Petra is now a mother!  She was recently bred to her Co-owners  Susan Lynch's boy Ketelhaus's Da Devil Made me do it. Pedigree will be posted in the Litter area soon The result was 3 beautiful little boys born on Dec 24th.  They are very Large and healthy.  Welcome the N-litter vom Drakkenfels.
Okay now where should I start....its already been a wonderful month filled with Surprises....I have been home bound but the news keeps on rolling in!  first let me say that with all the wonderful things happening for everyone I would not be more excited about the future and who it might bring.

"Hello friends,

He did it again!! 80 points at his first Deutsche Meisterschaft in FH1. Lennox did a good job. The competition was very hard, 80 points is 16th placed. Here with you get pictures. The track area was PERFECT, temps about 50 and FOG."

Guenter and Lennox von der Blockhutte in Germany

November 2nd

A bunch of us got together to do some AKC training at a puppy match sponsored by Pasco Kennel Club in Brooksville, Florida...Kara 1st place, Krista 2nd place and Kaiya was third place!  both Lynn and Cat went with me and Durenda and Steve showed up with their Tyson.  Tyson not only won his class, won the breed, then a group 1.....but got BEST IN SHOW.  Congrats to you Durenda on such a wonderful day...

"Hi Kimmy,

As promised here is the picture from the show. What a nice suprise to see you there!!!! Thank for all you have taught me and I did exactly what you told me to do and look what happen, I know it was just a fun match but it made my year!!!!"

November 8 and 9, 2008

Quinn set out to South Carolina with Damien for the AIRK National Sieger show in Charlotte, SC hosted by the SARK team.  I knew that Amanda Shadford would be there to help Quinn with the dogs so I didn't really worry too much...The results for us were not only a huge Surprise but a downright pleasure.  Quinn and Amanda worked very hard and won with several dogs during this event.  To say I am proud of them is an understatement.


CONGRATS to Sina Norris and her baby Dragon Jarci vom Drakkenfels for winning AIRK Nationals Best Puppy Female!  Sina called and let me know that she won her class that day but I had no idea that the results would end up with my grandbaby with such a HUGE win!!  Sina also won the National Youth Siegerin on her home grown girl Isis!!  Here are the results of the show: http://airk.net/misc_results/sarknatl2008results.html

Congrats to ALL the winners of this event!!

Darkstar also had some brags to share from this beautiful fall weekend in SC...

From Theresa and Steve....."First i would like to congratulate SARK members for putting on another great show!!!!!
The show site was great! The weather was beautiful! Everything seem to run smoothly!

Congratulations to all the winners and placers!!!!!

Congratulations goes to Joe Preteroti, for winning, a second year in a row, the AIRK National Sieger with his boy Chrome!

2008 & 2007 AIRK National Sieger, 2008 & 2007 MARK Sieger, 2008 SARK Sieger, 2007 CWRC Sieger, Multi BISS, AM & Can Ch Darkstarr's Chrome von Dietrich CGC HIC"


Nov 11th, 2008

Today came the departure of the little Dragon babies from Damien and Bea.  Quinn said he was very happy with his new little girl "Lucia" and he has HUGE plans for her.  Congrats to the new owners of the L-Litter: (when I get pictures from the new moms and dads I will post them on the litter page.

Lynn Murdocca (Auburndale, Florida)- Lothar vom Drakkenfels (M)            Lantz Savage (Lulling, LA)- Lachesis Darkarai vom Drakkenfels

Quinn Webb (Orlando, Florida)- Lucia vom Drakkenfels (F)                       Michael Cook (Altamont Springs, Florida)- L'India vom Drakkenfels

Liam Cuddy (Ocala, Florida)- Luger vom Drakkenfels (M)                           Jason and Jenny Arellano (Jupiter, Florida)-Lex vom Drakkenfels

Lisa Paul (Lakeland, Florida)- Logan vom Drakkenfels (F)                           David Lynes (Tampa, Florida)- Lynes vom Drakkenfels (Brusci)


SPECIAL CONGRATS to Voss du Clos Lenka and Owner/Handler/Trainer  Amanda Hoskinson on winning 3rd Place at the USRC National Sch Championships in Ohio!!  And she and Voss got high protection with a 97! We are very happy and proud of you both for this HUGE win!!  Congrats to all the participates!! I heard that both events were Outstanding with very high entries.  I wish I had more information but if you wish please send it over and I will share it....

Voss is soon to be a father....Arusha fell in love with him at first site and married him.  Watch for updates about this exciting litter.  Amanda and I have decided to leave the tails intact so they are going to be traveling worldwide over the coming years.  Can you tell I have big dreams already?

The M-Litter is expected on November 17th, 2008


I guess you are wondering about the L-litter....Damien and Bea children...Well...here they are!  I hope you will welcome them and their owners to our Dragon clan and watch them grow along with me.  Quinn will be keeping "Lucia" to take over in her fathers path.  Enjoy.


October has proven to be one of the busiest and most successful months in our history for our teams across the World! 

Eve just called and told me that Djuke won the IFR 2008 World Championship Argentina Hosted by: A.C.R.R.  in Buenos Aires.  This is a HUGE win for him to follow on the Hungarian Championship 2 weeks ago!  I hope that Manson and Eve will give us the full story of their adventures once they get some rest.  They took one of the youngest Dragon team members, Dustin Davis, to help show Djuke and for him it was a dream come true.  Dustin is a true talent and I see such GREAT things for him coming.  Eve was truly overwhelmed with this past month....Djuke came to her just when she needed him...and gave both Manson and Eve some dreams come true.


From Manson

"Eve and I are proud to announce the most wonderful win in our 28-year history with our beloved Rottweilers: This past weekend in Buenos Aires, Argentina, hundreds of Rottweiler Friends and over 300 dogs came together from virtually every part of the world to celebrate the IFR'S(INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ROTTWEILER FRIENDS ) FIRST WORLD SHOW! IFR2008-Campeonato Mundial Argentina. The host club was the ACRR-- it's President, Vinicio Italo Di Paolo, and the club members-- presented a flawless show filled with hospitality based on friendship and love. We are very proud and honored to be a part of this International Family of Rottweiler Friends!
The judges were some of the best Rottweiler Experts in the world. The Distinguished President of the IFR, Dieter Hoffmann, world-renowned for  his many years as an ADRK judge and his judging emphasis on Rottweiler breed type and soundness. Equally impressive in his work as a judge, Vice President of the IFR, and President of the famous Belgium Rottweiler Club, Dirk Vandercastelle, who brought a great balance to the
Judging by his continued emphasis on movement, structure and their overall impact on the Rottweiler as a Working Breed. No judge could have provided a better fit for this show than the Head Breed Warden for the ADRK and owner of "Vom Wilden Westen" kennel, Edgar Hellmann. It was truly an honor to listen to the judging critiques of the dogs and learns much about the Rottweiler breed from these gentlemen.
Only the IFR can bring together so many Rottweiler friends in spirit and in competition from all over the world. We were extremely blessed to have Djuke vom Vilstaler Land win Best Male, Most Beautiful Male and Best In Show at such a prestigious event. Of all his many Seiger titles throughout the world, this is the one we value most. The most beautiful part of the show was when hundreds of exhibitors, their children, and
Friends spent hours posing with their arms around Djuke, Djuke proved that he is not just our son but belongs to all Rottweiler friends around the world. God gave Djuke to Michael, he gave Djuke to Eve and I, and win now give Djuke to all Rottweiler Friends.
We would ask all Rottweiler Friends to visit the IFR website and learn more about this wonderful gift to the world. It is the only organization in the world that can bring Rottweiler Friends from every country together and treat them as equals. The IFR represents the epitome of the Rottweiler through the FCI Standard for the Rottweiler-- the world standard-- and is the only organization capable of ensuring the survival of the Rottweiler for future generations to enjoy.

Peace and Have the Best Day of Your Life!

Manson and  Evie Johnson"

I am overflowing with happiness because to think the same weekend Djuke won...his little ones were winning at the MARK show..../grins HUGE.  Thank you Thank you Eve and Manson for seeing what I saw and bringing Djuke home to us here in America.  

October 18th, 2008 AIRK show host by MARK 2008 

As most know I have been forced to take a hiatus from the ring for health reasons, but it didn't stop me from sending out my kids to the shows this weekend.  Quinn came and picked up the van and my 3 hellion girls.  He was heading out to go show Damien anyhow for the AIRK show hosted by the MARK club in NC.  sooo I just got off the phone...Yep you guessed it.  vom Drakkenfels had a wonderful weekend AGAIN. Both Quinn and Amanda said the kids did PERFECT in the ring.  Kara won VP1 (repeat of the USRC SE Reg), and her sister Krista won VP2 from the 4-6 females.  Yippeee...but not to be left out thier half sister Jarci (all are Djuke vom Vilstalerland daughters btw) owned by Sina Norris took the VP4 from the 6-9 class!  Quinn told me that he had the pleasure of showing Lois Bolings boy Rowde....guess what...Rowde won YOUTH SIEGER!!!  CONGRATS LOIS!!   Jim Bougie's girl Tillie von Sederhaus won Youth Siegerin.   So today...waiting was KILLING me...My great-grandson Dux owned and bred by Sina Norris, Damien and Elfie are all due to show...could they also bring home the throphy?  YEP!!!  Dux won V2 from the Bred by class.  BOTH Damien and Elfi went V1 from the working class males and females!!  Congrats to Theresa and Steve with thier boy Chrome.  He took yet another Sieger (most beautiful in show) win from the Champions Class!!  He is a handsome boy and its well deserved.  The Siegerin was Michelle Frazer's Midnights Cup of Kool Java Blend.  That is a Beautiful girl...I remember her well from past shows.  I am happy for everyone who did well this weekend!!  the news will keep coming in I'm sure since there is the USRC NE reg in Ohio, The IFR World show and 1st America's Cup in Argentina, and The UCI Int show in Orlando.  I hope everyone has great stories to tell!! 

(Click on the picture to get a better view and scroll over to see more with arrow.)



News from Guenter and Lennox in Germany:

"Hello friends,

today I got the message that Lennox and me are members of the German Championship FH 1 ADRK!!

Date is 11/1 and 11/2 in Wittenberg.

There is a lot to do until there, but I am very happy!!

See you at Christmas

I for one will be cheering for you soooo loud you will hear me from America!  Love ya hon and the best of Wishes for you and your beautiful Lennox von der Blockhutte.  You both have such a wonderful future ahead of you and I can't wait to watch it happen.  /hug

News from Canada- "and the phone rings again...."

Quinn: He did it again Grandma....Best of Breed from the classes for 2 more point in Canada. 

Kimmy: "No way!! I am soooooo proud of you both!!  I wish I could have been there to see for myself!!  Hurry home and be careful"

Bora: MORE STEAK!! Woo hoo!!

News from the Hungarian Klub Sieger Show:

"Dearest Kimmy,

I hope you are feeling good after your great wins! Evie called and wanted me to tell you that Djuke won the Hungarian Klubsieger Show yesterday! She is thrilled and I am also. She wanted you as part of our family to be the first to know after me.  Love you kid! We are very proud of you!"


Abundant Blessings and Have the Best Day of Your Life!
Manson Johnson
Manson Johnson for
Eve's Garden, Inc.
5602 Land O'Lakes Blvd.
Land O'Lakes, FL 34639
(813) 996-5012, Extension 110 
(813) 996-2831 FAX
(813) 789-1300 Cell 24/7
          USRC SE Regionals, BST and Protection Tournament  2008        

As you all know I have kept 2 of the little ones from Arusha's (Damien's sister) litter with Djuke- Kara and Krista.  They just turned 5 mo about 2 days before the regionals and so I entered them....On this trip up to Virginia we also took along the owners of their sister (Kaiya) Lynn Murdocco and her daughter Marisa Tambico.  The goal for me at that point was the sweep the 4-6 puppy female class and to spend the weekend teaching what the German show rings are all about.  I am going to let Lynn do the News page on the show with a few chime ins from me:

"We arrived at the show grounds in Reston, Va early Friday morning. The weather was somewhat dreary, but the show grounds were wonderful. It consisted of a large open field where the ring was set up, as well as ample parking and a large designated potty area for the dogs.

After checking in we set about getting the dogs that were showing that day groomed and ready. Having previously shown Shetland Sheepdogs, I found this task to be much easier with Rottweilers.

When they began calling for the dogs to go to the ring, we gathered up our equipment and chairs and went ringside to watch the puppy male classes to see what we could expect once we got inside of the ring. It was somewhat baffling at first as I tried to figure our what the rules of the ring were. What at first glance appeared to be chaos actually began to make sense after a little while.

We began to get more comfortable with the expectations in the ring, and before too long it was our turn. We tentatively entered the ring--following behind Kim, and watched what she did so that we could follow suit. After Kim finished showing her puppy to the judge, it was my daughter’s turn. Overcoming her nervousness, she stepped forward and presented our puppy to the judge. Still a little unsure, she did what the judge asked, followed by the trip around the ring to show the puppy’s movement. At this point Kim and I traded dogs so that she could present he r second puppy to the judge. We then all proceeded to move the puppy’s around the ring as a group. When we came to a stop we were thrilled to have the three sisters place One, Two, and Three in the class. Leaving the ring Marisa declared the experience was awesome, and she was looking forward to her next show. Then it was back to the bus to get the next dogs ready for the ring.


Sunday morning was another early day with the adult dogs taking over the ring. The open make and open female classes were good sized classes, and I was impressed that the dogs were allowed to relax in the ring when they were not being critiqued--very different than the AKC shows I am used to. Marisa got her first chance to handle one of the adult dogs as Kim had two females in the open class and needed help to handle one of them. It was a lot more running, but Marisa still had a lot of fun doing it.

Following the show a protection tournament was held. These dogs and handlers were amazing. The level of training and obedience was mind blowing and we were spell bound at the side of the ring not wanting to miss a minute of any of the performances. We were so impressed that we made it our goal to train our dogs and one day be on the field with them.

Over all the weekend was a terrific experience. We met some really great people and got to see some really awesome dogs compete. We have come back with renewed enthusiasm and desire to work hard with our dogs and continue our goals to have them be all they can."

Some of the dogs from the show: 

...and YEP....We did it....VP1 on Kara, P2 on Kaiya (shown by Marisa for the first time ever) and P3 on Krista.   It was a good trip up in the doggy limo and I picked up a few on the way.  Paula Rebstadd sent up Asta (Winner of 2nd in 9-12) and Arik. Eve sent her new boy Karthago vom Vilstalerland (winner of 3rd place in 18-24 male). and I tossed in Elfie (V in open), Petra and
Xaver.  We stopped in Jacksonville to pickup Sue's Demen and Leka as well.  (I have pictures and results of all that will posted on the site soon).  The Judges dinner done by the ODRK was second to none....and AMAZING auction type atmosphere, great food, and foot stompin good music.  I think this is the best way to do the Raffle for a club since everyone was having such a WONDERFUL good time together and razzing each other to bid higher!  The ODRK was a great team of people who worked very hard together to make sure that everyone had a wonderful time at this event. The protection tournament was won by my good friend Tony and his Boy Leo who gave a super clean performance on the field and he took home the $1000 check and medallion.  His boy Leo also won the V1 in the Working class males...beauty and performance on the field.

 And the winners of the shows ARE:

While I'm sitting at the Judges dinner I get a phone call....seems Quinn decided to do something a bit different over the weekend....He took Damien to the AKC shows in South Carolina the same weekend we were away and BAM...He goes BOW both days for more points toward his AKC Ch.  He only needs 6 more singles I think at this point to finish. The best news..my phone rings yet again....I don't think that Quinn knows what the words means to "settle for less". He always tells me that Damien is Superman in a dogs body.  I think I'm going to start believing now...Damien now has his RA.  He was High winner yesterday with a score of 95 and got his last qualify today.  His mom Bora is laying on my feet right now with a belly full of the nice mini steaks I keep for her on hand.  She will always know when her son does well....but heavens is she getting FAT...hehe...

So begins the adventures of the next generations of Dragons...stay tuned for more!  GREAT owners...they make the GREAT dogs.

BTW....I take my hat off to the Photographer at this event- Harry Starbird....Nice job with all those dogs and Rottweiler folks...you and your wife are a class act and I hope to see more of you at future shows.  Special Thank you to Eugene Ellison for being my support during this show and to everyone that were willing to jump in and help at a moments notice.  This is why I love coming out..People, fun and of course 100's of Rottweilers.


Vom Drakkenfels welcomes the L-Litter to our pack.


Born September 17th, 2008- 5 Males, 3 females born


Bea is one of the best mothers I have ever had the honor of watching with a litter.  I am truly honored and blessed....


I thought you might like to see the face lift the dog van recently got from a company that will soon take on the bus....

Thank you team at GRS-Signs.com :

What do you think?  Petra looks good to me...

I am pleased to show off the new girls that have been given to me by my beautiful girl Arusha and Djuke vom Vilstalerland.  Please meet Kara and Krista vom Drakkenfels.  These 2 young ladies have been a dream to me and fill my days with much entertainment and fun...Enjoy the day with the 2 Hellions:

Pictured at 4mo


It is with my heart hurting that I have to announce the passing of one of my daughters.  Dragonlady "Lady" is now with her mother, grandmother, and greatmother.  I sent Lady to the bridge because she said it was time.  She had cancer in her spine that migrated down her shoulder and into her left leg...and recently her right.  She didn't eat her bacon and eggs and would not lift her head for the bits placed into her mouth.  She was tired...and I knew when I left for work what needed to happen for her. 


Bless you Catherine Varidel for giving me the pictures in my head to help me let go...she will be playing again whole with her family at the bridge.  Because of your vision for me I was able to hold her in my arms until she slept and grieve for her knowing she was not in pain anymore.  Thank you for being there with us both.


Bless you Todd Wagner for always being my friend, always seeing to my needs and making sure that Lady's path was set for me at the vet.  I don't think I could have made it without your help thru all this.  Thank you for holding her with me while they took her from me.  She looked beautiful in her sleep as she has always in her life.


Bless you Quinn Webb for knowing that your strength would carry over to me and help me do the right thing and have to strength to let her go and walk away.    Thank you for your friendship and knowing I would need you to come be by my side.


Lady is resting now...I will miss her so much.  She and his sister saved my life when I needed them.  Loyalty, love, strength, courage...I send you with all those and more...God speed my Lady.


My Dear Dragonlady


Your trust in me was not in vain.

When it was time you let me know.

Today your eyes told me goodbye,

And I knew you had to go


I held you in my arms and cried,

Until you breathed your last.

Now only emptiness and memories,

Are the shadows that have been cast


But with summer skies above me,

And the dawning of each new day,

Forever my dear Dragonlady,

You'll be just a thought away.


Written for me by Jan Cooper....

special Thank you to everyone for giving me comfort and tokens of memories for my baby girl.

Memberships in major clubs actually benefits the breed and helps to give people a great place to go and train, show, and take part in events with other people who love the breed as much.  I highly recommend the support to push our breeds clubs forward and support the efforts many are making in the face of BSL and other items that are considered detrimental to the future of our breed.  Please go to these links and learn more about some of the clubs across the US.  Please email me at vomDrakkenfels @Yahoo.com to add more clubs to this list:





Application for CRC: http://www.colonialrottclub.org/app.pdf



once this list is done I will move it to the Information area of my site.  Thank you for adding to this effort.  Our breed is worth it.


I would like to Thank Jennifer Bittner for once again taking one of my children to Canada and winning in style.  I am proud to announce that
"Elfi" now has 7 points toward his Championship with a BOB from the classes and Winners bitch multiply times!!  Thank you Jenn and we will "git er done" in the near future.

Can BOB winner ,Maj pt, UCI Int'l CH, Multi V-1

Elfed von Ausbreitung

BH, AD,TT, CGC CHIC #45109




We have made History:


"We inform you that, according to our data, A'DAMIEN VOM DRAKKENFELS, Rottweiler has been confirmed International champion of beauty today (08/09/2008) - according to the application sent by F.C.P.R. (Puerto Rico).

We also inform you that, according to our data, there is no American Rottweiler confirmed international champion of beauty title (between 01.01.2000 & today).

However, A'DAMIEN VOM DRAKKENFELS is registered in our data under FCPR studbooknumber (not AKC studbooknumer) .
In advance, we thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,
Title Dpt


Send your congrats to Quinn Webb <qs_rotties@yahoo. com>  I am going to give my Bora some EXTRA love and a nice steak dinner for producing such an amazing dog.  Quinn said he still has 3 more Ch. to do, Sch1, and has already gotten the first leg of his RA.


VERY VERY Special Thank you to Jan Cooper for doing the leg work on this for us.  I got her email and went over the edge with excitement.  You have no idea what that is like from work...Jan, I owe you Dinner.

July 26th, 2008

Big things have happened in Wisconsin at one of the largest shows in the US.  The very competitive Wakashau circuit saw the arrival of one of the worlds great Rottweilers and his owner, Eve Johnson from von Evman!!  Eve called while on the way to show #3 and #4 in Elkton.  She said she could not have been more proud of Djuke as a representative in the ring for our breed.  He is always a gentleman and won the attentions of many.

DJUKE vom Vilstaler Land

2008 ECRK Winter Sieger, 2008 USRC Select Adult Male Winner, 2007 Swiss Klubsieger, 2007 Austrian Klubsieger, 2006 ADRK German Klubsieger, 2006 Frankensieger, 2006 Bayernsieger, 2005 Bundessieger, 2005 Frankensieger, 2005 Lechsieger , 2005 Europasieger, 2005 Austrian Klubsieger , 2004 Lechjugendsieger , 2004 Westfalenjugendsieger , SchH III, AD, ZtP, BH, TT, CGC, HD -, OFA Excellent Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Heart, Patella Certified CHIC # 45121

CONGRATS to Djuke vom Vilstalerland owner handled for 2 back to back 3 point majors and 2 consecutive BEST OF WINNERS and BEST OF BREED

July 16, 2008

Dear Ms. Varidel,
I am pleased to inform you that we received a nomination for Elric for the 2008 American
Kennel Club Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE). These awards were created to honor
deserving canines in the categories of Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Therapy,
Service, and Exemplary Companion Dogs. The recipient in each category will be presented
with an engraved sterling silver medallion and a cash award of SI,OOO at the internationally
televised AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach, California, in December
2008. Enclosed you will find a richly deserved Certificate of Recognition.
The AKC will announce this year's ACE winners in August. Once the decisions have been
finalized, owners will be contacted directly. Elric will be among those dogs that will be
considered for this prestigious award.
Thank you for allowing the AKC to share in Elric's story and for participating in this
esteemed initiative created to honor purebred dogs.
Ronald N. Rella

Elric has proven that with the work he does he always brings smiles and happiness to his adoring public. 

"He who devotes his life to the care of humans is truly a warrior of kindness and compassion"

Sagenhaft's Elric vom Drakkenfels, CGC, RDT, Certified service dog, 2006 ARC good Samaritan award winner and Hero

 Click to read his story

 July 12-13, 2008 in West Palm AKC Shows- West Palm Beach, FL

Sue Lynch of Ketelhaus Rottweiler and I went down to West Palm beach not only to show for a couple days but to visit with Alissa and Chad the owners of "Helix" the pup who made his debut at the CFRK show in Feb and won the 1st in the 12-18 class.  He is now 18 mo and we wanted to give him some more ring exposure.    I took him in for his mom and dad for the Novice class to give him a test run...Helix did great!  His mom and dad are just tickled with him and I introduced them all to Rottweiler people in the area that will be helping them with some much needed training. He is a thick boy with a body like a mack truck...hehehe...and hyper! /sigh.


Sue's boy  "Demen" is Ketelhaus' da Devil made me do it.  Multi V-1 both in Regional and National level shows and this weekend he won Reserve to a 3 pt major the first day and  he won Best of Winners for his first 2 points under respected Judge Karen Billings.  Jay Beyda was there to help me with him and give me an idea of how he is growing.  Jay is such a good person and said that he would be happy to help us with Demen since he is a big boy. 

My good friends Durenda and Steve drove over from Tampa for thier boy Tyson...He and I met and it was just a good team from that point on.   My son's little Malinois puppy "Donte" took another Winners dog but there was no points...just an experience for him.   It was a good weekend....

Cathy had a terrible illness hit my grandson Elric recently and it was a few small miracles that saved him, most of all her love and commitment:

"My boy Elric,  "Sagenhaft's Elric Von Drachenfel, CGC, RTD, SD" my Assistance, Therapy dog and life companion got very ill recently and because of your Many prayers were said for the recovery of Elric during his 10 day stay in the Intensive Care Unit at the Veterinary Healthcare Associates in Winter Haven, Florida. 

One of those prayers was the Franciscan prayer said for Elric by Rev. Janice Bracken Wright from St. Peters Episcopal Church in Rome, Georgia

“Blessed are you, Lord God, maker of all living creatures. You called forth fish in the sea, birds in the air and animals on the land. You inspired St. Francis to call all of them his brothers and sisters. We ask you to bless Elric. By the power of your love, enable him to live according to your plan. May we always praise you for all your beauty in creation. Blessed are you, Lord our God, in all your creatures! Amen.”

One week after Elric was allowed to come home from the animal hospital I was helping out in the yard and stumbled over what appeared to be a piece of concrete. What I found lost and almost buried in the ground was a statue of St. Francis! I can't begin to put into words the significance of such a long lost treasure. The statue received a thorough cleaning and was placed to watch over the kennels. It will serve as a constant reminder of the power of prayer and the heartfelt deeds of our friends during a time of darkness.

Elric continues to recover and grows stronger each day. He will return to his tasks as my service dog in the coming days.

It is with deep gratitude to each and every person that offered their prayers and assistance to us. Especially to Dr. Nations for knowing just what to do for Elric in his time of need.  I will never forget....

Catherine Varidel


Sagenhaft's Elric Von Drachenfel, CGC, RTD, SD

Words from Kimmy:  I want to tell all those people who stepped up for Elric's medical bills such as the AIRK clubs, her Church , International Association of Assistance dogs,  even the vet clinic itself assisted....Cathy needs Elric.  He is her mobility assistance dog and the only means she has to get around after struggling with post-polio symdrome.  The costs are large but because of you she has a chance to have her boy back into her life....Bless you ALL.


Central Florida AKC shows- Orlando, Florida

This past weekend I ventured to the shows held in Orlando at the Central Florida Fairgrounds and Expo.  I wanted to try out with my son's 6 mo boy Mystique's Dancing with the Stars, AKA "Donte", a "would be a Rottweiler in training Malinois.  This was Donte's FIRST time ever near a show ring and I spent soft time with him in training just to make him into a good boy in the ring.  Donte surprised everyone with winning first place all 3 days he was shown AND on the second day Donte was pulled out for WINNERS DOG for a HUGE 3 point Major and on to win BEST of WINNER from the puppy classes!!  I am currently setting Carlos up a scrapbook for his son so when he comes home I can present it to him.   I think Donna and Michelle broke out the Champaign when I called them with the news. 

Sue also entered her big boy Demen to get his feet wet again and came away with a NICE win from open and a RESERVE to Winners dog for a 3 pt major.  Durenda also put her boy Tyson in and won 1st in American Bred.  CONGRATS to Sue and Durenda! Thank you both for letting be on the leash for these beautiful boys!!  It was a great weekend and alot of fun and now we are heading out to West Palm for our next AKC stop but before then ELFI will be back in action for her UKC Championship next weekend.



We are happy to tell everyone that my good friend for many years  "Cat"  is home with us here at vom Drakkenfels.  She made the move to come down from Georgia.  She has started setting up training for the dogs and a new life for her and her crew.  I'm sure you will see the wonderful news from her as we move toward even more shows and events in the future.  Enjoy the shots of her homecoming!

Well I figured I had better let you see the pups before they all leave me...its nice to know that one of them will be staying here with Grandma.  Thank you to Michelle for coming out to do my first official photo shoot...hehe...I am normally the one behind the camera so it was neat to see the kids actually stacked and presented.  They are 6 weeks in these shots....enjoy and tell me what you think in email.  I can't decide between Blue and Yellow so I decided to keep them BOTH! so watch out for Kara and Krista in the ring for the upcoming years.


Congrats to their new owners.  I can't wait to watch them grow and be there ringside to cheer you on!

Graduation of my Hero...My son.

On May 23rd, 2008, My son Carlos has now followed in the footsteps of so many of my family, who have served in various areas to protect and serve...from the Army to the  Air Force and now the Navy...Carlos graduated from the Navy Training Command at Great Lakes.  He did this with honors along side his company of Division 191. 

I wanted to share my families pride in his accomplishments and allow you all to enjoy our weekend with him on Memorial Day.



On a personal Note:

During the USRC Nationals I received a telephone call from my boss to inform me that he went to a function for the County....well...he had to go up and Accept "the Hospitality Service Award from the Central Florida Visitors and Convention Bureau for exceptional customer service in the hospitality industry that positively enhances Polk County's image..."  he stood in front of all those people and told them that I thought my dog shows were more important!!  HAHAHA... I almost passed out in the middle of the field where I was walking my boy Xaver at the time.  All I can say is WOW!!  I have had one HELL of a good year so far for 2008!!! The Dogs are not the only ones with a few Trophies on the shelves...

USRC Nationals- Bowling Green Kentucky

I must say that so far this year THIS show was one of my favorites...not because of the Judges, the politics, or even all the beautiful dogs I had the pleasure to meet.  It was because of the the people.  So many good friends all together in the same spot to take part in a sport we have all grown up in together.  There were some old faces there I had not see in YEARS of showing.  The location was at the BEAUTIFUL Kentucky Downs track in Bowling Green and I think Brian and Melinda must have especially ordered the weather for the dogs.  COOL and breezy which made for more frisky dogs in the ring.  There were plenty of vendors on hand with outstanding items to spend my paycheck on and GREAT food during all the sit down meals we enjoyed.  I want to send a SPECIAL Thank you to our Chef Brian and his team for taking such wonderful care of everyone during our stay.  We did arrive for the just in time for the board meeting on Thursday.  Congrats to all those selected and we hope that you will serve our breed well over the course of your terms!  Remember that our breeds protection and education of those that would join our pack is the most important job you will ever have.  I was fortunate to be selected along side Josef Hedl and Sam to head a spot on the show committee.  I hope my experiences will help the club grow and I am lucky to be able to have such a good mentor as Joe has been over the years.  He hits me with reality more then I can tell you....and the lessons hurt sometimes.  /wink. 


Now on to the show!  The first day was the Puppy Classes with HUGE entries that were lovely, confident and worthy.  After a bit of confusion with our new judge Inge we got it all in order and took home some outstanding wins for our owners.  Paula Rebrad, FL was first to go in and win VP1 on her own home bred boy "Arik" from the 4-6 class.  Xaver and I got a bit spanked in the 6-9.... but Quinn brought home the win in the 9-12 with Lois' boy L and L Guns and Roses v Kayara AKA "Axel"  Quinn not only won the class but went on to win USRC NATIONAL BEST PUPPY!  I was VERY happy for Lois and proud of Quinn for this huge win.

Then it was the girls turn to strut their stuff on the field.  I kicked it off with Kelly Easter's little girl Hannah.  This was Hannah's first show and first time meeting me but she proved that she was born to do great things.  She was awarded a VP rating and ended in the 5th spot just outside the ribbons.  Chris Amell and his little "Worm" took the 3rd place and The BEST FEMALE PUPPY was Konigsheide's Whiskey Shot owned by Christine Leonard and Steve Fer and bred by Ed and Terri McClananhan of FL. After this part of the show the team heading up to Winning Colors and the fantastic cooking of thick Rib eye steaks and good conversation.  We had a new crew member with us learning and Denise from Pennsylvania and Joanna's friends from Illinois  are now officially "BRANDED" by Joe and all his wonderful stories.  Let hope they remember everything so they can share them with others.  We must have talked for HOURS. GREAT times and I can't wait to do it all again. 

The second day of the show was the Youth classes with SUPER nice dogs entered for what would end up being an amazing day for many people. Susan Lynch and Donna Warner decided to fly up from Florida for a surprise visit with everyone and check out the dogs.  The Hunter did outstanding with winning the V1 placement with "Heartwin" owned by Cheryl Jessie and bred by Mary Pope.

The team never stopped giving me thier BEST performances and on this level I could not have been more pleased and proud. Special GRATS to Doug Ivey on V1 in 12-18 males on Kash and Michelle Cullinan on V1 on Anso.  Anso went on to Win the NATIONAL YOUTH SEIGER and National Youth Seigerin was Dusia von Kozak, breeder/owner/handled by Johnny Witkowski. 


Final day of the show...We had Demen in first for the Open Males.  This boy once again proved he should always be in the top 4.  He came in 3rd place an at the young age of 2, I could not be happier to walk out of that ring and hand Sue that throphy.  When he gets to 4 he will be perfect...watch and see.  After watching for a bit more I knew we would have to get on the road so plans were made to break camp after making the debut of Sue's newest import girl Moni Kao Bumbarin.  This beautiful girl we call "Mika" has won the hearts of everyone who has met her so far.  She took the first of many V-rating from LARGE class of open females.  We would like to send Congrats to all of the following dogs and their Breeders and Owners for the TOP winners of the USRC Nationals 2008 and all the dogs who passed the BST, LBST, ABST this show! 

Universal Siegerin - Chase vom Waldbach
Sieger - Arzadon Zato
Siegerin - Quecke vom Haus Anin
Select Male - QualicumAbsolutAdamntBryloukis
Select Female - Queen La Diva von Evman

Kennel Group: von Evman

Jerry finally broke down and told me that Brito passed away about 2 mo ago...He had cancer of his spleen that finally transitioned to his liver.  Jerry and I shared some tears and he said that Brito left him too soon but with a legacy in his sons and daughter is still with him.  Brito Accomplished more in his short time with Jerry then most other dogs from his litter of 10 top producing champions including his own record Gold Sire status with the completion of "Blue" and "Draven".  Jerry my heart is with you in this time and I am happy you shared Brito with us all.  He was a special boy to me especially.
God Speed Brito...I will miss you... http://www.sampsonrottweilers.com/
#1 Rottweiler 2007, Winner of ARC Nationals 2007, Multi-V1, Multi BIS/BISS, AIRK Sieger, USRC Select, Am. Ch., FCI Ch.Brito Od Dragicevica, IPO1 (2000-2008) Gold Sire


Billy finished her UCI Int Ch. under 2 tough judges for the 3rd and 4th shows.  D. Jones is a Westminster Best in Show Judge who stood in the ring and LOUDLY proclaimed how wonderful it was to see a tailed dog out showing and what a beautiful example for the breed she was...I was BEAMING.  Then she goes against the Canadian Judge and he too proclaimed her Balanced and would be an excellent female once she was done growing.  I think I left that place on cloud nine.  it took all of 2 days 9 hours but worth it since I also finished my friend Durenda's boy "Tyson".  CONGRATS Durenda and Steve!  You are on your way now.


GET YOUR TAILS IN THE RING DAMN IT!!!  YES!!  If I can do it...YOU can do it.  Don't be afraid to share your children with the world.

Speaking of taking on the world and winning....

Quinn said to tell everyone that his boy Damien is now: 

FCI International Ch., Puerto Rican Grand Ch., Latin American Ch., Venezuelan CH., UCI International Champion, USRC-SER'05 Best Puppy Male, UKC CH., BKC CH., AKC (7pts)/CKC (6pts) Mjr. Ptd.5 x CACIB, 5x CAC

A'Damien vom Drakkenfels,

 BH, BST, CD, RN, AD, TT, CGC, CHIC#33465


Quinn took him out to the FCI Latin American Circuit in Puerto Rico and WON!  Best of Breed all 3 days which gave him the honor of being named Puerto Rican GRAND CHAMPION!!  WTG Quinn and Damien!!!  Yet again you have set the bar even higher for other people with your hard work and belief that anything is possible if you just try.  Grandma Kimmy is VERY proud of you both.  This was one Hella good weekend for our crew.


" Hello everyone, I must say that Damien & I had a wonderful time in Puerto Rico this past weekend. A few years ago I had a female that I was going to show just as I am doing with Damien right now. But she didn't turn out health wise so I put my plans on hold.  Flash forward a few years & I am having the time of my life with Damien. To all of the haters of Damien's father Rathko Crni Lotos get over yourselves. He is a very nice dog and has things that can benefit others in their breedings. If the main problem is Rathko's owner don't blame it on him blame it on the owner. In Sept 2006 I was at a Sieger show in Franklin, KY. Damien was in the 12-18 class and ended up in 3rd place. That same weekend a certain somebody went up to Kim Cardona and told her that Damien & his sister Arushka were no good & we should sell them. The same person then proceeded to bad mouth all Yugoslavian breeders. This is the same person who has bred into a corner over the years and will not "breed outside of their own lines". Everybody is entitled to their opinion but at least say it to my face. We can always sit down together & discuss what you don't like about my dog.

 I also heard while I was in PR people were saying that Damien's FCI Int'l title doesn't mean much. Might not mean anything to the person or people who said it but if you think your dog has what it takes then compete with them on an International level. How many shows have people been to & the Judge did not award all of the placements or Ratings that they thought they would get? When you are at show there is no guarantee that your dog will win. If the Judge feels your dog does not meet the standard then he/she will not award your dog a placement or a particular rating. If you don't believe me then look at this years USRC NE Regionals placements. When I compete overseas sure I want to win but I also want the thrill of being there. I love to travel and what better way than take your best friend with you? When I went to Mexico last year for the World Show I knew I wasn't going to win overall but if you don't go you will never win. Damien is one of the only American bred dogs to carry the FCI International Championship and the National Championships in the countries that I have choosen for him.  I challenge you all to do the same!  Damien can't be that bad...hell he is Best of Breed in 5 countries. How many American bred Rottweilers do you know like that? How many Rottweilers do any of you know of that have earned 6 Championships in 3.5 months in 3 countries? He has earned 9 titles since January of this year. Thats right I said 9: CD, BH, BST, UKC CH, Bahamian CH, FCI Int'l CH, Latin American CH, Puerto Rican CH, Puerto Rican Grand CH! And he only needs 1 more point towards his Pan American CH. Was it luck? NOPE! Its called being the best owner one can be. Love it or hate it its the way it is. I have a few more titles planned for this year. So stay tuned for the updates."

                                                                                                                          Quinn & Damien


 One of my Grandbabies has done it AGAIN!  Not many people know this but Cornelius' Bubba Corpren is from one of the girls I bred years ago.  His mother, Kia, is littermate to FCI Int.Ch, Multi V1, Multi Best female puppy, Franlynn's Kali von der Koln and daughter of Harpo Vom Kummelsee. SchH III, BST, ZtP  and my girl Int Ch, Multi V1, AKC Maj pt. FranLynn's Majestic Amen, CGC .  Kia  produced  this wonderful dog for her owner Jim Bougie and he has honored me by allowing me to brag about him.

Over the weekend Jim sent the new status for Bubba:

"Ok here are his accomplishments:  and his best damn picture he's ever took!!!! This was taken at the SE Regionals Schutzhund Trial in Tennessee last month.  SchH III  x 4 times, IPO III, BH, ZtP, High in Trial."


Congrats to Jim and to Bubba on keeping their dreams alive. BELIEVE and you will Achieve!

and meet Bubba's son (my grandson):

Click the link above to see more about Bubba.  Brains and Beauty should always be the goal.


 I can't express the words to tell everyone how VERY proud I am of some the team in Illinois.  I will let Dustin Tell  what happened: 

"Just wanted to fill everyone in, on how I did Today. The show was in Decatur Illinois. We headed  out at 6:30 am. First in the ring was the Rotties. Joanna Lockner went in with her Female puppy Kenya (Norris Daughter) and took First place. I handled Teena Roth's little female Ketelhaus Hellbent Nova vom Mitternadt(Nova) We got Winners Bitch and Best of  Opposite.  Joanna took (CH. ThunderVly's Legend vom Mitternadt)Norris in since i was on Nova and won Best Of Breed! Then it was time for Golden's.  I was handling Lynne Jones's (My grandma) young Golden Retriever, Anthem's Rainbow Maker (Legend). We walked away with Winners Dog!!!!!!!!  Then it was time for Group. Norris and I headed in, confident. Its been awhile since he's been shown in AKC. Are you ready folks, Norris and I took GROUP ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was both his and my first time placing in Group. I want to thank all of my cheer leaders on the side. It was one of the most amazing feelings I have ever had. It didn't really hit me until we were in the Best in Show ring. Then i was like holy shit, I just took a group one. I just wanted to thank everyone for their help and support this weekend, and i cant wait to do it again. Cant wait to see everyone at nationals." Dustin Davis

To see more about Noris and the crew in Illinios click on the link above.

WTG you guys!!  See you at the Nationals


                    USRC Northeast Regional Sieger Show- Kimberton, PA     

This review will be one that will be very hard to write because there are many mixed feeling and unanswered questions.  I invited alot of new faces to this show so that a few new people could be hooked in the sport of the German Style of showing.  Due to some of the events that took place during this show and the behavior of many of the participate I think we might have lost some very quality people to support future events.  First let me Thank Samantha and Steve on setting up such a large show with over 192 entries.  Sam was the one behind the typewriter for the whole period of the show and it had to be rough on her.  Steve was running around making sure all was in order and strong arming the "children" who were misbehaving and fighting during the show.  Yep...Fighting...and I don't mean just verbally.  The Judging was HARSH, blunt, and pretty much sent some of the top dogs to their kennels with tails between their legs.  It was wonderful to see my friend Johnny Walker once again win YOUTH SIEGER with his new boy Axel Black Pearl of Panovic from the 18-24 class...very deserving.  And Congrats to friend David York and his Gianna pups from Morro Winning thier classes with Drybrucke's Admiral Nikolai going on to take the BEST MALE PUP.  Not to be outdone was Reggie and his wife with thier new little Tia of Nicola's Lion winning BEST FEMALE PUP,


they recently lost thier first girl and I had hope they would take the win.  They both told me that this win gave them renewed hope to stay in the ring and a future with Tia.  Betty Sighn's girl Von Singh's No Deal was awarded the Youth Siegerin Title, congrats Betty!!  Quiny von der Scherau was Select Female, X-Treme Germanenstolz was our 2008 NE Reg siegerin, Arzadon Zato was given the 2008 NE Reg Sieger and Randy's boy, Conan von Rivendell was the Select Male.  After reviewing the results from the show I can honestly say there are a few errors that will need to be fixed before I can post them...some dogs who placed are not listed in the right spot and rating are not correct on others.  The BST- In the words of one of my crew Dustin "I tip my hat to Mike Burke with his Handler, Owner, Train, and Bred dog "Atom" with his EXCELLENT BST. The judges said it was the best BST he has judged."  I could not agree more.  That boy went onto the field with a SUPERSTAR performance to set the examples for many other dogs to come.  WOW.


Stay tuned for more on this but until then please enjoy some of the pictures from the Judges dinner. I am looking thru the camera to pull more pictures but if you have some to add please be SURE to send them over to be posted!


Congrats to all the other winners from the show and to SPARK for putting on another good show even thou there was a few speed bumps along the way. I can't wait to see what happens at the Nationals.  The entries are now closed.  REMEMBER Everyone...this years vote is an important one for the Presidency...lets put a person in the offices that really has our breed in heart and sets the example for everyone that wishes to take part in the sport of dogs on all levels and in many venues worldwide.  You already know where my vote will be...GO AMANDA!!


vom Drakkenfels is proud to announce that Arushka is a mother of 10 beautiful healthy puppies born on April 22, 2008.  The K-Litter.  Thank you to everyone for cheering for her as we brought these little ones into our pack. We will enjoy watching them grow.  Congrats to all the news owners who have been patiently been waiting for so long.  Please enjoy the slideshow of them at 4 days old.   I walked into the house after the Regionals at about 11pm and was greeted with her glare as she made her way into the whelping room.  I knew I was in for a LONG night.  At 8:45am the 10th puppy was born. 7 Females and 3 Males.   Eve said that Djuke was proud of her and is looking forward to seeing his baby show.  I finally get to have a daughter for my 5th Gen...Thank you Arusha...you make Bora proud.

Okay I just have to share this...hehehe...meet Jarci now owned by Sina Norris.  The shots were done yesterday she is 8 weeks.

Sina made a water painting of her...

Jazz, her sister, is now in the arms of her new mom Tammy Bruns who could not believe a pup could weight 17 pounds at 8 weeks.../snicker. 

 And Jasmine the other little one now belongs with Tuan Nuygen in Orlando who made it possible for me to have the girls momma Bea.  Bea  is a surprise and treat to me and I will be forever grateful to him for letting her come live with me.  vom Drakkenfels "J" litter

Int.Ch. Bea Elez Rott (Bosnia)

Another report from Carol Orloski with her girl "Chase"  (daughter of my Lady bred to Brito)

"Kimmy, We are so proud of our girl Chase.  Last nite she was at the dog park where she is a regular.  A little girl who was a dwarf was with her family and her dog, a Boxer.  The Boxer did not want to play ball or play with her, but of course Chase, who will retrieve a ball for as long as you will throw it, did want to play.  The little girl was maybe 10, it was hard to say because she was so tiny.  She was eyeball to eyeball with Chase, she was so small.  Something magical happened between Chase and that little girl – it was like they were the only 2 in the park – all of the other dogs played with each other, and normally Chase would be right in there with the pack, but just Chase and the girl played fetch.  She would tell Chase to sit and stay, while she threw the ball. Chase would bring the ball back, and drop it at her feet, and sit in front of her like a lady until the girl picked it up.  If she’d say “Chase, lay down and stay” – Chase would.  Now, Chase knows her commands, she’s been to puppy obedience and private basic obedience, but she is 20 months old and at a dog park J - and this little girl isn’t one of her masters – yet Chase followed every command, first time every time, did everything she was asked – it was like the girl just expected her to, and she did it!  The girl’s  mother and father just watched in amazement, as did Rich and I.  This must have went on for 30 mins.  It was quite a sight to see.  We have never been so proud of Chase as we were last nite.   It was special to us because we know Chase made that little girl very happy, and that made us happy that OUR dog was able to provide that for her.  After she wore Chase out playing, Chase followed her wherever she went, like she was her dog, it was very cute.  Her parents thought that Chase was “quite the dog”.  We do too." 

The Eastern Carolinas Rottweiler Klub show 2008

I was very happy to have my friend Catherine Varidel with me for this trip this year.  She has been visiting with my 2 Grandson's Elric and Blade since her house burned down at the end of January.  We have shared many great adventures with Elric her service dog over the past 2 months and to be honest I will sorely miss them when they return home.  The trip up to the show as always was filled with challenges but we stopped at Sue's  (Ketelhaus Rottweilers) along the way and she made sure we were well rested and fed after before continuing the trip up.  It was 4 am by the time we got up there and we took an offer from Chris Amell and his brother to rest at thier house that weekend.  Bless them both for opening thier home to us and the dogs.  It made it so much better for the dogs with plenty of space to run them.  Chris made sure to introduce us to his new boy Bronko vom Herrenhaus who has just arrived from Europe and a little girl that he bred they called "worm".  When we arrived at the show as always there was such a feeling of welcome and warmth with smiles and from everyone.  We shared our space with Eve Johnson (von Evmans) and her special guest who was there to show his boy Djuke-Michael Stuckenberger (vom Vilstaler Land)

The first dog for me was my new son Redwood Krest's "Xaver" who gave a wonderful performance in the ring and really made me proud of him.  It was like he had done this his whole life at his little 6 mo age. Xaver won VP2 from an impressive line of dogs.  He wasn't the only pup we had and the girls came in to show him how to do it right.  Chris Amell took his little "worm" in with the lucky collar that I had given him for her.  That little girl took center stage and won the hearts of every person ringside with her beauty and her "I was born to be here" attitude.  Worm went on to win not only the VP1 but also the Best Female puppy in show from the 4-6 class.  The Judge admitted that this little girl won her heart as she did so many that day. Maddie and her girl Ziva were next in the ring.  That young lady REALLY held her head up high and showed how very proud she was of her dog.  I watched her all weekend teaching Ziva to look pretty on leash.  It payed off for them both.  Little Maddie won the first place in the 6-9 class!!  WTG you 2...keep up the GREAT work.  You make Ziva's Grandma Kimmy VERY proud.  Sina Norris sent in her little Isis who she said would really rock and roll in that 9-12 class...we were was not disappointed and walked away with the VP2.   Then after a break for lunch and walking dogs my next male was Kara Bailey's boy Kane who took SG1 in the 12-18 class.  He was totally focused and we actually made the press with him when the Local news came to do an interviewHaiden was in the SG2 spot with soon after the interviews we entered the ring with Sina's beautiful boy "Dux".  As always we have such high hopes for this boy but this show the competition proved to be very very tough.  The male that won this class went on to take the Youth Sieger title for my friend John Walker of Ian's Rottweilers.



The following day proved to be very nice temps for the dogs and all of them performed very well.  Ketelhaus' Da Devil made me do it was in Open and came away with yet another V rating!  The judge said that in 6-8 months we will see a vast change in his size and overall strenghts.  Damien was in working class and did wonderful!!  He did give me another run for my money but Thanks to John Walker Jr. we both lived thru it to tell the tell.  Damien was awarded the V4 placement.  Next Eve with Djuke.  I think everyone at the show once in awe of this outstanding male.  All you could hear as that dog took his laps was cheering and clapping.  The judge was extremely impressed with the whole class of dogs and said she felt honored to be able to judge them.  Michael was outstanding with that leash and the Goosebumps...wow...Djuke was awarded the V1 from Champions and then went on to win the AIRK ECRK Sieger title 2008.  We had to get the girls geared up for thier time in the ring...Petra and Deva did outstanding and with Amanda at my side we went V1 with Petra and V2 with Deva in the open class!!  Elfi would finish up the day for us...She was in the Working class and this was the first time in German ring since I picked her up at Nationals in April.  Elfi Just won the AD a few week before so I knew she was still in excellent shape.  Michael agreed to help me run her for this class because I was pretty worn out.  Elfi did so good I had tear in my eyes....Michael made her look like all my dreams when he ran her.  I could not believe that was my baby...Thank you so very much Michael for your help with her.  Elfi won V2 in the class that would give us our Siegerin for the show.  Congrats to Vinnie Carraba and his beautiful girl for being awarded this title.  To finish up the weekend for us...Cat took Blade (Sagenhafts' Excalibur vom Drakkenfels) or to see if he could do his CGC...yep you guessed it...HE PASSED!!  WTG Cat and Blade.

I would like to send a special Thank you to EVERYONE who helped to bait the dogs and jumped in to take a lap of 2 for everyone how competed.  It makes a show so much more fun and exciting to have such help, companionship and support for one another.  See you all next month!!  Our next shows will be the USRC NE Regionals in Kimberton, PA with Judge Gerald O'Shea.  He will be doing a Seminar the weekend before the show btw....more details can be found at SPARK's Website


I'm a great Aunt!! woo hoo!

"We just arrived at our house, and I wanted to share the news and some pics! Here are some details:

We arrived at the hospital at 6:00 am.m, Saturaday March 22nd, he arrived at 1:14 p.m. weighing 7lbs. 13 ounces. His name is Colin August (middle name after my grandfather) Hite. We are still in a state of shock that we are parents, but just so overjoyed with happiness that he is officially here!

Will send more pics and info over time.


Brad & Joezette "



Bahamas Kennel Club Show-2008

We started the trip out with both Quinn's boy Damien and my little Petra.  After a bit of confusion at the airport about the size of the crate that is allowed and a wonderful pilot who stepped up for us we were on our way.  I have several friends in the Islands so this was not only the show but to go and have a quick visit with them.  The host hotel Marriots Wydham by Request was not only pet friendly but REALLY took very good care of us and the dogs.  Our morning doorman was Keith who would greet us each morning we were leaving and call out to the 4 legged kids and give them a hug when them came back. Quinn and I took them down to the beach as soon as we got setup in the rooms for a photo shoot, some water time (which Petra proved she is a TRUE water dog), and alot laughs.  That night we ventured over to the Moso for an awesome meal then down to the Casino to lose a bit of money and watch the table at the Crystal Palace. http://www.nassauparadiseisland.com/site-map/


The first day of the Show was the day that Damien would shine.  He not only performed to his BEST that day he gave it all he had since it would be the last time for him in the islands.  Our judge was the respected Robert Smith from Cananda. He liked Damien alot and loved Petra even thou she didn't qualify for the points.  He was patient with her knowing it was her first time and took every effort to allow her to adjust to all the stress.  He told me to make SURE I showed her because she was so beautiful...Yep...I will be working with her in the this style of showing more often I think.  Damien walked away from his ring with the Best of Winners, Best of Breed, and Later that day he took the Group 1!!  There was a beautiful Black and Tan coonhound there that won the best in show.  They actually have 2 Best in shows at their events.  The Best in the Bahamas and then the Best in Show.  The locals only can take part in the Best in the Bahamas event and must be shown by the local owners or someone from the islands.  That evening we went with my friend Elizabeth and Neil Williams who also have a boy entered.  Diesel.  Now that Damien was a BKC Ch. we committed to finishing Diesel the next day.  They also recently imported a lovely little Min Pin named "Kali" who is a show stopper!  She took Group 2 both days of this event.  Amy (new owner and mom of Nova) and her father and thier trainer Dwayne met up with us at the show where they had thier girl "Gold" entered for the Obedience competition.  After the show we had to grab a taxi back to the hotel...but NO one stopped for us....Why?...because we had Rottweilers.  Finally Neil saw us and stopped to grab us just in time.  It was a HOT HOT day and the dogs were struggling a bit.  Petra doesn't handle heat very well at all so we knew we needed to get her back.  Bless you Neil!  We ate and toasted at the famous Luciano Restuarant on the Ocean. http://www.lucianosnassau.com/ this place is now a favorite and I will be going back again...wow.
The next morning we set out to have the time of our lives and to try to finish up another BKC Ch.  Diesel and Damien split the points last year and our goal was to see them both finished so we pulled both of our dogs to give him more leverage for the win.  Diesel didn't let us down...Liz walked out of the ring in tears after winning not only the needed points but also the Group 1 and a chance both the Local BIS and the regular BIS.  The favorite to win the Local BIS was the Golden Lab who was a personal favorite.  This was a boy who won the hearts of most of the people at the Hotel with his antic and the Regular BIS went to "Mickey" owned by Charl....
The close to the shows brought many hugs, some tears, promises to return.  The whole experience made me realize that no matter where you go in the world people who own and love the same breed have a bond.  A tight bond. 
Thanks for reading and get out there and enjoy some time doing something off the wall and different. 
Next show will be the Eastern Carolina Rottweiler Klub Sieger Show, Jacksonville, NC.  Hope to see you there!

As some of you know my son Carlos has followed in the footsteps of so many of his family and joined the Military.  Before he left I was happy to present him with his B-day present and  going away gift of love....His new son Mystique's Dancing with the Stars or "Donte" as my son calls him arrived just after the Show circuit in Ocala.  My family started in German Shepherds many years ago and my son always wanted to have another.  Its not a GSD but will work as a training tool for him and the military said he can take Donte with him to his first Base training area.

No you are not seeing things folks.  Donte is a Belguim Malinois from breeder and friend Michelle Denson and her mom Donna of Mystique Belguim Malinois of Ocala, FL.  The day I went to see and pickup Dante he ran up and jumped right into my arms and started talking to me.  Special thank you to Donna and Michelle from my son.  He misses his boy already and never stops talking to people about him.  As will all baby dragons he is learning to be a Rottweiler in his heart and mind.  /grin



Normally I do not get involved in politics and elections but this year alot is happening.  As you know this year will bring the change of Presidency not only for our country but with 2 of our major breed clubs...the USRC and ARC.  My interest currently is in the leader of the USRC www.USRConline.org .  I am 100% in support of the one person I feel is Qualified to be nominated for this office:  Amanda Hoskinson.  The USRC can be one of the top breed clubs in the world and needs to have a hardworking leader to keep it strong and make it stronger. 

                                                Pictured winning with Bryan vom Matterhorn  and training her boy Voss du clos Lenka               

Amanda has demonstrated a true passion for our breed with outstanding performances on the working field and in the show venues.  She has competed in consecutive DVG Nationals. the DHV in Germany, AWDF National Championships, GSDCA/WDA National Championships,  IFR World Championships, and She has been multiple times USRC National Schultzhund Champion with her girl Carla vom Haus Anin including back to back performance years 2006 and 2007.  Amanda has finished multiply Champions in the AKC show venue such as Bryan vom Matterhorn and Jeneck's Sam.  With her husband, Steve Gregalunas, they have established a strong training club in Florida with members who feature a variety of breeds of dogs.  Amanda brought the IFR World Championships to the United States in 2005 and setup and put on a world class event.  The leadership she offers in her positions with the DVG, ARC, AKC, USA, AWDF and her participation with the IFR and ADRK makes her a clear choice as a representative for the USRC club Presidency.  Her professionalism, strenght of character, passion, leadership ability and dedication to our breed should be a marker for us all.  She will bring change and Unity which is vastly needed to keep our breed safe from the people who would destroy them.  She offers herself as teacher, mentor, coach to many others.
Lets move ahead for the sake of our breed...

Yep its that time again...The German shows are in season and I have a few brags and a special announcement.

CFRK Select Sieger show and BST:

 The day was absolutely BEAUTIFUL with hotter then normal temps in the 80's and so much sun several of us are sporting fresh sunburns...ouch.  We started with my new puppy Redwood Krests Xaver who just turned 5mo old and is a real pistol of a pup.  I am head over heals for him.  Xaver is a bit of a ham in the ring right now and stubborn as a bull.  He placed VP2 to the pup that would move on to win Best puppy male.  Then it was Susan Lynch's pup from Quincy she calls "Jager"  He is a BIG boy with so much bone and very very nice.  He showed excellent and made him new mom Luana Ankley very happy.  He was rated VP2 in the 6-9 class his sister Jada was in as well but she will be doing a bit more training to prep her up for the NC show.  Dustin was EVERYWHERE and most times he was kicking my butt with Jerry Sampson's beautiful Brito kids.  Jerry told us that Brito is now a GOLD PRODUCER.  He had both his Brito son's in Draven (Champion Class) and Blue (Open Male) who both went V2.  Dustin also put a V4 on Jerry's girl Stella in the open female class.  I don't know if you guys remember Helix from the USRC Nationals?  He won 4th place there...well...his new Mom (Alissa) and Dad (Chad) brought him up to the show to see Grandma and get his feet wet again.  Helix won SG1 from a hard 12-18 male class and he is only 13 mo!!  They were soooooo proud of him.  He had steak for dinner and huge kisses from his mom and dad. 

"Helix" Drakkenfel's Double Helix pictured at 13 mo winning the 12-18 class

The Youth Sieger title went to Eve with her son Matisse.  Alissa said watching them she thought they were brothers...they are FOR SURE related since they are both from the same lines of dogs.  Sue's boy Demen stepped foot into the Open male class...this boy went thru his 2nd birthday being tested top to toe and proved that he is perfect.  Excellent hips, elbows, heart, eyes, AND now he has a V1!!  Demen was impressive but still a puppy and standing next to the top winners of the Champion Class (Djuke) and the winner of the Working class (Zato) he was truly still just a baby.  Sue said Dee will be going out this year for his CH.  woo hoo!  I was alittle disappointed with my 2 hellions Billy and Petra..Billy twisted her hock just before showing her and Petra /sigh was too dark in her markings on the Chest but she still rated with SG!! in the 18-24 with an incredible critique.  Lois Boling's girl Deva got a V rating in Open females (thanks to our Jason Knight), Duchess who is Demen sister took V in open and Fia who belongs to Luana also took a V in the open Class. The favorite class of the day for me was the Champion Males...why?...Djuke was there!!  Mr. Dieter Hoffman earned my utmost respect and handed out his opinions and rating in a fair and honest manner according to our standard.  I will for sure show to this Gentleman again in the future.  I can not tell you guys how proud I am of Quinn and his son Damien for winning the BST at this show.  This title was hard earned with many many days and nights spent with his son training.  and to win under Hoffman...wow. Special Thank you to Amanda Hoskinson and Steve Gregalunas for helping to break Damien our of his shell and make all the hopes and dreams for Quinn come true.  Quinn's goal for this month was to win 4 more titles on Damien so far he is at 2 with the BH and BST within one weekend of each other.

This was a wonderful show and I can't wait for the next one...


Click on photos to Enlarge them

Now some shots from the SARK show in SC that was held the same days.  Congrats to all the winner and Thank you for sharing your day with us.  I'm Proud of the Team that were there to represent and help people with thier dogs  GO GO AMANDA!!  GREAT WORK with Sina's little girl "Isis" for winning the Best Puppy Female. and to the debut of little Maddie and her girl "Ziva" (Brito X Ulani) who took a VP3 at thier first show together.  I look forward to reporting the news on the newest dragon team kids.

Southeastern Atlantic Rottweiler Klub (SARK)

2008 Sieger Show



Now special report from Damien's owner: Quinn Webb

On the January circut in Brooksville last month Damien was about to go in the OB ring to complete his CD. Here comes his Breeder Kim around the corner so naturally he got distracted. She told us both hi & then made her way over to the conformation ring. As we were going into
the ring Damien kept looking around for Kim. The Judge allowed us to stop & take a breather. We got thru the routine then went back in
for sits & downs. We got our 3rd leg that day plus second place. Then we had about 3 weeks to put the final touches on his OB for his
BH. The BH was on the same day as my birthday. At the end of the night he got another title & gave me the best birthday present
ever!! The following weekend was a USRC show here in Orlando.   A dog is only as successful as its owner.

As we walked out on the field Damien was pumped up & ready to take on Steve Gregalunas. After the
completion of the protection routine there were alot of raised eyebrows.Yet again Damien was up to the challenge & passed his BST.

A couple of weeks later as I was completing Agazi's CD & RN Kim had Damien with her & Deva in St Pete for a UKC show. After the smoke cleared
at the end of the first day at the UKC show Damien earned another title his UKC CH. Also Lois's bitch Deva complted her UKC title. 

The day after passing Damien's BST I took Agazi to St Pete to start on his CD & RN. Agazi walked into the OB ring ready for action.
After earning his first leg towards his CD plus 1st place we went to the next ring for his RN. Again getting his first leg plus 3rd
place. Then on Feb 21 I rode with Amanda Hoskinson with her dog Carla vom Haus Anin up to Valdosta, GA for the Greater Tallahassee
Rottweiler Specialty Show. Not too many people like tailed Rotties so I got a few mixed looks from the crowd. But once they saw us in
the OB ring they couldn't help but tell me what a nice dog he is. Same result as our first outing together 2 weeks before. Our 2nd leg
plus another first place finish. As we walked out of the Rally ring with 96 points & a first place finish Agazi earned his 2nd leg
towards his RN. Three days later we stayed in town for the Orlando Dog Training Club OB & Rally Trial. In OB there about 25 dogs
entered in his Class. Guess what folks Agazi did it again!! He earned 194 points & his CD title. The Judge was very impressed with
Agazi as was alot of people sitting ringside. After a 2 hour break we got another 96 points towards his 3rd & final leg for his RN. At
some point this year I plan on getting Agazi's TD done. Carla earned her first leg towards her CD.

I am very fortunate to have both dogs in my life. I told Damien's Breeder Kim Cardona many years ago what I wanted in a male
Rottweiler and to call me when she got it. That call came 7 years later. My favorite dog of all time is the Legendary Ken vom
Schwaiger Wappen. I always wanted to own a Ken son & kept trying for many years to get one but had no luck. I was about to give up on it
when I sent an email inquiring about Agazi. Once I saw a video of Agazi I knew I had to have him. I made the trip in November 2005 to
bring Agazi back to Florida. I was sitting in his breeders kitchen Marianne Martinsson when Agazi came walking around the corner & went
right up to me. When we made eye contact I was speachless. I reached down & started petting him then had to give him a hug. We bonded
together right away. Its like we were meant to be together all along. Have you ever heard the expression good things come to those who wait? I waited a very long time for my 2 boys & would not change a thing. The wait was deffinately worth it. Even though Damien & Agazi can't run & play together they love each other very much. When one of them isn't home the other one barely eats until the other one returns home. When I have both of them with me going to training I usually stop to get something to eat for the ride to Steve & Amanda's. If somebody gets to close to the truck Damien starts barking like crazy like he is trying to tell that person to get away from his masters truck & his buddy Agazi. Maybe one day They will be able to run & play together. Lets keep our fingers crossed."


Quinn... Thank you for being such a wonderful example of ownership...and I am Proud that it was one of my puppies you believed in.  DRAT...I have to go and edit all of Damien's pages again with his new titles..../blissful sigh


On Feb 12th, 2007 vom Drakkenfels was again blessed with new dragon children...Our Bea gave us 3 beautiful little girls from Djuke. 

Please enjoy the pictures:


Thank you Manson, Eve and Djuke of von Evman for giving us these future superstars.

I just received this email from Carol Laskey:

 "Dutch died in his sleep last night....another great one is gone"


  "Dutch" Friendly Dutch Ijsven, is America's first tailed Rottweiler Champion.  He died of Lymphoma.  He set the Hallmark for international dogs in our country to not be afraid or intimidated by adversity for the sake of our breed. 

He will be missed by many people but most of all his mother who will be grieving him today.

I wanted to let all know that one of Liz's little girls who is now part of my heart took her AD http://www.dvgamerica.com/ad.html today at the USRC trials held here in Orlando.  I dropped our Elfi off at the training field yesterday evening and got a phone call tonight to pick up my girl...SHE PASSED.  This came just a few days after she was given her Chic #.  I am extremely proud of our hyper child and just had to share this news.  Thank you Liz and Bill for trusting her with me...she is not done yet.  2008 is her year.  and special Thank you to Quinn who tonight is nursing a very sore rear end from that long bike ride on my behalf.  Quinn is the drive and passion behind the working side of vom Drakkenfels. ..without his support on that end my dogs would be lopsided!! 

UCI Int'l CH, Multi V-1

Elfed von Ausbreitung

BH, AD,TT, CGC CHIC #45109


This year with all the hopes and plans for the goals of all the dogs and owners,

We wish everyone the the best of 2008!

Damien and his owner Quinn are the first ones to check in for 2008 with Damien completing the CD in  on the TOUGH Jan Circuit and then on Quinns Birthday...we are proud to announce that Damien gave his papa the best gift of all...he completed his BH title!!  Damien is now setup to do his BST and his Sch1 this year.  Quinn's hard work and dedication to his son is inspiring to others on our team who are now out doing the working half.  Damien:

 2x CACIB, 3x CAC, Ven CH., 12 x V-1, UCI Int'l Ch, USRC-SER'05 Best Puppy Male,  AKC/CKC/BKC Mjr. Ptd. AKC Group 4,

A'Damien vom Drakkenfels,

CD, BH, RN, AD, TT, CGC, CHIC#33465

 Thank you for letting me Share...I am a Proud Grandma...and I'm sure his mama Bora will love to hear this news when I get back home today.



I would like to send a special congrats to Amanda Hoskinson on her son Voss on the accomplishment of his IPO 3.  After going over for a photo shoot and watching this young boy in action I was impressed not only in his temperament but in his love to please his owners.  He was having so much fun on the field I figured I would share  his experience with you all.  Introducing:


V-Rated Voss du Clos Lenka
Owner : Amanda Hoskinson (Florida - Unites States)
born on 24th August 2004


LOF 061873
 HD Frei ED +, BH, AD - ZTP (ADRK)

IPO III - 92,89,94a

OFA results

This beautiful boy will be bred to one of our girls in the near future.  Watch for the announcement soon....


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