"Merry Christmas from the vom Drakkenfels team and a successful New Year to everyone in 2008" 

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I am proud to announce the arrival of a special young man to the vom Drakkenfels family...Redwood Krest's Xaver!  Xaver arrived from Washington and into my waiting arms.  You see...Joeri didn't warn me...He just said "guess what Kimmy, Tomorrow you need to go and pickup your new son from the airport-Happy Birthday"  I almost fainted.  Xaver is the Nephew to my boy Indio who was struck and killed a couple years ago by a hit and run.  He is the son of Redwood Krest's Iago and Redwood Krest's Xelly.  I could not be more proud to have him as part of my life.  He is already proving what a wonderful strong boy he will be.


Guys I just got off the phone and I have news that Eve has done it again!  First Amboss, Benno, Champ, Jockey and NOW....

Djuke vom Vilstaler Land

ZB.Nr.106906  WT.16.06.02


Int.-Ch., Dt.VDH-Ch., Ö-Ch., ADRK-Ch., Ö-KS 05, FCI-ES 05, BS 05, ADRK-KS 2006,
Ö-KS 2007, Schweizer KS 2007

Djuke's page on von Evman's Website

We would like to Thank Eve at von Evman's Rottweilers for allowing our girl Bea to be bred to him recently and look forward to presenting

 the puppies at shows in 2008.


Here are a couple images from the Pocono Area Rottweiler Clubs Sanctioning Show.


Here is a link to more pictures taken by John and Roberta Lattanzi

...and here is a link to an Article written about the Show in the Pocono Record

Oct 20 we headed out to the AIRK Nationals for one fantastic, competitive weekend at the MARK show held in Mooreville each year.  Our Judge was Olga Grin, FCI.  My little Billy  (from Germany) took the V-4 from a BEAUTIFUL class of 12-18 females.  This win was her follow-up to the USRC Nationals win of VP1 in the 9-12 class out of several other pups.  Billy is a super show girl with extreme ring presence and movement.  She has excellent focus and being the smallest in the class didn't keep her from taking excellent.  Petra  (from Germany) was rated SG in 18-24. Again she was just 18mo and the smallest in there.  Damien  was rated V in  the Champions Class...I just could not hold him and had to put a larger handler on the line.  When he goes...he goes and you better hold on tight.  Quinn pulled him out of conformation for a time to work him toward his Sch1.  The following are the dogs that we showed  with pics included (if we have them)


The Dragon team would like to first like to welcome our newest handler to the Team, Amanda Shadforth and her boy Grip vom Waldbach. Grip and Amanda took VP1 THEN took Best Male Puppy for the AIRK 07 Nationals.


Anthony and Hunter then showed Debi Jones' boy Zeigar v Mutig Herz and also took VP1!


Dux v Norroghaus took his first V1 in the 12-18 Youth Male Class!


Anthony and Hunter showed their girl Thundervly's Albi vd Sieben Felder and won VP2 in the Female 6-9 Puppy Class


and Dustin showed Sina Norris' girl Isis v Norrroghaus and won VP4 in the same class.


I showed my girl Billy vom Haingraben and won V4 with her!


Hunter then showed Mary Pope's girl Flame v Kayara and took V4!

In the Open Male Class Hunter and Anthony showed Judith Kalcich's boy Konnenstolz Willie, CGC and took an emotional V1 in his last Show before his retirement!

I then showed Sally and John Brown's boy Rackers Rommel Best Yet VBH and took V1!

Dustin showed  Joanna Lockner's boy, Am. Ch Thundervly's Legend v Mitterandt, CGC and won V2 in the Sieger Class.

In the Open Female Class, I showed Sally and John Brown's girl Gonzzo Rosered v Herrschaft  who THEN went on to take the Siegerin Trophy much to Sally and John's delight!


Also in the Open Female Class Hunter and Anthony showed Lois Boling's girl Kayara Deva v L and L and took V3!






             UCI Int'l CH Bea Elez Rott                                  UCI Int'l CH V-Rated Elfed von Ausbreitung BH CGC


Oct 12-13th I took my girls Bea and Elfi to the UCI shows in Orlando.  Being that it was the first time that either of these girls would take part in an event where the judges were hands, on I was a bit nervous.  The Judges for the show were 3 AKC show judges (Roppolo, Kowalsky, Abbott) and 1 super nice gentleman from Canada (Rowton).    There were 8 females in the Open class and I'm happy to report that both my girls are now sporting the UCI Int.Ch. in front of there name.  I pulled Elfi from the last show and the Judge made a point of asking where the other "tailed" female was...I took Elfi over to meet with her after the judging was done and she said "I want you to know that this doesn't bother me in the least and you are welcome to bring dogs of this quality to me anytime".  Way to go Elfi on positive PR!



 Today- (then I will stop for this months brags.../giggle...) Elfi and Ru  both earned their TT titles at the event hosted by the West Volusia Kennel club for the ATTS.  They did outstanding and gave a good representation for our breed during the event.  Elfi cruised the course and scored all high marks but Ru wasn't sure if the guy without the sleeve was the same as a guy with a sleeve and she had her first experience with a "clatter stick".  I will be buying one of those in the near future so I can use it around the house to acclimate the dogs to the sound.  She bounced into a fuss then back out in front of me when she realized he was coming for me.  Solid as a rock.. GOOD GIRLS!

UCI Int'l CH, UKC Ch., Multi V1-Rated,
USRC-SER'05 Best Puppy Female
Arushka vom Drakkenfels, TT, CGC

   Joanna, Dustin and Teena met me in Franklin, KY for the USRC Bluegrass Show. This site has always done a wonderful job of hosting and we were excited for what the weekend would bring. The judge was H Weiler of Germany who was last here in 2003. He did a fine job but with some tough ratings for the dogs and stopped a few to give short explanation of what it was he was looking for. Over all the VP and V-ratings HAD to be a outstanding example of what he felt was a Rottweiler. We met several new faces ringside with beautiful puppies that we get to watch grow for the season. It was a weekend of discussions about the Nationals 2008 which would be held on that very site, about setting goals for the 2007-2008 season, and making plans with our dogs in new venues.

   I want to Thank Brian and Melinda Vice for always taking such good care of the participants, making sure the dogs have plenty of water and ice, and offering to lend support and help to all the those that come to their shows.

 Congrats to all the winners for the weekend- we are PROUD of our Dustin for winning Select Male with Joanna's boy Norris (Multi V1-Select, Am and Int.Ch. Thundervly's Legende von Mitternadt, RN, CGC)

and with his daughter "Nova" winning the 3rd place in the 6-9 class I'm sure that Joanna, Teena and Sue were over the moon.

 My kids did well and were rated SG from the 12-18 (Billy) and 18-24.(Petra). I had the pleasure to show "Deva" for Lois Boiling and she was given the V2 from open after a hard 10 lap run. Deva did very well and still had a little fire for the baiting at the end. Jerry Sampson honored me by allowing me to help him show Brito in the Champions Class. Brito showed us all that even at the age of 8 years old, a champion at heart never dies and that a hard run is just good exercise. Thank you to everyone that trusted the team and handed us a lead this weekend...



  Our results of the first shows of the season for the vom Drakkenfels crew...first I want to Thank everyone that trust me and my guys to help you with your kids, and to tell you how very very proud we are to represent the breeders out that are doing a GREAT job with the dogs.  It makes a handler/trainers job so much easier when the dogs are beautiful, stable animals, in good homes with people who love them. 

  The Show site was a beautiful field behind the home of Sam and Carol McKenzie of Chester, SC.  The sky was crystal clear and HOT as hades on a cool day.  Quinn, Luana, Tanya, and a bunch of others went up to show support to this young club and to have critics done by respected Int. Breed judge Josef Hedl.  There was well over 118 dogs entered for what would be HUGE classes.  The club setup watering holes around the site with spray down area and there was LOTS of trees to provide shade. Bruce Kings boy kicked it off for me in the 4-6 mo male class...I knew when I met that little boy he was going to be a pistol to show with soooo much drive and personality.   Not only did he win his class (VP1) but Giovanni von Rivendell, at 5mo, won the Best Male Puppy title over the big boys.  His little mate was VP2 so special grats to the breeders of this litter. I showed a new boy on the block named "Kane"  Jager vom Blaurenhaus for the 9-12 male class and won the VP2. We showed Sina Norris' new girl Isis Von Norroghaus and she took VP-1 in the 4-6 female class. Susan Lynch was with us on this trip and was standing with me when her boy Demen won the V-4 from a VERY hard class of 18-24 males.  Guy Spontino and his wife were on hand with thier new girl "Gigi" who I took in to win the VP3 spot in the 6-9 female class.  They were over the moon since Luana's girl Fia went V2 in the 18-24 female class and they are the breeders for both!     I actually had Luana in the ring with me to run...and she did outstanding!!  hmmm....will have to encourage that more often.  /wink.  Quinn helped with Haiden in 9-12 for Ina and won the VP4 spot. and he helped with Lois' Girl Deva in the Open females and won the V2 placement!!  My girls Petra and Billy were SG in 12-18.  The judges dinner planned that night was T-bone steaks, homemade Mac and cheese and some of Sam's famous beans...YUM.  We did get to celebrate a special occasion too:  Joe's Birthday!  

   The next day Hunter, Anthony, and Quinn were everywhere on the field and it was hard to keep track of all the results. This field was the same spot that Damien and his sister Arusha went Best puppy male and female from 9-12 for the SE Regionals. Arusha was V4 in the Breeders class, Quinn took a V3 on Damien from the Champion/Sieger Class.  I know that Joe's son Chrome won the V1 in Sieger but We left before the final results of the show.  If you go to www.AIRK.net and click on results they will be posted there for you.  Kevin and Sina said that pictures will be in Photobucket once they get them downloaded. 

Sina Norris' Photobucket Website Link

 and MORE news!

   Joanna and Teena headed to up Des Moines, Iowa for a weekend of showing and working in the obedience.   Noris hit the obedience ring in high style just as he has done with wins in both his AKC CH and his Multi Siegers in German ring...he walked away with 2 legs of his CD completed and his RN title!  Not to be outdone, little Keera decided that since it was her birthday, it was time to show mom what she is made of....She went WB for 2 pts and BoS on Sat and followed it up with a Reserve today.  (Joanna said she was playing in the ring the whole time.../grin).  She was one dog shy of a 3 pt major.

   To say that I'm grinning from ear to ear is an understatement...I was a bit ill on Sat but I seem to be doing a lot better now that I'm home.  A little more sore and stiff but feeling great inside.  Next stop will be the USRC Bluegrass show in Franklin Kentucky with Judge Werner Walter, Germany  For details go to events area of www.USRConline.org and download the premium. 


Hope to see you there!





The 100 year Celebration of the Rottweiler

Featuring the 37th annual ADRK Klubsieger-Zuchtschau

and the

IFR Weltmeisterschaft IPO World Championships 2007

Link to Klubsieger Results


  Rottweil, Germany- This beautiful town, set in the Black Forest area of Germany, where the name sake of our breed originated, was the perfect place for this festival.  Thousands of fans of the Rottweiler were there to watch 2 special events which featured the most beautiful and the best working dogs from around the world.  More then 638 dogs from 33 Nations were entered for the Klubsieger show which set a record that will stand for some time. 15 Nations were represented for the IFR featuring 49 top competition dogs and trainers.  The catalog alone is over 400 pages of information, history of our breed standard, past winners from the 36 past shows, breeders and competitors. 

  Our hosts were Volker and Karolina Behr who were kind enough to rent us their beautiful home just 2 km from the show site.  Friday morning we were up early and  were handed a map, told of the best places to eat, things to see and do.  We made plans with the other 2 groups we were touring with, and setup the final info from our friend and tour guide-Guenter Kraft.  First stop was to walk the streets, see some of  the famous areas and FOOD!!  We stopped at a beautiful spot that was going to fast become one of our favorite spots to meet.   The Villa Duttenhoffer,  we called it “the Glass House”, was a beautiful spot just off the main road thru the city.  The food and atmosphere had a warm, welcoming ambience and the service was outstanding for our group.

<Click here for our Around Rottweil Flash Photo Gallery>

  After a good lunch we were headed over to the show site to get the first glance of what would be the greatest Rottweiler show in the world.  We wanted to get more information about the events that would be held after the shows each day, and the ring setup so we could have good viewing.  The City of Rottweil got involved and hosted everyone in high style with the sports complex, Stadion Rottweil, decorated with banners, flags of the Nations, delicious food and over 30 vendors from all over Europe.  The shopping areas for the vendors were like walking into stores with excellent selections of items to buy.  The ADRK setup a HUGE raffle area inside the stadium pavilion building with prizes that were outstanding!!  They had prizes that ranged from hats and t-shirts, to huge dog trailers..  We ran into several friends and made plans for the upcoming days ahead.  By the time we left it was hours later and everyone was ready for R&R. 

 Saturday, the first official day of the shows.  The entrance of the dogs began at 8am with judging at 9am. We were there with plenty of time to see some of the young ones compete with their owners.  Beautiful dogs with bright futures ahead of them were presented to our panel of Judges:


Jurgen Wulff (Ring 5) 15-24 Females, Dieter Hoffman (Ring 4) 15-24 Males, Helmut Weiler (Ring 2) 9-18 Males, Anton Spindler (Ring 3) 9-18 Females, Edgar Hellmann (Ring 1) 6-9 Males and Females


  Of course the first hour I spent going from ring to ring taking shots of all the wonderful smiles that I saw enjoying the show ringside and the beautiful puppies.   It is very hard to see all the dogs for the show and catch the endings because it was PACKED for the finals. We found ourselves splitting ranks and rushing from ring to ring.  There was people clambering to see the winners but just like us…it was all in good spirit and fun.  We broke for lunch at 1 pm and decided to find out more about the Festabend in the Stadionhalle that evening.

<Party Time>

  Of course we purchased raffle tickets for the drawing to be done during the event with the top 50 winning special prizes being drawn the following day.  After we watched the final judging of the day, we then went back to eat a meal and to head to our house to change for the event.  And what an event it was!!  Hundreds of people were there!  We watched a beautiful video about our breed, what they can do, and what they have done over history.  We watched trick performers, belly dancers, listened to an incredible band and danced the night away.  What an amazing time meeting people from all over the world and sharing stories about our dogs.

<Click here for our Ringside Faces Flash Photo Gallery>

  The following day everyone in my group decided to sleep for a bit longer but not me!!  I could not think of missing a single moment of this event.  I arrived just in time to see the Champion females entering the ring and the Working classes for Males and Females.  I started by taking in the several groups that the classes were cut into and knew that if I timed it I would be able to catch most of it.  Of course I had to see some famous winners and producers such as Oxana, Morro, Djukes, Mambo…SO many dogs were entered that are favorites of mine, that it was almost overwhelming.  I ended up with front row for Champion Females and for Champion Males.  My partner was Marge Gold who sat with me and took notes of each dog.  Eventually for the top males it ended up with people standing up on benches, on shoulders, and even in the stands.  All you could hear was the collective support for different peoples favorites and some points the chants of dogs names as they ran. For the females I could not take my eyes off of Oxana and Quecke…beautiful balanced bitches but they were placed 2nd and 3rd to Kandra whos super movement pushed her into the 1st place spot.   At one point while watching Djukes open his stride in movement, it gave me goosebumps.  I wanted to be the one running that dog.  Not being on the leash was tough on me.  Outstanding fluid motion and super ring presence gave him the class.  He was closely followed by the young beauty of Tayson, the correctness of the impressive boy Gino and closing the placements was Gonzzo.  Once those classes were done it was time to push my way into the working ring area and try to gain the best spot to get a couple shots.  Ben vom Langen Grund was the winner of the Working class!  The line up for the final decision for Sieger and Siegerin was a beautiful display of different tastes and opinions of the Judges.  It would be Ben winning V1, CAC, Anw. Dt.Ch.VDH Klubsieger with Valerie vom Kressbach taking V1, BOB, CAC, Anw. Dt.Ch.VDH Klubsiegerin.  BOTH of these dogs were from the Working class.  Hope vom Schwaiger Wappen was the V1 CAC-Jug. Klubjugendsiegerin  and Falco von St. Niclas won V1 Anw. Dt.Ch.VDH, Klubjugendsieger.  WHAT A SHOW!  The memories will last many people a lifetime.

<Click here for our Awards and Winners Flash Photo Gallery>

  The show did not end there since the next weekend was the second part of the events that would take place.  The working dog teams of the IFR around the world were going to take the field.  We regrouped to discuss the plans for days of touring between.  We wanted to see more of the German country side but others wanted to see other countries….so we did them both!  We split ranks and made plans to meet back at the house on Wednesday night since Thursday there were events planned as a precursor to the Friday displays and practice runs and the conclusion on Sat and Sun.  They were heading over to see Paris, France and visit the Eifel Tower and to swing down into Switzerland to see the mountain waterfalls and countryside.  With my side of the team, we decided to see the Castles, Königsschlösser Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau the first day,

<Castle Tour>

 The beautiful views of the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn  (Top of Germany) in Garmish the following day and to eat at my favorite spot on the shore of Lake  Eibsee.


  It never disappoints me to go there and to share it with others.  Once we were done touring Garmish we decided to head out to meet up with friends from Schwaig, Lauf and Nurnberg. 


We took one of the days to go to the training place of the Bayern-Nord and visit with my close friend Christa, daughter of Xaver Meixner ,and breeder for vom Schwaiger Schloss.  We had a chance to see some of the dogs from the show working and get some shots of some of my favorites from top kennels across the area.  After the training,  we sat and enjoyed dinner and talked of our plans for the following day of shopping and touring in Nurnberg before heading back to Rottweil. 


Thursday morning saw us regrouped again and making our plans to see the demo of the working teams. 

<Austrian Demo>

 The ADRK and IFR treated us to lessons on the ZTP and Korung, we saw the Austrian Military dog demos,  The Search and Rescue teams of Sweden and Switzerland and then we sat and chatted with some of the team members and had a chance to visit with a few of the competitors. 


 After the events of the day out hosts Karolina and Volker had a special treat for us.  We went to see a working brewery from the early 1800’s and enjoy samples and foods from the area.  The favorite was a liqueur made of BEER…it was called Bierbock and it was the only place in the world to taste it.  I’m sure that there were a few people making plans to take it home by the time the night was over. 

 <Beer Tour>

Then the final day of the events of the 2007 Centennial for the people in our group.  This was the day that the competitors would each give us a display of what would be the following days events.  We sat in the stands and met with great people from across the world. Then came the Parade of Nations of the IFR

<Click here for our Parade of Nations Flash Photo Gallery>

I think the hardest part of this segment of the show for so many of the Americans was that there was NO American team.  No American Flag and now when you go to the IFR site it does not link to any one of our clubs in the US.  Even the other teams asked where we were.  It was an emotional time for all of us.   I hope to see a full explanation soon of where we stand.  That evening was the selection of the order of which the dogs would be on the field.  Our friend Johann with his boy Eddy wanted to be #30…and he got it!!  The food was excellent during the dinner for the teams before the start of competition but we knew that everyone had to be up early, so with our final goodbyes we made out way out.   Harald Krischick of vom Kaktus Wappen was staying and will give us the final part of the results of the IFR Weltmeisterschaft IPO World Championships 2007. 





Vom Drakkenfels is on Summer Break!

This is our TENTATIVE show schedule at this point.  http://www.vomdrakkenfels.com/Services/Show_Handling.htm  I did not list the FCI shows or the UCI shows since they are very limited. We will be back out in September with the first Show being with Sam and Carol McKenzie's Club in South Carolina. Please watch the site for further events and activities over the summer from the Dragon Crew.  We will be attending the AIRK Nationals in October hosted by Marge Gold's club, the Mid Atlantic Rottweiler Klub, the judge will be Kormeister Olga Grin (Russia).


"Last night I got home from work, and there were 2 sheriff’s horses walking down the street! Now, that may not be weird by you, but I live in a subdivision in a fairly populated area. I had Chase on the leash and she saw the horses and went crazy barking so I put her in the house so they didn’t get scared – I went back out to talk to them, they were just going around neighborhoods, meeting people, which is cool – they said “go bring your dog back out to meet the horses” – I was like, are you sure? She’s never seen a horse before. So just then Rich pulled up, so he went and got her. At first she barked, but when we let her closer, which is what she wanted, she was sniffing their front legs and stuff – next thing you know, the one horse leans down toward her and she stands on her back legs to put her muzzle up to his! It was SO cute! I ran to get the camera and they rode the horses into my front yard to take pictures with Chase."

-Carol Orloski and "Chase"  Drakkenfels' Golden Dragon Chaser



Congratulations to Dustin on winning BoB with Norris (MARK'06 Sieger, USRC-SER'06 Select, Landesgruppe BiS'05, Multi V-1, UCI Int'l, Am CH Thundervly’s Legend von Mitternadt, CGC)


and BoS with Keera (Multi V-1, AKC Pointed, Deja Vu vom Drakkenfels, CGC)

I look forward to many more wins for this young handler, congratulations Dustin,  Norris and Keera and their owner Joanne Lockner from vom Mitternadt Rottweillers!

We wish to send love and support to Eve and Manson Johnson in their time of loss.

CHAMP vom Vilstaler Land

November 10, 1991 - May 19, 2007

(please click on Champ's pic to view Champ's beautiful Eulogy written by Eve and Manson Johnson)

God speed Champ


The USRC 2007 National event was held in Kimberton, PA and the SPARK team was our hosts.  We arrived the night before at our beautiful rooms at the host hotel.  Spark really offered a first class show with a judges reception, judges dinner, breed seminar from Oliver Neubrand, and other events such as the CGC, Heart and Eye evaluations.  They had a special memorial for those that have left us recently with a tribute to owners and families.  I would like to take a moment to give a special Thank you to Gretchen for her outstanding shots of the show and to the breeder of Hochstepp Rottweiler for this link to the RESULTS and candids from the show.  http://www.hochstepperottweilers.com/2007NationalSiegerShow.html

The Dragons wins were pretty incredible starting with Helix in 4-6 with VP4, Dux in 9-12 with VP1:




Halo taking VP2 in the 4-6 Female Puppy Class        Helix taking VP2 in the 4-6 Male Puppy Class

, Halo with VP2, Damien, Arusha, Keera (Deja vu), Cai all took V ratings in HUGE classes, Billy took the VP1 in 9-12 and Petra took the SG from 12-18 (she just turned 12mo).  I can't tell you how proud I am of our Dustin and Anthony S. with the new faces that they presented for this show.  Atom http://www.vonborrell.com/atomshow.html and Boris for Mike Burke, Yellow vom Bochrahmer, for Lucy Ang in the Working, little Zieger went VP2 in 4-6 class and many others.  We had a new face on the team this time.  Young Anthony came along to lend us a helping hand.  I hope that he will join us more often since he was such a great help to all the teams for the show.  

 Special congrats to our Gene Ellison on his outstanding work with Artie on the field to walk away with the Protection Tournament win.  I can't tell you how very proud I am of the amazing work on this young boy and his owner. 



Watch for us in the SE Regionals in Caryville, Tenn in June. 



"Stop the press! Dragons hit the magazines!"


"The June issue of Dog Fancy - I sent Chase's pic in last month, and they chose her! She was 4 months in this picture, taken in the bed of Rich's F-150. She's 8 months old now. "      - Carol Orloski, owner of "Chase" Chase is the only daughter of vom Drakkenfels "G" Litter, Dragonlady von Drachenfels CGC X BIS, Multi-BISS, Multi V-1, Sieger, USRC Select, Am, FCI Ch Brito OD Dragicevica IPOI.


We wanted to congratulate Jerry Sampson with his boy "Brito" Multi-AoM, BIS, Multi-BISS, Sieger, Select, Am, FCI Ch Brito OD Dragicevica, IPO1, #1 Rottweiler, All Systems

and John Walker with his boy "Drog" Am.Ch., NERYS'04, Multi-BOB Can Ch. Bilalian Acres Northern Dancer

on their respective wins at the ARC Nationals in Kissimmee, Florida!   Here is a link to the pics! Enjoy!  2007 ARC Nationals Website.


I just got off the phone with Gene Ellison~! ARTIE WENT HIGH IN TRIAL at the Old Dominion Trials in Virginia while I was at the ARC!! His scores were 95 in Tracking, 92 in Obedience and 96 in Protection under SV Judge Bernahard Prem from Austria.

Damien is now Venezuela Ch. he has completed 2 x CACIB toward his FCI International title, 3 X CAC, He added 3 more V1's and a V2 and almost completed his Latin American Title. Quinn said he might be heading to the World Show to get his last 2 CACIB and his final point for the Latin American Champion. He won BoB  but didn't do anything for the Groups. He has now been BoB in FOUR countries! There were 25 Rottweilers entered against him and  the Judge to Award him his 2nd CAC for the Ven CH was Mr. Charles Trotter of the USA. Judges that awarded him his CACIB's were Hans van den Berg and Salvo Tripoli. WHEW...I truly am so proud of this boy!

I sent a special Thank you to the Handler Teodore Argualo that stepped up for Quinn when he saw his with Damien the first day. Not many can hold that boy when he starts to move but Teodore loved him and made him shine....

See you guys at the Nationals...I will have Ru in her first AKC Specialty. Lets see if she can follow in the footsteps of her brother...hehehe


After winning 4 X BoB over the boys, (grin) a Group 1, 2x Group 2, and a Group 3 Arusha was sent her UKC Ch. Certificate today. To say that I'm very proud of her first time out in any venue such as this and for her to perform so well is an understatement. Now she is going to start AKC and hopefully in June/July head out to CKC. Her brother Damien was the one who kicked it off by taking his first 7 AKC points (one major) and a Group 4 win. He went to Canada and came home with 5 points and another group placement Now this weekend...we just got home from the Bahamas and once again Damien has 5 points and a Challenge Certificate completed. He will need to return to the BKC next year since the show is an once a year vacation...errr...I mean event....(grin). He has to take another Challenge Certificate there. In June?

I'm very proud of these 2.


This show was one that made the Headlines!  Check out the good PR for our breed: Jacksonville, NC Daily News Article

 The ECRK club outdid themselves this year with outstanding weather, excellent food and vendors and of course our Judge for the show Gerald O'Shea.  Once again he proved how much knowledge he has and how quickly and effectively he can teach.  For all of us we should take the lessons learned and move forward toward better training,  more knowledge of the faults we have to work with and what traits truly make up a Rottweiler.  The weekend was about friendship, companionship, good spirit and fun.


The dogs had a good time too!  I wish to send congrats to ALL the winners and a few new faces to our ring.  I am happy to see such hard work and sportsmanship on that field.  My crew took a few trophies back to owners.  Sina's boy "Dux" kicked it off with winning best puppy Male from the 9-12 class. 



That will make the 3rd STRAIGHT best puppy trophy he has earned!!!  We had a new member to our family of the dragon crew with Tanya from Savannah.GA and her boy "Thor".  She was so nervous but as always the people ringside and in the ring gave her support and she moved forward to winning her first Trophy and a SG3 from the 12-18 class.  She will be now excited to head to the Nationals in PA in a few weeks. 

 Thank you to everyone for helping her.  Randy W came up to show his girl "Duchess" to a SG1 spot and I had the pleasure to bring Luana's girl "Fia" to a SG3 in the 12-18 females.  My Girls didn't let me down either with Billy bringing in the VP1 and Petra the VP2 in the 9-12 class!  Ru was in Bred by and made me look good...she still hasn't yet totally recovered from her litter and was lacking in coat and was given SG2.   Halo and Helix will be 4 mo for the National so soon you will get to meet her children.  /grin.  Her litter brother Damien came with me as well and was his normal "always in overdrive" self and what did Gerald just HAVE to tell me to do...."let him out at the end of the lead"....RIIIIGHT...hahahaha....I was dragged at 50 miles per hour around that ring.  Quinn was pleased with his trophy from his son from Open.  SG4. 


Billy and Petra                                                                 Deedee


Kim running Dolly                                           Randy with his boy Duke



Open Female Class                                                            Kim with Red from the Champion Class


Congrats to David York and Alex Rodriguez on yet another super win of both Sieger on Eros and Siegerin on Gianna! 


 Theresa and Steve took the Youth Siegerin title home and Kalid won yet another Youth Sieger title on his boy. 


While we were busy at that show we had Dustin up in the Chicago area taking Breed on Noris!  Gene sent me a text with a 91 in OB and 73 on the track WOOT!!  Go guys GO!  Jerry called to tell us  that Brito took Group 2 Sat and Group 1 Sun!!  He was sorry to have missed the German show and said he will be out in that ring soon...almost 7 now and still going strong.


During the Judges dinner we were told of the tragic death of Maik vom Frankentanne.  My heart goes out to Nancy Hanson, Joeri and Christina, and to his breeder.  He was truly a wonderful representative for our breed and will be missed.  I have you in my thoughts and I send much support to you at this time.


It is with tears in my eyes that I announce the last son of Elka to Dirk and Brother to my Beau has passed to the bridge as of yesterday when the decision was made to allow him rest after twisting his spine. His father passed just last year at the age of 15. Rest easy big boy...I hope you, your mother and sister will guide your nieces and nephews when its time...Allen my heart goes out to you and Annette. I could not have picked a better home for him...I knew when you saw him that he was yours. Thank you for loving him so much.

Multi V-Rated Franlynn's Apache von Clausen, CGC AKC Major ptd. 1994-2007

I just received this email from Cathy and Elric! I can't tell you how proud I am of both of them!!


"Hi Cathy - I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the American Rottweiler Club's Friend of the Rottweiler Award for 2006. This is a prestigious award given to one dedicated Rottweiler owner and very few are nominated. The Award winner will be announced and the award presented at the Club's annual meeting on April 5, 2007 in Kissimmee Florida. While I can't predict the outcome of the vote, I wanted you to know that it is an honor just to be one of the few nominated and that I am very happy to offer you and Elric as candidates for this award. I hope all is going well with you both and thank you for all the good work you do to promote how wonderful our breed is."

Deborah Shibley
ARC Secretary

The Central Florida Rottweiler Klub is my home town club and it turned out to be a wonderful training ground for some of the new pups and owners.  Jeanne brought her boy Marshall Grissom for his debut and her first ever time showing in a conformation venue.  Marshall just turned 5 months and showed that he truly has the showmanship of his father Brito and took a VP1 in the 4-6 class.  Jeanne and Ron are very proud of him but I was proud of them....they believed enough to give him a chance and to experience and learn a fun activity that they could take part in.  

Jerry Sampson brought Brito so visit his children during the show after his win of the Award Of Merit at the Westminster Kennel Club show.  Halo, Helix and Nitro made their debut also made their debut and gave out  lots of kisses to everyone that came to see the little butterballs.  Ana Ruiz took Behr over to see his kids and to do a little photo shoot for their owners.  I got to show Sam and Carol McKenzie's little girl in the 4-6 class and she took the VP3. She is such a fireball...I liked her a lot.  

Sue Lynch sent in  Dee with me for 12-18 went and took V2, Red from Champions took the V1, Bruiser from Open went V2,  My grandson Damien with his papa Quinn took the V2 from Open, and then My kids Billy went VP1 from 9-12, Petra was P4 from the same class, Arushka was SG3 from Open. 

 Special Thank you to Dennis P. and Connie J. for being my legs when I just couldn't make my old ones move anymore.  Those times it always reminds me of why I love the sport of dogs so much....its the people who will help each other at any given time.

 Congrats to David York and Alex Rodriquez  on winning Select Male with Eros and Select Female with Gianna.  David told me that Gianna also passed her BST this weekend!!  WOW, can you imagine...


Eros von der Burg Weibertreu                                     Gianna von der Burg Weibertreu

"Hello Kim,
We had a wonderful time at the show today. We really enjoyed seeing you and your beautiful babies. You are very professional in the show ring, but when you step out of the ring you make everyone feel welcome. Everyone has a real comfort level with you. You are real people. Mary Ellen and Art really enjoyed meeting you. I took some pictures of Karen and Cody when we got home. I am going to send them to you. Hope you enjoy them. Karen has Max, one of our Hyacinth Macaws, on her shoulder. We feel very fortunate to have found you. We were so worried that we wouldn't be able to find a good breeder that produces Quality Puppies, although we were only looking for pets we want them to be show quality. So as it worked out we found an excellent breeder/trainer/handler and her name is Kim. If we wind up with a show puppy, you probably won't have to do to much convincing to talk us into showing."


Much Love and Respect
Vinnie and Karen

Vom Drakkenfels kicked off the 2007 show season by going to the first shows for the Southeastern Atlantic Rottweiler Klub. The club was well organized and kept things very quick to move along. So fast that I had to stop chatting so much and pay CLOSER attention to the rings. /grin

Our team introduced some new faces to the ring for the year with Sammy Walkers new boy Alex who won the VP1 from 4-6



 Sina Norris's boy "Dux" taking VP1 in 6-9 and Best Male puppy


Hunter showed Debi Jones' new girl Zana in the Open Class to a V-4


 and he showed "Kaos" and received SG-3 for Melissa and Vincent Encinas in the Open Class


We also had our kids out and about and our regulars- Red  went V3


His sister Bruiser went V3


  My little Billy won the VP3


And Petra took VP


 and Demen took his V3 from the 12-18 class!



 Both Duchess and Duke were in the 12-18 for SG ratings as were Gretta and her sister Wonka for VP ratings.


The classes were HUGE...and the dogs very impressive. Kalid was there with his Rick sons and grandsons and took home the Sieger title along with many V1 ratings and the Kennel Group!  Congrats to Jim and his girl from the class on winning Siegerin. It's nice to see dogs bred by the owners and presented by the owners winning big!

We look forward to more and more clubs forming hopefully in other states.


The H-Litter is now in there homes.  I am keeping 2 puppies Halo and Helix to see how beautiful they become and to work with them for the future.  Here are some shots of the new owners Kevin Bush with his boy Nitro, and Vinnie and Karen with Cody.


Hagrid Kodiak vom Drakkenfels (Cody) with new owners Vinnie and Karen Tripodi

vom Drakkenfels Hard to Handle (Nitro) with new owner Kevin Bush


Hagrid Kodiak vom Drakkenfels (Cody) with new big brother Bear ;)



Collina with vom Drakkenfels' Heaven Sent (Halo)


 and the boy that will be staying with me as well, vom Drakkenfels' Double Helix (Helix)

I want to send out a big Congratulations to Jerry Sampson and his boy Brito OD Dragicevica for his ranking as

#1 Rottweiler on the Eukanuba Breed Points through 1/25/2007!!


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