Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from vom Drakkenfels


Thank you to all my owners, clients, great friends and my family for Supporting us during our push for all of our dogs in 2009.  We hope that 2010 will be just as if not more successful.  We have 8 new Championships on our team completed, A new young handler started Marisa Murdocca, new titles earned on 18 dogs for our team overall, and new dogs starting for the upcoming year.  Special thanks and GREAT job to all the handlers who fly with the team.  We can't wait to see what you do next! 

During the first part of December I headed down to the Gulfstream Rottweiler Show and the Miami 4 day.  It was the first trip in some years so I was looking forward to it.  This weekend was special and turned out to be Fantastic for my owners and their dogs.  My girl Krista vom Drakkenfels was in the Bred by and won Best Bred by for the Specialty and the first day of the Miami shows.  Lothar vom Drakkenfels owned by Lynn Murdocca was 1st place in 12-15 sweeps at the specialty and won his first pts from Michelle Billings going Best of Winners at only 14 mo he was also Reserve the following day.  King vom Drakkenfels (Spartan) owned by Kevin Borkenhagen of Boca Raton made his first speciality and 2nd time out with a 2nd at the Specialty and 1st for the rest of the shows.  It was a wonderful time, very relaxing and completed my shows for 2009. 


Hello Kimmy,
  Karthago got his ZTP today,  Yippee!!!!!!   So far he has his BH, ZTP.  Next his Schh I soon.  Spread the news!!!
Have a great day,
Eve Johnson
Von Evman Rottweilers
PO Box 598
Land O Lakes, FL 34639
813-996-5012 ext. 100  Fax: 813-996-2831


CONGRATS EVE, MIKE, AND MANSON SUPER NEWS from the Father of the O-litter!  Karthago vom Vilstalerland is still in Germany training hard for his Sch 1.

Congrats to Durenda and Steve's boy "Tyson" AND Luana Ankley with her boy "Luger" with winning Best of Winners at the Arcadia shows and for little Manny and his mom on making his AKC Debut!  Luana didn't stop there...She continued her winners streak with winning 2 legs of her little girl Anja's RN!! I had a GREAT time as always and I can't wait to do it again.  I liked the show site ALOT and I think it has some HIGH potential for future dog events with the amount of space it offered.


Hello everyone,
           Over the years I have seen many pictures of Rottweilers doing carting. They used to be called the Butcher's Dog. I have done many different things with Damien since he was a puppy and have had some great success with him. After I finished his Schutzhund title I wanted to try something new with him. I contacted Dr Tommy Caisango who is a carting Judge and asked him to train Damien. He agreed & we got started in April. Our first time out Damien was bucking the cart which is normal the first time a dog gets hooked up to it. Our second time out was much better as was each time after that. He got better & better each time we practiced. The trial date was set for October 11th in Melbourne, FL. Our Judge for the day was Carol Burke. Damien & I were the first to do our Carting Started routine. I was a bit nervous but knew Damien would be up for the challenge. During CS the dog is on-lead. After the rest of the dogs finished their routines we all had to do our 3 minute down stay with the cart still attached.  From start to finish our routine was nearly flawless with a score of 198/200.
Next up Damien got paired with Jane Dyar's bitch "Paid" to do Carting Started Team. Tommy wanted to take the dogs in for their routine. As he was taking both dogs to get hooked to the cart was the first time Damien & Paid were around eachother. They worked excellent together with a 2nd Place finish with a score of 194/200 and a National ranking pending ARC approval. 
Last but not least we did our Carting Intermediate routine. CI is the same course as CS but it is off-lead. He was ready once again to strut his stuff. We had lots of fun during our routine then went back for our group down stay. After the scores were tabulated we earned another first place finish with 196/200. Damien also earned HIT High in Trial for his performance. There are 3 levels to Carting: CS, CI, CX. Each level there is a single & team competition. On Sunday Damien earned 3 titles CS, CS Team and CI. During their next trial in Feb 2010 I plan on doing Damien CX. The CX level is the driving portion ofcarting. Maybe I can talk Kim into getting Damien's sister Arushka entered so they can earn their CI Team title. Tommy Thank you very much for all of your help during our training. Without your help this might not of been possible. 

Home of:

www.vomlangenshof. com

Multi V-1 FCI International CH, PR CH, Grand PR CH, Latin American CH, Venezuelan CH, Bahamian CH, UCI National, International, Ehren Bronze CH, UKC CH, USRC 2005 SE Regional Best Male Puppy , 5 X CACIB, 14 X CAC, A'Damien vom Drakkenfels SchH I, BH, BST, CD, AD, RE, CS Team, CI, TT, CGC

Multi V-1 Swedish CH, UCI National & International CH, 3 X CAC, CACIB, Hodeva Agazi, Korad, BH, TT, TJH, CGC, CD, RN, MH

Lucia vom Drakkenfels, CGC

Damien and his Sister Arusha

Congrats Quinn!! and special Thank you to Tommy Casango...you are a great coach and teacher.


The rolling hills of southern Kentucky was the setting of the 2009 Schutzhund Championship and Select Show hosted by the Bluegrass Working Rottweiler Club.

The Schutzhund trial was held in the mornings followed by the Select show in the afternoon.


Schutzhund Championship

Nine competitors for SCH III, 1 competitor each for SCH I and SCHII were in attendance.  Friday was a tough day for the dogs for tracking.  It was rainy and windy.  Tracking high score was accomplished by Sharon Wilson and her dog Mora.  Saturday was chilly, which meant great weather for the dogs (but a bit chilly for some of their human companions) for their obedience. Sharon was on a roll and again took highest score.  Sunday was a perfect day for protection and the dogs were all jazzed up to go.  Tony Sajewicz and his dog Leo did it again with the highest score.  Not bad for the oldest dog in the competition!


Final placements were as follows:

Champion        Tony Sajewicz and Eastlake’s Leo vom Radelsfuhrer


2nd:                 Amanda Hoskinson and Voss du Clos Lenka

3rd:                  Chuck Wilson and Chubaka vom Waldbach


It was amazing to watch every handler and their dog.  One must appreciate just how much time and work these people put into training.  It is truly inspirational.  

Congrats to everyone!  Way to go Tony!


Select Show


            There were 3 puppies shown by vom Drakkenfels.  “Manouk” was first up in the 4-6 month old males, ending up with a 4th placement.  “Yoga”, owned by Evie Johnson took a 2nd in 4-6 months females.  And “Annika”, owned by James Kelly, also took a 2nd.

Best Puppy was awarded to

                        Male    “Brock”           Bill von der Eifelhexe, owned by Robert Flood

                        Female “Frannie”        Francesca, owned by Kassie Jillerat

Keep an eye out for these beautiful babies in the future!




            The most competitive class, in my opinion, was the 12-18 month female.  There were some really nice little girls in this class.  “Wally”, owned by James Kelly, took 2nd and “Nirvana”, owned by Evie Johnson and Micheal Stuckenberger, not only took 1st in the class, but went on to win Youth Select Female!  


Youth Select was awarded to

                        Male      Apollo von Vida, owned by Leilani & Ben Downing

                        Female “Nirvana”       Nirvana vom Vlistaler Land

                        This bitch is going to do great things!  Talk about drive!



            Sunday was James Kelly’s day!  In open males, his dog “Theo” took 1st.  In open females, his dogs “Dori” and “Tilly” took 1st and 3rd respectively.  Dori also went on to be awarded Select Female!  Way to go James!  You should be proud!  Dori is one nice dog!

Select was awarded to

Male   Force vom Waldbach, owned by Sharon Wilson and Chuck Wilson

                        Female   “Dori” Dori Aus der Espenstatte


Thanks to all of the owners for the privilege of presenting some great dogs!  Thanks to Kimmy for the opportunity and for sharing her knowledge and answering my infinite questions.  Thanks to all the kind people for helping me after a slight hamstring re-injury problem:  Michael Kuchta for stretching me to get me through the adults. Jim Sharf for running and then running some more; I could not have done it without you.  And to Dan Williams and Tony Sajewicz for their advice, wisdom and friendship.  I had a blast!


 GREAT JOB Denise!!  I knew you could do it hon...you made us all proud.




AIRK Nationals- North Carolina.

Judge Terje Lindstrom-Norway


Congrats to all the winners! 

Mid-Atlantic Rottweiler Klub (MARK)

2009 AIRK National Sieger Show & ZtP
Judge: Terje Lindstrom (FCI-Norway)
Results     Show Report


CONGRATS to the 3rd Rottweiler with a tail to complete his AKC Championship- Djuke vom Vilstalerland!  GRATS to Eve,Mike, and Manson on yet another GREAT accomplishment in less then a year finishing 2 tailed imported Rottweilers in AKC. 

American Champion

International, Austrian, DT.VDH, ADRK Champion

2008 IFR World Sieger & Best in Show

2006 ADRK KlubSieger

2008 Hungarian KlubSieger

2007 Swiss KlubSieger, 2005 & 2007 Austrian KlubSieger

2005 BundesSieger, 2005 EuropaSieger

DJUKE vom Vilstaler Land
AND Congrats to Susan Lynch of Ketelhaus' for finishing her boy "Demen" with a 4 point major.  He is now going to take some time off for his working titles and relaxing.  I want to send a special Thank you out to good friend and Handler Peno for taking him on such short notice.  We had 4 shows on the same weekend and it was spread a bit too thin.  GREAT work to Everyone!

NEW Champion!  Congrats to Ketelhaus' Jada Gumstone and her owner Susan Lynch

Jada was wonderful for the shows held in Deland and we got the final major for her to finish in just 15 shows.  Jada was a Natural and didn't need even a day of training from me.  We headed into the ring to start just a couple weeks back  but Jada had other plans winning in back to back weekends both her majors, Multi BoS, and Multi BoW.  She was on fire!  It was a pleasure to be on the end of her leash as she taught me all a show dog can do and more.  Bred, Owned by Susan Lynch of Ketelhaus Rottweilers and shown by me (pictures)


Damien wins Best of Winners in Tennesee winning yet more points for his AKC Ch!!.  Grats Quinn!


"On September 12-13 I took Damien & Lucia to an AKC show in East Ridge, TN. That was Lucia's first time in an AKC ring. I must say she is going to be a force to be reckoned with when she gets older. The Judges really loved her. She stayed in place for her stand for exam like a statue. When we came back to the Judge from our down & back Lucia stopped on cue gave a look with a twinkle in her eyes as if she was trying to say don't worry Dad I know what to do. She certainly did know exactly what to do. Not only did Damien earn Winners Dog & Best of Winners but Lucia earned Winners Bitch.
Two weeks later I took Damien & Lucia to an AKC show in North Augusta, SC for another AKC show. Damien stepped into the ring winning his Class then went back in for points. After he earned 1 point and Winners Dog it was Lucia's turn in the ring. She was a bit wired that day but still got First Place in her Class. She is going to kick all their butts in due time. She has an excellent future ahead of her."




vom Drakkenfels Q-litter is born!

We are very proud of Fara vom Beni to have 3 sweet little boys to bless us from Lewis vom Kummelsee.  She was a great mother, gentle and worried about her sons.  and yep...they have their cute little tails!  Honestly I think that these guys will win the world one day....I want to give them every chance they can.



Dogwood Rottweiler Speciality and Atlanta 4 day, GA

Once again we were on the road back up to Atlanta for more shows and attempts to get a few of the kids their AKC points and possibly finish them.  A very busy show year for us but worth all the time and effort to accomplish our goals for the dogs.  Lynn once again was with me for this trip and we were going to celebrate her son Lothar vom Drakkenfels 1st Birthday.  I took Lothar in on for the Speciality show winning 2nd place in the 12-18 month class where he was gifted with toys and treats.  We followed that up with Lothar going back into the ring for the Sweepstakes.  He not only WON the 12-18 class he went on to win the





Lothar is the son of  FCI Int.Ch ADamien vom Drakkenfels, SchH/VPG1, BH, BST, RE, CD, CI, CS, TT, CGC and Int Ch. Multi V-1 Bea Elez Rott, CGC.


 I think it took me about an hour to pry Lynn off the ceiling and hand her all the toys, ribbons, bowls, ect that were his prize.   Lothar continued to show very well the rest of the weekend with us and while we were there we hit all our favorite spots to eat.  I had with us little Kimro's Kall me Krazy (Kallie) owned by Elizabeth Williams and she too had a very wonderful weekend winning Reserve Winners Bitch at the Atlanta Toy Breed Speciality the same day as our win with Lothar and taking more AKC points the day we were due to leave.  It was truly a Week to remember for us and the owner of Damien and Kallie.  I see very promising things for Lothar as he grows.

Raliegh Circuit, NC
Sue and I went BACK to North Carolina to try to finish up Demen and Jada with thier final majors, more points for Tyson and Kali.  It was the 5 days of specialities including the ARC Regionals with breeder judges from actoss the US.  We didn't realize it would be a week full of meeting new people and seeing dogs from all over the country.  We had the pleasure of spending the weekend with good friend Nancy Noble who had her girl "Helen" entered in the Champions class and Nancy, Rosemary, and Vicky.  Everyone had a fantastic time and even came home with some nice gifts from the events.    The best part for me for was seeing a boy I had not met before shown by Julie Foster.  His name was "Patrone" http://www.chancellorrottweilers.com/patrone.htm.  and he impressed me beyond words.  We watched as he won Group 1 and cheered him on toward his attempts at Best in Show.  We might not have come home with the top placements from this event but it was still very enjoyable and we will do it again next year.


Atlanta Circuit, GA

This trip was very much like the trip we spent in NC 2 weeks ago.  Lynn was with me on this trip to help and to be honest I am so happy to have my owners along for some good fun while ont he road.  We had wonderful wins for both Durenda Henry's boy Tyson and Sue Lynch's girl Jada.  The first day of the show  Lothar wins First in his class of the 9-12 to show his mom Lynn Murdocca " I can do it too!"  Then Tyson wins the Open Class and takes Winners Dog and 2 pts and Jada wins Reserve Winners Bitch with little Kali finishing the day with another Reserve.  Second day we saw Jada take Winners and the third and final day she won Winners and Best of Winners!  Now all Jada will need is a Major to finish up.  Thank you to all the judges and to everyone ringside cheering us on. 

Next stop: Raleigh, NC to hopefully finish Demen and Jada and give Tyson his last major.  We hope to see you there!!


Jada- Tyson and Lothar


We have a new Forum setup for Everyone to enjoy!!

"The Dragon's Den"


Go and Sign up and start adding content.  We are working hard to make it as wonderful as we can but your input will always help!  Remember this is open to everyone but  we are putting in special sections for our Owners to share thier lives with thier puppies and for our clients to Brag.  We are developing a Meet the trainers area for recommended trainers and handlers to log in and SHARE!  We hope that you will give us more ideas to help us grow.

BIS, BISS, Multi V1, USRC Select, Am Ch, FCI Int.Ch. ARC Silver Producer, Brito od Dragicevica, IPO 1

 Jerry Sampson, owner of Brito, has honored vom Drakkenfels with allowing us to present this great producer and show Champion at our kennel.  Brito was the #1 Rottweiler in the US at the Age of 7 years in 2007 with Multi Group 1 placements and Best in Shows.  Here is Brito's show career in his time with us in the US:

Click  here to see Brito's Show Wins

Brito is from a great litter born in Serbia that produced many Champions.  Brito is no longer with us but he is preserved for the future.

For more information  about Brito you can contact Jerry Sampson or Email me.

Greensboro Circuit, North Carolina

As you know I'm working on breaking in some of the new dogs and putting the final major points on Demen for Sue Lynch.  This circuit was 5 days of some beautiful dogs and great people.  The show was held at the Greensboro Coliseum  which was perfect for the venue and spacious and very dog friendly.  We spent time in a 2 bedroom apartment over the 5 days of the event and the dogs were living the high life with fresh cooked chicken we made in the oven and the beautiful fields we had to walk them.  We took with us Sue's Girl Jada we started just one month ago who won Best of Opposite Sex and Winner bitch for 2 pts and Winners for another 2 pts the following day.  This brings her total up to 10 points and only 5 points and major from her Championship.  We also took Durenda's boy Tyson up who also had a VERY successful run with winning Reserve Winners dog the first day and then Winners Dog with Best of Winners for a 3pt Major the following day!  This follows the wonderful wins he had in West Palm Beach at the Specialty and puts him that must closer to his Championship.   One of our baby dragons Lothar vom Drakkenfels was 1st place on 2 of the 5 days and won Best of Breed Puppy! Special congrats to Lynn on keeping this boy growing strong!  He is turning into a Beauty with high spirit!  Special Thank you to all of our Judges and especially Dr. Carmen Battaglia for a wonderful winning day!

The P-Litter vom Drakkenfels has been Born!

Petra von der Teufelsbrucke was bred to Am/Can Ch Nobil's Naughty but Nice.  She and her 4 sons and 4 daughters are doing very well so far.  This is a co-owned litter with Susan Lynch from Ketelhaus Rottweilers and both of us are over the moon.  The breeding combines really old blood from great kennels and gives us some of the best of the Teufelsbrucke bloodlines for working and show.  Doc, Endo, Olga, Face, Mambo and not to mention that Santo, Champ, Irk, Danjo, Golda....


Jennifer Ilton Bittner Checks in from the Canadian Circuit 2009

Hope this finds everyone well. It has been a very busy summer. With moving to Newnan, GA on July 1 to heading to Canada July 7th thru 28 and returning home. The Canada trip was a huge success with 6 dogs going and 5 returning with Canadian Championships!!! Our new Can CH's are Folker (rottie), Norton (rottie), Queenie (rottie), Honey (boxer) and Rip (boxer). All these dogs were in excellent condition and a pleasure to show. I also had a great run with Jake, my Canadian Rottie Special with him obtaining 6 BOB's, 2 Group 1's and 1 Group 2, in just 6 shows. This now has him placed in the #7 spot!!!
Thanks to both my son and daughter, this was a successful and smooth trip. Rebecca, my daughter, put the finishing points on both Norton and Queenie. Not bad for a 14 year old!!! Jordan was the set-up and breakdown man which gave Rebecca and I more time to get the dogs settled in.
August is going to be another busy month with the 3rd trip to Canada happening between Aug 4-24. We have 8 dogs booked for this trip with 17 shows being held over a 17 day period. Many shows have 2 shows per day. The weather has been very good, minus a few rainy days, and the show venues good. I am very excited about this final trip with some excellent judging panels and great dogs to show.  More news to come soon!

Again I want to thank all my clients for doing an excellent job of preparing their dogs for me to show. It is your dedication to your dogs and your breeding programs that make this all a success!!!


Note: New Address
898 Boone Rd
Newnan, GA
1-770-251-2587 Home/Kennel
1-407-595-5805 Cell

                                                Quinn and his new little Superstar: Lucia vom Drakkenfels, CGC



UKC Shows- Lakeland, Florida

We are pleased to announce that "Kaiya" vom Drakkenfels  (Arusha X Djuke) completed her UKC Championship today in Lakeland.  She was owner handled all the way by my daughter Marisa.  A special thanks to all who helped us along the way, especially Kim Cardona, Quinn Webb and Nancy and Jerry Newton.  It was a very eventful weekend for us because we also finished our 10 month old male "Lothar" vom Drakkenfels (Bea X Damien) in fact he went winners over his sister in 3 of 4 shows. We were also honored to be able to handle some of Nancy and Jerry's Champions in the Champion class.  I took a reserve to Nancy's Ace with Cash in the first show, and Marisa took Best of Breed with out girls sister "Kara" vom Drakkenfels in the second.  It has been such a great weekend--we really enjoy the time we get to spend at the shows with friends.  Lothar, Kaiya, and Kara's breeder (Kimmy) was there with us today to support us. She had the little Min Pin she is training and she completed her Championship with 2 Best of Breeds. Quinn got the first text message with the news.  Lynn Murdocca (proud owner)

Attached is Kaiya's (14mo) picture from yesterday.  Lothar's from today (10mo)

and lets not forget little Kali


Thanks Lynn!!  It was a wonderful time and always good to see friends.  I see bigger and better coming and Marisa did a Great Job!  Go Dragons Go!!

and What has Dustin been up to lately in the North?  Lets Check in with him and the circuit:

CONGRATS to Dustin and Kaiser Iron Lion owned by Pavel Kosovanon gaining a Major....you guys are almost there! 

AKC Show- West Palm Beach, FL

Featured Speciality Weekend- Gulfstream Rottweiler Club

West Palm is a favorite spot for me because even off the show circuit I enjoy the sport of deep sea fishing and West Palm always offers that every time I go down there.   This weekend was to be with good friends, fun at the shows, and later a fishing pole in my hands.  BLISS.  I arrived for the show a bit early so that Kali (Min Pin) and I could spend a bit of time training and getting used to the ring area.  Cathy showed up later with her little one Gryphon for the puppy match and to cheer us on.  As everyone started to arrive I had time to get dressed, groom the dogs, and spend some time with some of the grand pups who had arrived to spend time with me.  One of those pups was little Mona vom Drakkenfels who is a tailed puppy from Voss du Clos Lenka and Arusha.  Her owner arrived for the specialty only to do his first but not his last AKC show.  Durenda brought over "Tyson", Sue brought "Jada" and "Demen", Alissa was there to show her boy "Helix" and Quinn made an appearance with "Damien".  "Kali's" mom flew over from the Bahamas to watch her little girl too.  We had an outstanding time.  Nancy was the one that made the weekend complete with "Kara" knocking the wind out of my sails and showing ME instead of me showing her...What a CLOWN! hahahaha....The results for us were extremely positive with Tyson winning Reserve winners dog at the speciality Friday and then gaining Best of Winners for 2 pts on the Sunday, Jada won WB 2 pts which now places her at 7 pts on Saturday, Alissa took 2nd in Am Bred for her first time at a Specialty! Mona won 1st Place at the Specialty and No one was cruel to her or her owners.  Thank you to everyone who showed them support and helped them with their pup.  Even Kali did wonderful winning Best of Opposite sex to the #1 Min Pin and gaining 2 more pts toward her Championship. Soon I hope to present my owners with more!  And the puppy Match...Well after many years out of the ring....Cathy has a new showman....Gryphon won BoB puppy and a Group 2.   Thank you to all the owners who trust me to show for them and Special Thank you to all the Judges who have recognized the dogs I show and award them what they deserve. 

I will be posting pictures as they come in.





UKC Shows-Clearwater Florida

I traveled over to stay the weekend with my friend Luana Ankley of vom Traumhaft Rottweilers on the coast.  She was going to take her girl Zoey who is getting started and her boy Ruger who is already finished UKC Champion so he is working on his Grand Championship.  I took little Kali who we have lovingly named "Princess" with me.  This show is simular but a bit less complex then AKC with slighly altered rules toward gaining Championships.  They require 100 points earns with at least 2 dogs defeated either in the regular winners ring or in the Group. Zoey took the finish 2 parts of her points and gained one defeat and Kali did a Fantastic job with Just a short time of training with me and won Best of Breed with a Group 2 placement the first show scoring 25 pts and one defeat and then for the final show she won a BoB, Group 1 and Reserve Best In Show and 25 more points!  She is well on her way but I have to do some conditioning to work out the muscles I know she has...I want Best in Show again on this girl....What a thrilling weekend!


AKC Shows-Orlando Florida

I headed into the AKC rings for a weekend full of surprises to delight.  I wanted to try to finish up "Demen" for Susan Lynch of Ketelhaus Rottweilers and get some Training time with her female "Jada".  Demen is only one more major from his Championship so that was the what our goal was but Jada stole the show!  Demen was Reserve WD 2 of the 3 shows to the four point majors available...very close to finishing.  /sigh.  Jada on the other hand walked in the first day and won Winners Bitch for 2 points, Reserve WB the second day, and (drum roll please) Best of Winners AND Best of Opposite for a 4pt Major for final day!  This beautiful girl was a true natural and with a few adjustments on the leash and training she gave me what I wanted and learned very quickly...she made it easy!   This young lady was V4 at the USRC Nationals so this was a great victory for her and her mom Sue!  Now I have to get moving with Mr. D....We will chase the Major to West Palm next month for the Specialty and Regular shows.  Of course Jada will be there as well with a hopeful great performance to follow this weekend.

Jada was not the only superstar of the weekend...Elizabeth Williams from the Bahamas brought over her little girl "Kali" for me to show.  Kali is a Miniature Pincher with the heart of a Rottweiler.  She is a joy to show and did Excellent after taking some pointers from the other 2...She won Best of Opposite sex, Best of Winners and a Reserve Winner Bitch!  Kali will be staying with me in Florida for a short time so I can work with her and she can focus on gaining her Championship!

 Pictures will follow soon!


  USRC Southeast Regionals 2009, hosted by  Smokey Mountain Working Rottweiler Club

This clubs show is hosted in one of my favorite locations for a dog club.  Deep in a valley of the Tennessee Mountains at the beautiful Cove Lake State Park.   This show had entries of well over 140 dogs dominated by the puppy and youth classes.   I really love doing this show and this year I invited a few extra newcomers along to experience this with me.  Thank you to everyone for helping them, openly talking with them, and sharing that good old fashioned Rottweiler companionship that our breed is known for.   Marissa Tambaco who owns Kaiya vom Drakkenfels was sent up as my co-pilot by her mom Lynn Murdocca who is owner of Lothar vom Drakkenfels.  Marissa wanted to try out her "Kimmy training classes" herself and had a really good weekend with Kaiya winning SG in the tough 12-18 class and Lothar winning VP2 in the 6-9 class.  Other owners who drove up to do some camping with their children and enjoy the sunshine also took home wins. Kevin Borkenhagen from Boca Raton who owns King vom Drakkenfels (Spartan) winning VP3 from a tough 12-18 class, and Humberto Fernandez from Pembroke Pines, Fl who owns Mona vom Drakkenfels won VP from 6-9 class.  Our friends Joanna, Teena, Amy from Illinois drove down from von Mitternadt Rottweilers and of course our Quinn (vom Langenshof)and Dustin Davis both were there to cover dogs with wins from multiply classes for this event.  I want to send congrats to all the lucky winners and owners for this event and to send a special Thank you to those who stepped in with doing a bit of running for me when I got just too tired.  One was my very own girl Fara vom Beni who is very hard to keep up with when she runs.  Fara is now the USRC SE Reg Select 2009!  Congrats also to the other girls I was honored to show "Quantum" sent up by Eve and Manson Johnson of von Evmans Rottweilers who won the USRC SE Reg Siegerin 2009! 

Here are results for the show overall: USRC Southeast Regional 2009



So everyone is wondering what the Dynamic Duo of Quinn and Damien are working on for the next great title?  Take a peak:

CARTING!!!  a true Drover dog....From Sch 1 to the harness.  Go Quinn and Super dog!!

May  is coming to a close but not before my owners have just a few more things to say about what they are doing out there.  Here is the lastest from one of the Pups from the J-litter (Bea X Djuke).  Grandma Kimmy is REALLY happy with this team.  She has already started her in Obedience and doing GREAT.


"Hope all is well with you.  Just thought I would give you an update on Jazz. Last night we went to a UKC match just down the road from me.  I showed her and
ran or sorta ran for the first time in about a 2 years with all these knee surgeries. She won her class and then went on to win the group, I was shocked.  She still has that
puppy prance and I want to play and of course just finishing the obedience class she wants to sit now.  I was thrilled to have won the group!!!  In the Best of Show I think she was the youngest dog there and she was all puppy by that time best in show rolled around.  She looked at the judge and  had that look on her face like I am going to lick you big time and then sat for him.  We stacked her again but the body just kept wiggling now stop.  On the down and back she pranced and was just having a grand old time.  After the show I judge said he loves her attitude and that she was just having so much fun.   Too bad I can't go back this morning, I have another dog I need to take to the vet around 10am  but I will see what happens for the afternoon or tomorrows show.   I will send along a couple of pictures from last weekend of Jazz playing in the yard with my nephew." 
Take care
Tammy Bruns, Ohio


Her sister Jarci won AIRK National Best Puppy Last year so now her sister Jazz wanted to show off too...hehehe...Way to go girls!


UPDATE!!  She took Back to Back Group 1 Placements!!  GRATS TAMMY!!



vom Drakkenfels is proud to announce the O-litter has been born. 


On May 23rd at 6:30 AM 6 little boys and 3 little girls blessed my life.  Blondy is one of the toughest bitches I have met in my 20+ years in dogs when it comes to her babies. She basically has kept everyone OUT of her room and she will tell us soundly to keep the noise down.  She is one of the most superior mothers I have ever met.  I would like to send a special thank you to Manson Johnson who reminded me that 15 years ago females were not so pampered and assisted and Blondy is typical of that time.  I want more like her.  She loves them with her whole heart and is a clean and through mother.  She has started to permit us into her room but do not touch.  We are becoming well trained...hehehe...  I will be leaving the tails on this litter as agreed with my stud owner.  I will give them every chance at success on a worldwide basis.  Thanks for letting me share.

When life is a downer

And things get pretty rough.

The best cure I can think of

Is to hug me a pup.


Their paws are so tiny

And breath sugar sweet

Life suddenly gets better

From just this tiny treat.


So Blondy my dearest,

Lets get over all this fuss,

‘cause that breath I’m awaiting

Can’t come soon enough!


Written by Lynn Murdocca (Thanks Lynn)

UKC All Bred show-Lakeland, Florida         Florida Memorial Day Weekend

I am very proud to announce that Kara vom Drakkenfels is now a UKC Ch. at age of 1 year.  Nancy Newton has competed with 3 of her dogs and got them finished now.  Kaiya and her moms Marisa Tambico and Lynn Murdocca were both there and now she is also half way to her Championship.  Kaiya and Lothar vom Drakkenfels later that afternoon also recieved thier CGC titles.  I am very very proud of all of them.  Congrats to Nancy on also finishing Ketelhaus' Money for Nothing (Cash) who she co-owns with Susan Lynch and her AKC Champion "ACE" is now proudly showing his second Championship title as well.  What a wonderful weekend and I am happy to have the honor of being there to enjoy it with you all.  Enjoy the pictures!


It is with a heavy heart that I bring sad news from my best friend Catherine Varidel.

"Elric was admitted to ICU Sunday night with pancreatitis, by Monday his pain was not controlled with injections and he had to be put on an IV drip of Morphine, ketamine, and Lidocaine.  He was able to rest comfortably, however, lab work indicated renal and liver complications. 
It is with a broken heart that I report that I said my last goodbye to Elric today at noon. All efforts made to restore kidney function failed and his labs were
indicating complete renal shut down. We had reached a point of no return and I did the only thing that I could.........send him to wait at the Bridge.

By all rights Elric should not have survived his battle with pyothorax last June, that was a miracle.  Then to have had a reoccurrance in January (he was only given a few days to live), again he not only beat the odds of survival but went on to sire this beautiful litter of sons and daughters--his final miracle and greatest gift.
Elric was a hero in every way.  From protecting me from drug crazed addicts, to saving me and my stepfather from a burning house, and his work as a therapy dog comforting the old and sick, his gentle love of children is legendary, he made friends where ever he went.  If God had loaned me his palette I could not have painted a greater friend and partner.  I have lost my best friend and truely a part of myself.
  As Dr. Nations remarked he was a miracle dog"

Catherine Varidel
Sagenhaft Rottweilers
Sagenhaft's Elric V Drakkenfels, CGC, SD (Mobility Assistance) , RTD,
2006 ARC Good Samaritan, 2008 AKC ACE Nominee
VonEvman's Achtung Blackriesen, CGC, RTD (Jenna)
Sagenhaft's Excalibur Vom Drakkenfels, CGC, SDIT (Blade)
Natja v.d. Seigquelle, AD, BH, CGC

Godspeed Elric...Thank you for little Gryphon to comfort her and I will do what i can to take care of her for you. 

Its not an easy time for any of us in the household but watching Cathy's strength right now during all of this should be an inspiration and hope to us all.  She has been a blessing to me during my illness.  The loss of my grandson has changed the house to a quiet one. 


USRC 20th Anniversay Sieger show and ABST, LBST, BST 2009 with Judge Uwe Peterman ADRK

Before I start this I want to send special Thank you's out to everyone I had the pleasure to meet there and all the SUPER new faces of people who wanted to come and learn.  Thanks to the HVRSK club for all your hard work and great detail into all the events.  This event really gave us an open venue of fun, entertainment, good food, and plenty of vendors.  We had a fantastic time up there.  The best was the Dancing I didn't have my camera but I wish i did.  What a wonderful evening of relaxation and good fun.  All I can say is Go Jane and Nyk Go!! 

 the dancing cartoon         the dancing cartoon       the dancing cartoon

The event started at the Thomas Bull Memorial park in Mongomery, NY with the Annual board meeting that is open to all USRC Membership with a meet and greet and forum to discuss the workings of this great club.  Not a member...JOIN!  Its worth is to be a part of the breed and to have a place to grow and learn.  The discussion were open and lively with voting results to be posted to their forum soon.  Congrats to Amanda Hoskinson on being elected to the Vice Presidency of the USRC.  I'm sure that soon the club will be moving ahead strong with new members and member clubs across the country.  At this time of BSL  items that are attacking the ownership and future of our breed we need Unity to be the #1 focus.

Vom Drakkenfels team and I met up at the Judge's meet and greet the night before the first day of shows.  It was a really nice casual event and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves greatly.  I know that after driving 28 hours with my friend Denise we were both ready to head to bed... The dogs did WONDERFUL for the drive up. The first day of the shows were with the puppy classes and right off the start the pups didn't disappoint us.  The whole weekend was the dogs giving us superstar performances and alot of very proud moms and dads cheering them on.  Special congrats to Tony Sajewiez and his boy Eastlakes Leo vom Radelsfuhrer who not only won V2 in Sieger class but went on to take his ABST, Win the protection Tournament, and Win the USRC Universal Sieger!!  I can not express enough happiness and pride in all the hard work and dedication this young time displayed on that field.  Gave me goose bumps to watch.  I have setup a picture display that will be posted for you to enjoy the events of the show.


Congrats to our owners of the following dogs:

1st place Balou vom Mariannenthal in 6-9 males owned by Jose Mendendez and shown by Hunter Lund, 4th place Lothar vom Drakkenfels owned by Lynn Murdocca and shown by Me. 1st place Hephaestus vom Lowenherzig in 9-12 males shown by Hunter Lund owned by Lauri and Craig Sanders. V1 18-24 and Nationals Youth Sieger Moro Timit Tor shown by Me and owned by Jose Menendez, V2 18-24 Kaiser Iron Lion owned by Pavel Kosovan shown by Dustin Davis.  V open Ketelhaus' Da Devil made me do it owned by Susan Lynch and shown by me, V4 Champion Karthago vom Vilstalerland owned by Eve and Manson Johnson and shown by Tony Sajewiez, V4 working Atom von Borrell owned by Mike Burke shown by Dustin Davis.  and now the girls... vp1 4-6 and National Best Female Puppy Baby vom Flood owned by Robert Flood and shown by Dustin Davis, VP3 4-6 Zichklein Achelios owned by Paul and Sherry Johnson and shown by me, VP4 6-9 Fedora vom Hamblin owned by Joanna Toms and shown by Dustin Davis, VP4 9-12 Catrina von Borrell owned by Mike Burke and shown by Dustin Davis, 18-24 V3 Dori aus der Espenstatte shown by me and owned by James Kelley and V4 Ketelhaus' Jada's Gemstone owned by Susan Lynch and shown by Dustin Davis, V2 open with Bella vom Neunkircher Schloss owned by Jose Menendez and shown by me, V2 working Indra vom Schwaiger Wappen owned by Robert Flood and shown by Dustin Davis. and my girl Fara vom Beni in Champions with another V1 from Champions class.

Full official results will be posted soon to the USRConline.org website.

 Wanna see more...here are shots from the Protection Tournment, BST, ABST, LBST segments and Helpers  If you see pictures you wish to own contact me at vomDrakkenfels@yahoo.com.  Be sure to tell me what shots it was you are looking for.


Multi Champion and Siegerin Fara vom Beni is now a UCI International Champion after winning back to back V1's under AKC and CKC judges.  Humberto brought his little girl Mona vom Drakkenfels to spend a day of excitement with me and took home 2 of the First place Medallions from puppy Class!  Damien made an appearance and took home BoB on one of the days.  What a wonderful weekend.  www.IABCA.com



Vom Drakkenfels welcomed another face to our kennels with the addition of "Blondy Sweet" HD-ED- from Serbia.  Blondy is a beautiful girl with alot of heart and spice.  She has been bred to Am. Ch. PR Gr Ch. Karthago vom Vilstalerland and will be due in May.  Watch for her in the ring toward the end of the year.

Nancy and Kara went to the Speciality weekend shows in Georgia and came homes with Super wins.  Kara was not only 1st place in Sweepstakes but she was also 1st place in regular show classes!  She said that she had a wonderful time the whole weekend and proudly shared her wins with pictures!  Enjoy! Special Thanks to Rosemary Tindall for taking the leash for Nancy to let her "watch".


     USRC North East Regional Sieger Show  

We arrived to the show with 14 dogs from all over the state of Florida.   I was very lucky to have Lynn go up with me this trip to help take on some of the work.  We started our day with the pup males which we brought along a few for Eve and Manson.  They were on thier way to the show and the flight was due to land that afternoon...I took in little Sundance for Eve for 4-6 and he was 3rd place, Lynn's boy Lothar vom Drakkenfels had a wonderful show and was 2nd place in 6-9, We were hoping before the girls started that Eve would be there because she was going to show her special ones...Nirvana vom Vilstaler Land and Maggie (Imagine.  It was still a good showing for the girls...Paul Johnson's little one Achelios was VP3 in 4-6 , Nirvana was VP1 was VP1 with Anthony, Maggie was VP1 in the 9-12 and EVE MADE IT for her...hehehe...She and Manson went back in with them later and we cheered them on!  I had both Krista and Kara vom Drakkenfels in for the 9-12 class and they both went VP.  Then it was James Kelley's girl Dori aus der Espenstatte

 from the Hause Kellemen Kennel next... V1 from the 18-24 class!!  she just turned 18 mo that past week so this was a great win for her and her owner.

The next day was very close to the performance the dogs gave the day before.  Sue Lynch's boy Ketelhaus' da devil Made me do it (Demen) was V2 from a HUGE open male class.  On the move that boy is unstoppable.  Tony was V2 with Karthago vom Vilstaler Land in the Champions class, Fara vom Beni was again V1  but this time from the Champions class since I got her paperwork in from over seas.  Eve's girl Unforgetable was V2 from the Champions class.  The big news was Tony Sajiewicz and his boy Eastlakes Leo vom Radersfuhrer.  They completed the AD 2 days before the show and walked into the Working males class only to move from V1 to USRC NE Reg 2009 Sieger!!  GRATS TONY!!!!!  You deserve it hon...You worked HARD with a beautiful dog and it paid off...

CONGRATS to all the winners for the 2009 USRC NE Regionals/Spark sieger Show.  This show was another outstanding time and Samantha and Steve worked VERY hard to make sure we all had a wonderful time.  Dieter Hoffman as always was a teacher and picked the dogs that best fit the standard.  Thank you for your insights and knowledge.  Grethen Caldwell took some shots that I'm hoping to see soon....and post a few. 


Congrats to Eve and Manson of von Evman for your success with Karthago vom Vilstalerland accomplishing his AKC Championship with a 5pt Major and a Best of Winners!  Karthago is now the first rottweiler to win a Group Placement and second Rottweiler to accomplish the American Championship with a tail.  Eve said now Karthago will be heading back to Germany to complete his working titles and breed tests.  She recently won the FCI Puerto Rican Grand Championship with back to back Best of Breeds and has goals with this very young boy for much more over the upcoming years. 


A special congrats to Papa  Djuke vom Vilstalerland for accomplishing 12 points toward his American Championship and he is now a registered therapy dog with his Sch 3.


Nancy Just called me and Kara (Djuke X Arusha)did it again!  They are in North Carolina this weekend and are on a roll.  Best of Breed Puppy with ANOTHER Group 3 win!!  I am so Proud of this team and want to send a very special Thank you to Rosemary Tindall who took the leash for Kara to let her mom see her perform in the ring.  I am so glad that my grand puppy is bringing so much love and joy to Nancy and Jerry...Keep up the GREAT work!


Another Successful weekend in St Pete Beach at the Palmetto AKC shows!!   This time with Nancy Newton and her girl Kara vom Drakkenfels going 1st place in the 9-12 class both days and adding yet another Best Rottweiler puppy in Breed followed up that afternoon with a Group 3 win!! CONGRATS Nancy!!  You have done wonderful with her.  Lynn Murdocco took her JUST 6mo old Lothar and she was also 1st place in his 6-9 class.


A'Damien vom Drakkenfels is now SchH/VPG1 with Hard work and alot of Training hours that has paid off for my Grandpup  and his dedicated owner Quinn Webb.  They passed this title under respected judge Roland Siebel.  I will let Quinn tell you in his words:

"Hello all, I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was fantastic. When I got Damien as a puppy I wanted him to attain certain titles by a certain age. After a revision or two Damien passed his SchH I today. A very special thank you goes out to Amanda Hoskinson and Steve Gregalunas for all of their help. Steve put in a lot of time & effort with us so we could earn our title. Amanda helped me out tremendously in tracking which showed in his performance today with a score of 93. Not too bad for a dog that pretty much learned how to track 4 months ago. So be patient with your dogs and they will make you proud. "
                                                Quinn Webb
                                     vom Langenshof Rottweilers

I am PROUD of you and Damien, Quinn...No words could ever express how happy you have made me with the love you have shown this beautiful boy. Thank you.

                ECRK Winter Seiger show in NC- March 2009

We took a few new faces to this years event in both dogs and people.  As always Jim and his team did an excellent job with over 150 entries to control.  Our judge was AKC respected Judge and breeder for 40 years Catherine Thompson.  We traveled up with almost a full bus this time but with the team it was a good time for the dogs.  Denise, Cathy, Marissa, Lynn were all with me on board this time and everyone else met us up there.  The weather was not as agreeable this year as it has been in the past but it was perfect for the dogs who all showed amazing.  We have some superstars this year with the great homes and beautiful pups born to us this year.  It was wonderful to see the young ones from friends and we were able to see one of the Greats from Germany, Filou with his owner Olga Grin. 

We started the show with Lothar vom Drakkenfels winning VP1 from a huge class of 4-6 males- son of Damien and Bea

Best Female Puppy was home grown! Wtg guys.

Sidney von Sederhaus

Kes von Bonzi Star x Dosia von haus Falwin 

This was his first shows and his owners Lynn Murdocca is now a VERY happy and proud mama.  Her daughter Marissa is now part of the team and becoming really good with the leash.  Of course Grandma Kimmy stepped in to lend a hand.  Kaiya, Kara, and Krista were all present but this time it was Krista who would make it into the placements with a VP4.  We took with us 3 littles ones for Eve and Manson Johnson at vom Evman's who were not able to join us trip.  Her little girls were wonderful! and very full of spirit!  But her best news came when her young boy champion Karthago vom Vilstaler land won the Champion class.  Eve shared with me that this boy has 3 back to back 4 pt majors in AKC and a group placement already.  He just turned 2 so I know there is great things in store for him.  I'm Sure we will be hearing only great things about Karthago.  Sue Lynch from Ketelhaus Rottweilers was there with us this show and close at hand for her boy Demen to win the V4 from the Open male class.  She has some super nice young ones up and coming and for me that means more fun as they grow.  My friends Joanna Lockner and Terry fom von Mitternadt were there with thier kids all the way from Illinios.


Quinn was a very busy man running but did an excellent job winning youth Sieger with Kiki vom Kummelsee from the  18-24 class for her owner Gene F.  Caruso vom Kummelsee  was also able to take the V2 from the working class for Gene only second to Filou vom Rauberweg.  Filou is a beautiful dog we were lucky to have him here for the show.   Quinn was on the leash for Lois Boling boy Axle who was V2 in the 18-24 male Class.  We had a new girl who belongs to James Kelly in the 12-18 females and Quinn was able to put the 3rd place on her.  He said that this little girl will be doing big things soon. 

My older girls did well and I bought with me a new face to show to everyone.  I just got her 2 weeks before the show and was not sure if she had ever shown before.  Fara vom Beni was in the Open Females class and as I stepped forward for the exam I realized that this girl was no novice.  Fara was beauty and grace in that ring and gave me a lesson that I will never forget.  She won V1 from a Large class and then I took Elfi for the Working class and she was rewarded the V1.  My 2 girls were to go head to head for Siegerin!!  I want to send a very very special Thank you to our Tony who was my legs for most of the dogs that were shown.  Tony was the perfect match for both Karthago and for Fara.  I was so grateful since for now my health has greatly limited my stamina and ability to run.  Our Judges Dinner was held at Jim's home with a yummy pig roast, good company, and a relaxing evening on the front porch.  Thanks Jim and family for opening your home to us.

When the dust settled and the final line ups were done....

Sieger: Filou Vom Rauberweg
Siegerin: Fara Vom Beni
Youth Sieger: Abbo Von Landschaft
Youth Siegerin: Kiki Vom Kummelsee
Best Puppy Dog: Helios Vom Lowenherzig
Best Puppy Female: Sidney Von Sederhaus

I'm still waiting pictures of the event from people but will post them once they all come in.  CONGRATS to all the winners!!  And Thank you to our Judge Catherine Thompson for teaching during the show, spending time with each of us, and your frank open honesty. It was a fantastic show.

Click here for the full results

a message from our newest Family members....

"We’ve just brought home the cutest rottie pup ever! Check out the attached photos and our Picasa online album for some great “group” shots (http://picasaweb.google.com/cstanley77/SamsonComesHome2182009#)... His “sister from another mister”, our Shih-Tzu “Empress” doesn’t quite know what to make of him at the moment… the second shot could easily have the subtitle “Stop touching me! Dad, Samson is touching me!!!”… should be a blast watching them get to know each other.

We adopted Samson from vom Drakkenfels (www.vomdrakkenfels.com) nearby in Polk City where he was fed mostly miracle grow (must have been because he’s soooooo big and healthy)…. Gonna be a monstah!

Can’t wait for everyone to see him up close and personal… better hurry because Kimmy predicts he’ll double his weight in the next two weeks (right now he’s 15 pounds)… the chubby bouncing bear stage won’t last long…

Nikko vom Drakkenfels (aka Samson)

Chris and Cassandra Stanley

I took Damien to Seminole Rottweiler Club's Specialty show in Valdosta, GA. We started on his Rally Excellent. In Rally excellent one of the excersises is a walking stand and stay. A walking stand I've only seen in a AKC UD routine and a SchH II routine. In Rally they post your routine outside the ring for eveyone to see. Once I saw we had to do a walking stand I freaked out a bit because we never practiced it. Damien is such an amazing dog he learned it in less than 5 minutes. So after all was said & done at the end of the day Damien nailed his walking stand earning his first leg towards his Rally Excellent with 97 points out of a possible 100.

Home of:   www.vomlangenshof. com

Multi V-1 Venezuelan CH, Bahamian CH, UCI National, International, Ehren CH,UKC CH, FCI International CH, PR CH, Grand PR CH, Latin American CH, USRC SE Regional Best Male Puppy 2005, 5 X CACIB, 14 X CAC, A'Damien vom Drakkenfels, BH, BST, CD, AD, RE, TT, CGC
NEW FACES at vom Drakkenfels for 2009

Lucia vom Drakkenfels (pictured at 3 mo)
Owned by Quinn Webb of Langenshof Rottweilers

Fara vom Beni (click picture to go to her page)

Dan Hect CEO and the team of Breeders USA has honored my kennel for the second time!!! :


"BreedersUSA’s is excited to announce Kimberly Cardona of Vom Drakkenfels as the February 2009 Breeder of the Month. Kimmy as her friends call her is a dedicated Rottweiler breeder that strives to be the best. She is a devoted Rottweiler Kennel who continuously looks to improve the breed.

February Breeder of the Month

Kimberly has been a Breeder, Show Handler and Trainer of Rottweilers for many years. The Vom Drakkenfels Kennels is on 5 1/2 acre playground in the middle of the Florida green belt, centralized between Orlando and Tampa.

Vom Drakkenfels Rottweilers have the strength, courage, loyalty and intelligence that are well known in the Rottweilers breed. Rottweilers from Vom Drakkenfels breeding's are AKC Registered, OFA Certified, CERF, and all puppies are sold under strict Contractual agreements with continuous Breeder support over the life of the Rottweiler.

Kimberly has traveled worldwide learning the many sports and activities for the Rottweiler Breed. Kimberly has participated in shows with the American Kennel Club (AKC), Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), German Style Shows with the USRC, ARV, Landesgruppe, IABCA-UCI International, Specialty Shows such as MRC, CRC, SRC and European shows such as ADRK and FCI."

Click here to visit BreedersUSA’s Breeder of the Month of February 2009.

I am very happy to be selected as Breeder of the Month for the 2nd time.  2008 was a wonderful year full of great adventures for me and my owners across the globe!  vom Drakkenfels was honored to have bred the 2008 AIRK National Best Puppy Female- Jarci vom Drakkenfels, AKC 2 time Best of Breed Rottweiler Puppy and Multi VP1 ranked on National and Regional Level for the USRC- Kara vom Drakkenfels, History making was The first American bred Rottweiler male to accomplish the FCI International Champion Title-  FCI Int Ch., PR Grand Ch. and Nat Ch., Latin Am Ch., Venezuelaen CH., Champion of the Bahamas, UCI Int Ch. UKC CH.,USRC-SER'05 Best Puppy Male, AKC (9pts)/CKC (8pts) Mjr. Ptd.5 x CACIB, 14x CAC, Multi BoB, BoW, BoS, Group Placements, A'Damien vom Drakkenfels, BH, BST, CD, RA, AD, TT, CGC. After 20 years of breeding Rottweilers it has been a wonderful road learning, teaching, and sharing my breed with the world.  My team and I look back with alot of pride for the dogs that we had a chance to be a part of and now with the start to 2009 we have completed a very successful and one of the toughest AKC circuits in the US-January Circuit Florida.  I look forward to more and will talk proudly of being a part of the BUSA team of Breeders.  My team  and I Thank you for honoring our kennel and dogs for the month of February 2009! 

I just wanted to put up my brags for the Jan Circuit- Florida 2009.  Thank you to EVERYONE who supported me with the dogs this year.  It was spent running from Rottweiler to Malinios to Min Pins....oh and the doctor's offices.  /sigh.  To say I'm very tired and happy to see the wonderful, outstanding dogs that I did this year is beyond words.  Thank you very much for sharing your dogs with me.  HUGE congrats to Kim McDowell with "Caesar" who REALLY wow'ed me and the crowd with 4 back to back Group One wins!! 


Ketelhaus' Da Devil made me do it is now up to 10 championship points and will be on the panhandle circuit with Jeff B to earn his final majors.  Dee did super and took home 3 Best of Winners as well from a LONG 14 days of shows.  Susan Lynch, his owner, told me I did a super job. Demen is so easy to show that it doesn't matter who is on the lead he will always shine.

Kara vom Drakkenfels at the age of 8 mo is now Best of Winners for 3 pts major from the 6-9 class with her new co-owner Nancy Newton who has trained and shows her to perfection.  She took 2 back to back best puppy Rottweilers into the groups and won group 4 as well...Her Sisters came out for practice but only took home a few ribbons.  Nancy and Jerry....all I can say is Thank you  for all your hard work and the love you give her.  She is a lucky girl.

My friend Liz brought over her little girl Kallie from the Bahamas to compete with the Min Pins and won Best of Opposite Sex for 2 pts from the Class  and 2 back to back Reserves to 3 pt majors for the first shows in America!

and the huge news from the circuit...My Son's Belguim Malinios Mystique's Dancing with the Stars is now Multi Best of Breed, Multi Best of Opposite Sex, Multi Best of Winners with 4 Major point wins.  He is now an American Champion!!  My son is in the Navy and I made a promise to finish his boy while he was away...Dante is only 1 year old....it took me 6 mo but this boy wanted to win...Champion at 1 year of age.

For more information contact:

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