive his CHIC# soon since we have gotten the rest completed. Congrats to his owner Leroy and his breeder! He only needs one major and 8 more points.

I will be back on the circuit with "Red"  after a few days of catch-up work at my "normal job". He will start for his last 5 points toward his CH in Brooksville on Thurs. I hope to see a few folks there!!

My Not-a-Rot "Anje", a Belgium Malinios pup (10mo),  I'm working with for my best friend Doreen Larson, took BOB a few days in Deland and made me get into the Group ring...hehehe. She is such a beautiful girl and the judges loved her. She is WAY high in drives thou but she moves like an angel on the wind..../sigh

Of course she now thinks she is a Rottweiler too.../giggle.

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