I hope that everyone had a wonderful Year!  I know that normally my site is up to date on all things but it has been a BUSY year!  Here is a Recap of all the wonderful things that the Grandchildren and their moms and dads have been up to!



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!








A few words from one of the hardest working owners!!  QUINN WEBB....you are amazing!!!


"Hello all,
    A few months ago I started training Lucia for carting. I was wanting to pair Damien & Lucia together in the Team portion of the test but she came into heat right before the trial. Normally when dogs first get hooked up to the cart they tend to freak out just a bit. Lucia was a trooper from the beginning. Our first day of practice went better than expected. She did awesome! I was practicing with Damien & Lucia together but when she came into heat I focused on her Carting single titles. The test was in Palm Bay, FL hosted by Southern Pride Rottweilers with ARC Carting Judge Carol Burke officiating in Test #1 and ARC Carting Judge Jane Dyar officiating in Test #2. During test #1 Lucia was entered in Carting Started and Carting Intermediate. The course is the same for all 3 levels of carting. Lucia & I walked onto the course hooked up our cart & off we went. Then we went to do our group long down. Carol let us take a short break before we had to go back for our CI routine. After we finished our turn I sat and watched Vickie Turner with her dogs entered in Carting Excellent. She did an amazing job with her dogs. When all the dogs were done & all of the scores tabulated Lucia earned FIRST PLACE in Carting Started AND Carting Intermediate! There was a short lunch break before resuming the for test #2. Since Lucia earned her CS earlier that morning she could not do that level again. We did however repeat her CI again earning another first place finish! It would be an understatement to say how proud I am of Lucia. She is a real go getter and always up for a challenge."




"I must say that Damien has done it again. Last month Damien earned his World CH, the following weekend he earned the 2nd qualifying leg towards his CDX. After finding out he had a slight injury to his back I gave him a few weeks off to recuperate. The time off did a world of good for him. I had him entered in Ocala for Breed and obedience. First up was our turn in the breed ring. We needed a major that day to finish but had to settle for 2nd place from the Open Class. Then we headed over to the obedience ring. I knew we had some extra time before we went in for our routine so I let Damien rest and relax before going in the OB ring. We were the 2nd to last team to go in. Finally it's our turn! Once again Damien was ready to strut his stuff & showed that those few weeks were just what he needed. Wow he was right. After we finished our routine we go back in for sits & downs. A few of the dogs layed down during the sit and some sat during the down. I knew I wasn't going to have a problem with either. The judge Carol Ann Klein told each of us who qualified and who did not. As she told us that we qualified I nearly jumped out of my skin. A few minutes later the qualifiers are called back in for our ribbons. Out of 16 entries in Open A Damien earned his 3rd qualifying leg for his CDX with a 2nd place finish. What a great day! I want to thank Cheryl Knapp for her patience and guidance with our training. She is very experienced in AKC obedience so I listened to her and applied her knowledge. Now we get to move on to Utility!!!!!!"


Quinn Webb

Home of:

Multi V-1 World CH, FCI International CH, PR CH, Grand PR CH, Latin American CH, Pan Am CH, Venezuelan CH, Bahamian CH, UCI National, International, Ehren Gold CH, UKC CH, USRC 2005 SE Regional Best Male Puppy , 5 X CACIB, 18 X CAC
A'Damien vom Drakkenfels
HIT Carting, SchH I, BH, BST, CD, AD, RE, CS Team, CI, TT, CGC, ARC Versatility Award, ARC Top 10 Performance Award, USRC Bronze & Silver Merit Award

Multi V-1 Swedish CH, UCI National & International CH, 3 X CAC, CACIB
Hodeva Agazi
TJH, BH, MH, CD, RN, TT, CGC, Korad

FCI Int'l/UCI CH, PR CH, Pan Am CH, Latin Am CH,BIS UKC CH, 4 X CACIB, 12 x CAC
Lucia vom Drakkenfels TT, CI, CS, CGC



ARC Region 3 Sieger Show hosted by the Texican Rottweiler Club



Let me say for those who did not make it...What a WONDERFUL time we all had there.  Lynn Murdocca and I loaded up the bus with dog from all over Florida and made the trip to our first ARC Sieger show...and we are REALLY glad we did.  I want to Thank the team of the Texican for all your help and for putting on a class act show.  The throphies were outstanding, the food (especially the burgers) was really good and the show site was one of the best I have seen setup for a sieger show and I hope to have all of them hosted there.  Thank you Lew and Jeff for opening your home to all of us.  Our Judge was International and AKC Judge Josef Hedl.  My friends Joanna Lockner drove down from Chicago and Denise Tomlinson flew in to lend me a hand...Thanks you guys!!

The dogs all did wonderful jobs in the ring and I am very very happy for ALL the winners.  there was some REALLY beautiful dogs there.  Joanna let me show Chaos (Best Male puppy) and Cece (Best female puppy) who she is the very proud Breeder and Owner for.  She entered Old man "Noris" for me to show and he took the V1 in Veterans Class.  He showed just how STRONG and powerful rottweilers can be even at 8 years.   I took Prada for her first German show and she was rated V2, Quazaar was V2 and his brother owned by Nancy and Jerry Newton, Quantico (Tico) was V3 in 12-18.  Lothar was V1 in Champions!  His mama Lynn was beside herself...he is so young yet that I can't wait to see what this boy does...he got his Am and Can Ch at age 18 mo.  She also got a call her from daughter to say that the OFA came in and Lothar passed with an EXCELLENT, Clear Elbows and Normal heart!  We will try out hand at putting him into the ring once in awhile for BoB as he grows to test the waters...The biggest news was Jose Menendez's boy Moro Timit Tor.  Moro was awarded ARC Region 3 Sieger and Most Beautiful Male!  He is a show boat and does a perfect stack but his best is in motion...the dog flys...(normally with me flapping in the wind) hehehe...

I can not say enough about this show and I hope that ARC hosts more and more sieger shows because we will for SURE be going...It was just wonderful to spend time with so many people and we had really wonderful educational talks, carting demos, people sharing puppy breath, and the best of all the Margaritas at the Judges dinners...OLE! hahaha...(you had to be there)


Special Congrats to Lew and Jeff on thier BEAUTIFUL boy who won V1 in Open- HUGO van het Falconsnest


All I can Say is Thank you for Bringing such a Perfect example of a Rottweiler to America!!









ARV 2010 National Sieger Show-Burlington, KY    USRC 2010 SE Regionals-Franklin, KY


It has been too many years since I had the pleasure to do the ARV shows and it was followed up with the USRC SE Reg.  It was a nice trip to go up and stay with my friends spending the week between the shows sightseeing in the Blue Grass State.  My sidekick for the trip was Kristina Chriscoe from Koslich von Ursa Rottweilers.  First I want to Thank James Kelley and "Bugs" for being our hosts and really taking good care of us while we were up there.  We had such a wonderful time!!  I still have to download all the pictures from my phone...


The ARV show was held on a lovely field with full facilities for us.  It was a bit warm but the breeze and shade trees were plentiful.  Our Judge was Lidjia Mihalovic (FCI).  I think all the dogs performed well for us and we were able to take home trophies to their moms and dads.  Especially little "Rain" Ketelhaus' Under my Umbrella who won VP1 in the 4-6 only 4 mo and just as cute and confident as any of the older kids.  Jose Menedez gave me the pleasure of sending up his boys for the show:  Moro Timit Tor won the Working class, Arkon vom Hause Pesta won 18-24, and his newest boy Erasmus Anguinus was V rated in Open.  Some of the biggest news was for my friend Joanna Lockner from von Mitternadt Rottweilers who not only won both the Male and Female 6-9 classes but also won the Best Male Puppy!  CONGRATS Terry and Joanna!! Lothar vom Drakkenfels took V2 in 18-24, Quazaar vom Drakkenfels was VP3 in 9-12 and I could not have been more proud of my 2 grandsons for thier performances.  The best surprise was for Tammy Bruns and my grandbaby Jazz vom Drakkenfels who won V3 in the open class of 25 girls!!  Jame Kelley's pack did well with winning V5 on Dori, Biyance V rated, Emilie VP3. Thanks Christina for hosting such a great show for us...it was well organized. 


The USRC show turned out to be the best show for us overall.  Eve Johnson, Denise Tomlinson, and Danny McGuire all met us up there for this show and the results were a bit different.  Quake, Quazaar, and Quantico vom Drakkenfels were VP1, VP2, and V3 again but this time Quake went all the way and won the USRC 2010 SE Regional Best Puppy Male!!  (pictures soon)


Lothar vom Drakkenfels was V4 rated his first time in the Champions Class against the big boys, and Jazz vom Drakkenfels won V1 and USRC 2010 SE Regionals Select Female, Denise with her boy Odmanouk vom Drakkenfels was 4th Place in a tough 12-18 class, His littermates Olivia and Orion were there to "get thier feet wet" in the ring and did well.


James Kelley's girl Biyance was V2 rated in 12-18, his new boy Sony


was V2 in the champions class right next Eve with  Djuke vom Vilstaler Land who took the top award of USRC 2010 SE Regional Sieger.  Jose Menedez's boys also did great with Moro winning USRC 2010 SE Regional Select Male,

 Erasmus was V2 in the Open Class, and Arkon came in 4th.  Little Rain was VP2 for Sue Lynch in 4-6....but the big winner had to be Alex with the girls he bred going V1 in both the Working and Siegerin classes and then on to win the USRC 2010 SE Regional Siegerin!!  GRAT ALEX!!!  WTG!!


Congrats to EVERYONE that were winners for this long 10 day event.  I would have loved to have more events between that down time but seeing the beauty of Kentucky really gave us something to look forward to next year...



CONGRATS to my co-breeders Jerry and Nancy Newton with Little "Sassy" winning her first point AND BEST OF OPPOSITE in Atlanta at the young age of 12 mo from the Bred by Class!!  Our grandpuppies are really really doing outstanding and I'm going to make sure that big mama Bea gets her steak tonight!

Thank you for all your hard work Nancy!!  Keep it up girl...



Multi BoB, Am Ch. Mystique's Dancing with the Star, CGC- "Dante"


Owned and loved by my whole family but held the heart of my son.


Dante passed away suddenly today from his condition called Esphogel spinter paralysis.  he was not able to fight off the open thoat and it lead to his inhalation of water into his lungs and he was no longer able to swollen food.  I hand fed him and gave him the medications that the vets recommended from Gainesville but he was not getting better.  He had good days that gave us hope and very bad ones when we expected what happened today to happen at any time.  My son, who is in the military, has been told and he is heartsick right now...this came just days before his graduation from another phase in the military training school which would have put him at his final base and allowed his son to come stay with him.  He told me all he wanted was to see him one last time...and his leave did not come fast enough.  Dante fought hard and we gave him all we could in support.  but this condition was too hard for any animal and we are lucky he lived as long as he did.  God speed baby boy...we will miss you so much and your high spirited love of life.  Thank you Donna and Michelle Denson for allowing this wonderful, beautiful boy to come into our home and learn to be a Rottweiler.  so brave,strong and stoic.



CONGRATS to Sheena and Peter Silva and thier boy Praetorian LaBronx vom Drakkenfels on winning his UKC Championship with 4 back to back best males.  Thank you for all the love, time and work you put into him and I can't WAIT to see the picture from his win.  CONGRATS!!!



UKC Champion Praetorian Labronx vom Drakkenfels pictured at 9mo.



Quinn kicked off August for us with a call that said "Damien now has the first leg of his CDX and took 3rd place overall during competition".  I would say that following up on my grandson is getting harder and harder...hehehe  WOO HOO I am very pleased with those 2.  Actually I think Damien is one of the most titled dogs I have bred if not one of the top titled dogs in this country...



Then Blondy gave me a gift...4 beautiful babies.  2 boys and 2 girls from frozen semen of Multi V1 BIS/BISS Int./Am Ch.Brito od Dragevica, IPO1, BH ARC Gold Producer:  http://sampsonrottweilers.com/  they are beautiful and Jerry Sampson and I will share them and I am excited!

The Girls                                                                                                                 The Boys



West Palm Beach

Kristina Chriscoe and I decided to head down to WPB for the 2 day show and see how our girls would do.  We spent the weekend with Blaise and his wife Deb and had a great time with their 3 dogs splashing in the pool and fantastic home cooked meals that Deb treated us to.  We did very well with Jarci vom Drakkenfels (owned by Sina Norris) winning Best of Winners for another point on Sat and her little girl Zzooga that she bred winning Reserve the next day.  We both were pleased with the progress they are making in the ring.  Congrats to Blaise and Deb on "Crew" winning BoS both days!



Odmanouk vom Drakkenfels is a New UKC Ch. at 13 mo!!  I went to watch my grandson with his mom Denise Tomlinson at the shows held in Clearwater.  He not only won Best of Breed over an older boy but he won Group one!  What a great time Denise and her son had.  I am VERY proud of them.


Tammy Bruns called me from Ohio to say that her girl Jazz vom Drakkenfels is now a UKC Champion too!!  She won back to back Group 1's to finish up her title.  Then the following weekend she went to an AKC show and won Winners Bitch for a 3 pt Major!!!  Congrats you 2...Grandma is down here doing a VERY happy dance for her babies.  to say I am having one HELL of a year is an understatement.  I have some of the most versatile, creative, and fantastic owners for the pups from my kennel.  I could not ask for better.  Thank you ALL so much for making them part of your whole life. 





Orlando Cluster

We had a fantastic weekend at these shows will some ups and some downs as are expected at most dog show events.  Friday saw me win the first Grand Champion points on Ana Ruiz's male Matisse masterpiece vom Evman which was a gift from Eve Johnson. That Friday Night I had our annual Seafood Feast planned with all our friends, owners, and the dogs in for a visit.  It was too much fun with yummy Margarita's brought over by Durenda from her restaurant Tia's Tex Mex in Tampa.  I think we all were having good luck wishes for her boy Tyson to get his final major and it was reflected in the companionship of the night.  That Saturday we were right back at it and in the ring and this time it was FANTASTIC!  The margarita's worked!  Tyson with Lynda Whitney won winner dogs and the crossover for the 4 pt Major!  We were very happy to share her tears for her son.  Sheena and her little man Labronx, Nancy with her Ace X Bea kids did great for thier time in the ring and they brought out the 1st place for 2 of the 3 days. We did have Mona with Bert, Tico and Quazaar entered and only on the 3rd day of the show were they allowed to compete fairly by the Canadian Judge who saw passed the tail. We thank him greatly and will support his entry for sure.  That Saturday night we went to the AKC Breeder Showcase 2010 with the dragon kids to see how they would stack up to some of the best breeders from this area in all breeds of dog.  Lothar was just back from Canada so he was entered, Nancy entered a few of her Ace X Bea babies that we are co-breeders (Sassy, Gunner, Chance,) and Sheena brought LaBronx.  We won not only Best of Breed puppy and a group placement with Sassy


but we won Best of Breed adult with Lothar!! Woo hoooo....but it didn't end with just that.  A bit later it was time for the Groups.  I was soooo nervous and I think everyone with us took a deep breath because the dogs that entered that ring were Top winners for thier breeds and group placers on a higher level then Lothar ever had been.  That boy gave a stunning performance and we won GROUP 1!! 

 Lothar and I were the 2010 AKC Breeders Showcase Working Group winners!! I was soooo proud...and by the time we got to Best in Show I was a Jangle of nerves.  Lothar did very well but  I think he was a bit tired and he towered over the smaller dogs.  The last day, Sunday we again had a fantastic day and one that I think I will remember for along time...Matisse won Best of Breed and a Major for his Grand Ch.  He also made the cut for the Group.  I was floating on cloud 14 somewhere...Ana and I shared tears and grandma Eve called to shout for her boy...it was a GREAT show weekend for everyone and I can't wait to have us all back together again like that. 






The phone call just arrived from Lynn Murdocca to announce that my good friend and handler colleague Jennifer Ilton Bittner just finished her boy Lothar vom Drakkenfels is now a Canadian Champion!!  2 Weeks ago she sent him up to Canada with my small push to let him "go to camp" and learn from Jen awhile.  We both knew he would be in great hands.  I want to Thank Jen and Skip for all their love and care on the road and just keeping Lynn in the loop so she would be relaxed without her son.  (pictures soon).  Many more will follow him up...and I will say it again...no one is better up there then Jen!  WTG!!!  Woo hoo.

UCI Int Ch., American and Canadian Ch., UKC Ch. Lothar vom Drakkenfels, TT, CGC, HIC




From Tammy Bruns- Ohio



Jazz took two Group 1 wins at UKC shows this weekend, which now makes her a UKC Champion!!!!!!!  Yipeee


And you will love this, the second show today the judge was examining her and looks at me with a surprised look on her face and says “This is a girl? I thought it was a boy”

I laughed and just said yep it’s a girl, a big girl.  Then the judge gave us breed and then group, so she must like big girls.  J


Hope you are having a good day.





of course grandma is waiting for the pictures of her at this show....<taps her foot>



And what is Quinn up to you ask...now that he has Lucia the world has reopened to his wins and stories...It didn't just start with Daimen and I do not think it will stop with Lothar.  Lucia is coming and she is a STRONG dragon pup. 


Hello all,

Here are a few pictures I took of Lucia this morning practicing carting. It is amazing how fast she learns. Damien definitely passed his workability on to Lucia. I first practiced with her a month or so ago. Usually a dog will buck the cart in the beginning but she had no problems what so ever. I plan on doing at least her CS this fall. Hopefully her and Lothar can do their CS Team together.

Home of:


Multi V-1 FCI International CH, PR CH, Grand PR CH, Latin American CH, Pan Am CH, Venezuelan CH, Bahamian CH, UCI National, International, Ehren Gold CH, UKC CH, USRC 2005 SE Regional Best Male Puppy , 5 X CACIB, 14 X CAC
A'Damien vom Drakkenfels
HIT Carting, SchH I, BH, BST, CD, AD, RE, CS Team, CI, TT, CGC, ARC Versatility Award, ARC Top 10 Performance Award, USRC Bronze & Silver Merit Award

Multi V-1 Swedish CH, UCI National & International CH, 3 X CAC, CACIB
Hodeva Agazi
TJH, BH, MH, CD, RN, TT, CGC, Korad

FCI Int'l CH, PR CH, Pan Am CH, Latin American CH,UCI Int'l CH, UKC BIS CH.
Lucia vom Drakkenfels







Lakeland, Florida

This weekend saw Denise come in for a good visit and we both took off to hit the local UKC shows.  We took Krista, Jarci and Manouk for the training and fun.  There were 6 shows over the 3 days of the events and our goal was to finish Jarci and to get Manouk more competition wins.  Jarci exceeded our expections winning not only her UKC Ch. but to also win 2 Best of Breeds and 2 Group 1's!!  Manouk actually beat her to win Best of Winners and gained 3 Reserve winners.  It was a relaxing event full of good sportmanship and an excellent training session. 

UCI Int Ch, UKC Ch. AKC Ptd (5), 3x BoS Jarci vom Drakkenfels, TT, CGC, HIC owned by Sina Norris, NC



Greater Fort Myers Dog Fanciers

Kristina Chriscoe and I almost didn't make it down...we arrived JUST in time to get the dogs into the hands of waiting friends so that we could get into the ring.  The goal this weekend "Finish Yukon!" who is Kristina's boy that she bred.  Yukon was passed into the hands of BJ Barnhardt and off they went!  He did it...He won Winners Dog, Best of Winners for the needed 2pts to finish his Championship!  and AGAIN Jarci watched the boys do it and decided that it was time for her to get busy...Jarci vom Drakkenfels was Winners Bitch both days and Best of Opposite sex to bring her point total to 5 in less then a week!!  Nancy also got the Reserve on Gunner who is a 6-9 class pup we co-bred together from her Ch "Ace" and Bea.  I want to personally Thank Donald Booxbaum who made Denise and her little man Odzmanouk (her little tailed baby) welcome in his ring and made them both feel good about being there.  Its been a great month so far...as a breeder I could not be more excited for my owners and proud of my grandbabies.  Thanks Deb for the candid of Jarci from the show.  I sent over all the pictures to her mom and listened to Sina as she cried on the phone when I told her how her Jarci did.




Crossroads Cluster- Perry, GA

We went back up for the hope of getting the final point we needed on Lothar.  Lynn and her daughter Marisa went up with me and I took along Sheena and Peter Silva's puppy "Labronx" for training,  Jarci and Sue's girl Brassy.  Mission accomplished on the first day with Lothar winning Winners Dog, Best of Winners for his last point and is officially American Champion!  Thank you Roger Hartinger for this wonderful day!


Jarci decided it was a good idea and joined her half brother to win Winners Birth, Best of Opposite sex for her first points.  Not to be left out little Labronx was Reserve the second day and the last day of the shows...his first weekend EVER in a show ring.  After we got done on that Saturday we signed up for the TT that was being offered by the BRT club.  Yet again Lothar and Jarci performed wonderful and passed to gain the TT title! 


 We are very very proud of the children and NOPE Lynn...after a Championship the dogs do not gain an extra head or limb...(hahahaha).  Lothar will be sent off to Canada next with his favorite aunt Jennifer Bittner.  Pictures will come soon...




UCI- Orlando, Florida

We had several of our dragon babies show up at this event and the results were spectacular.  Lothar vom Drakkenfels with his owner Lynn Murdocca, Jarci vom Drakkenfels owned by Sina Norris, Krista vom Drakkenfels owned by me, Lucia vom Drakkenfels with her owner Quinn Webb, Kara vom Drakkenfels with her owner Nancy and Jerry Newton of Jernan, and Odzmanouk vom Drakkenfels with his owner Denise Tomlinson.  We met up with Eve Johnson of von Evman and a few other friends at the show to get started on the all day event.


Lothar won the open class and Best of breed all 4 shows with one Group 2,  Jarci and Kara both won either 1st or 2nd to gain thier V1's...all 3 of them completed the Int Ch title.  Kristat won all 4 shows from the Breed by and won 4 best of breed Bred By to move to the groups.  There she won 2 Group ones and 2 Group twos.  She was awarded Reserve Best in Show Bred by in the 1st event.  I am extremely proud of her.  Odzmanouk took his Class and one of the Best of breed puppy awards to complete his Junior Champion title!  Congrats to all our friends and owners...what a wonderful time we had there. 

UCI Int Champion Lothar vom Drakkenfels


UCI Int Champion Lucia vom Drakkenfels

UCI Reserve Best in Show bred By, Int Ch. Krista vom Drakkenfels

UCI Int. Junior Champion Odzmanouk vom Drakkenfels

UCI Int Ch Jarci vom Drakkenfels





The following shows we had the team split in so many different directions I will try to break it out the best I can.


USRC National Sieger Show-Tenn

Denise, Danny and Eve all attended and they said the Judging was very good. Thier judges were Dirk Vandecastele and Edgar Hellman!   My news is with Danny and my grandson Quake vom Drakkenfels winning VP2 in 6-9 class!!  I am EXTREMELY proud of this young boy.  Denise reported back that David York won presidency of the USRC and his beautiful girl won Siegerin!!  What great news for a good friend.  USRC overturned the membership rule for Regionals and Nationals so I am hoping that we will be seeing alot of you at the upcoming shows soon. 



  Quinn Webb slipped out of the country to take his little girl Lucia vom Drakkenfels to Puerto Rico for the FCI CACIB shows.  I had been trying to call him all week with no success for my first phone call was the following:


"Lucia just won her Puerto Rican Ch. with 2 CACIBS and her FCI Int Championship, Latin American and Pan American Championships winning Reserve Best of Breed!!"  I think that Quinn is off to one hell of a start with this young lady...Lucia is Lothar's sister...she will be coming out with me for her Am Ch soon. words could not come close to expressing my feelings...




And where was I...in Vero Beach at the Treasure Coast shows to support the rest of the clients and team...GRATS to the following:

Durenda's girl Stoney Creeks Raven Beauty winning Winner bitch and Kristina Chriscoes boy Yukon winning Winner Dog on the first day

Sue's girl Ketelhaus' Mecedes Moonwalker winning Winners bitch and Luana Ankley's boy Ruger winning Winner Dog on the second day.


and While he was there...Lucia's Daddy A'Damien vom Drakkenfels was Group 4 at the AKC shows the weekend before!!


And not to be left out of the Fun....Lynn and Marisa went to the Zolfo Springs show with little Quazaar vom Drakkenfels.  At 7mo he is now RW on Sat and WD, BoS on Sunday!! WTG little one.  I see big things ahead for this tailed wonderful pup! Thank you Judges for seeing past his natural tail!!

I would say it was one HELL of a way to finish up the month of April...don't ya think?



ARC National Specialty and 1st Annual National Sieger show-Greeley, CO

Okay I missed this one...but Nancy Newton went and had a blast there.  She said that the kidlets gave a wonderful performance with Gunner making the cut for the specialty and Sassy taking VP3 and Quantico vom Drakkenfels winning a VP2 at the Sieger show under FCI Judge Gerald O'Shea!!


Damien Recieve his ARC Versatility Award and his National Rankings in Carting


Where was I you ask??  FISHING!!!  My other favorite thing in the world to do!  Thank you Sue for once again giving me a break.


Peach Blossum Cluster and Dogwood Rottweiler Club Speciality-Perry, GA

What an outstanding time we had at this weekends shows!! Lynn was my travel partner on the way up and we met up with I think most of the gang showed up and we spent long hours playing with the kids.  They had so many events offered including Herding, we did eye clinics, and heart certs, CGC's and shopping!  I think the dogs really enjoyed the sheep most while we enjoyed all the vendors and shopping.  We took along our little tailed up boys and upcoming children for some ring time, experience, and socialization.   The first day of the shows was with respected Judge Edd Bivin who found Lothar vom Drakkenfels owned by Lynn Murdocca  in the Am-Bred class and gave him Winners Dog.

We were happy to see him spending time with little Quazaar (tailed pup) who was petted and told to be a good boy and hold still.  Mr. Bivin was so patience and gentle with him and I thanked him greatly for it. After the show I was invited to judge at the puppy match for the Terrier group and really enjoyed it.  I LOVE Puppies and this gave me a chance to spend some quality time with them. The second day  found us yet again in the Winners dog spot but this time Lothar was also Best of Winners for a 3 pt Major from Judge Mr. Dana Cline !


We were all on cloud nine with this boy and we made him a promise of treats for dinner!  We then took the whole gang out to allow the kids to chase sheep!  (FLASH presentation coming)  I think Nancy did the best job but Joanna allowed me to hold the leash for her superstar Ona!  The instructors told her that she was a natural at it and used her to show everyone what they expected.  Good girl Ona!  The third day was the Lothar doing it all again!! 


Best of Winners for another 3 pt Major from Judge Marjorie Martorella!!  Woo hoo...this boy was on fire. we missed the picture for him with her...He only needed one more point going into the forth days event-The Speciality.  The speciality was great with the sweepstakes and Regular classes allowing the young ones we brought to show us just how much they learned from the past 3 days. Gunner (co-bred with Nancy Newton of Jernan Rottweiler was 2nd for both,  Quazaar vom Drakkenfels (one of of tailed babies) was fourth for both, Sassy (co-bred with Nancy) was 1st for both , Prada vom Drakkenfels was 4th for Sweeps and second for regular, and Jemma owned by Pat Hicks was 2nd and 4th.


All the children got nice toys and treats for doing a wonderful job!  Tico and Sassy were expertly handled by Kristina Chriscoe our news team member.  Then it was time for the older kids.  Lothar was first in Am-bred but did not take the points but  my co-owned girl "Keera" was there with her mom Joanna Lockner from Illinios...she was 1st in Bred by and went on to win a 4 pt Major and Best Bred by under respected Judge Lester Mapes!!  


Talk about happy as hell...I was crying and laughing at the same time. Kara vom Drakkenfels was 3rd in Open and Jarci vom Drakkenfels was 4th right behind her... I can not thank all the people who supported us this weekend...Dana and BJ you both are very special...Thank you.  Thank you to the fantastic Judges who took thier time with the young ones and especially gave our tailed puppies a moment to shine and learn.  But most of all I want to thank all my owners and co-owners for all your work, love, and care for my grandchildren.  Without you none of this is possible....


NEXT STOP: ARC Nationals and Sieger show!



Ok so my phone rings...While we are having too much fun at the Perry shows...Danny McQuire and his boy Quake vom Drakkenfels are working hard at the USRC/SPARK Sieger shows in  Kimberton, PA.  Congrats to you both on winning 3rd Place under Judge Andreas Mueller!!  I am extremely proud of you both and can't wait to see how you are growing!!  Waiting for pictures!



St Petersburg Dog Fanciers- Palmetto, Florida

Lothar vom Drakkenfels  takes Winners dog on Saturday and Winners Dog and Best of Winners on Sunday.  He is now up to 7 AKC points and we will head out to Perry, GA with the hopes that he will be a Champion soon before he heads on the Road to Canada with is friend Jennifer Bittner.  I do want to tell you about something that took place on the last day of the show.  As you know Ozmanouk vom Drakkenfels owned and shown by Dr. Denise Tomlinson has been showing in AKC since he was 6 mo.  Manouk is a tailed puppy from a tailed AKC Champion Karthago vom Vilstalerland (Germany).  This puppy also appeared at the January circuit in Brooksville to a large crowd who cheered him on even under the division in our breed on opinions of various people which exists only in AKC. The FCI and Certain other World organizations such as the VDH and Canada have made it a pro-choice decision about the tails with wording that covers dogs that are docked and tailed to compete equally with no prejudice.  The judge on Sunday was Jay Beyda, who we felt comfortable showing this puppy to since just a few weeks prior to the show Jay placed a tailed puppy at the Seminole Rottweiler Club Speciality and awarded him a ribbon in 3rd place.  This was not the case in regards to this show...I will let Denise's letter to the AKC reflect the general feel of what took place:




American Kennel Club

Judging Operations

PO Box 900062
Raleigh, NC 27675-9062



Dear Sirs:


I attended an all breed show held by the St. Petersburg Dog Fanciers Association in Palmetto, Florida on April 4, 2010.  My dog, a rottweiler, has a natural tail.  I was excused immediately upon entering the ring. The breed judge on this day, Mr. Jay Beyda, explained to me that it was because “my dog does not conform to the breed standard because it has a tail”.  I have issue with this for two reasons.


As a paid entry, I have the full expectation that my dog will be evaluated by the judge.  Unless a dog is aggressive or will not allow the judge to evaluate, a participant has paid for their time in the ring and their evaluation.  I was not given that courtesy by Mr. Beyda and was immediately excused after taking 4 steps into the ring.  He did not look at the dog beyond the tail.


The issue with the tail.  The breed standard taken straight from the AKC website states:


Tail--Tail docked short, close to body, leaving one or two tail vertebrae. The set of the tail is more important than length. Properly set, it gives an impression of elongation of topline; carried slightly above horizontal when the dog is excited or moving.


In this description of the tail there are two very critical words missing: must be.  The current description is ambiguous, allowing for variations in interpretation.  Furthermore, the standard for the tail is contradictory as it states in the second sentence that the “SET OF THE TAIL IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE LENGTH”.   There needs to be more congruency within the AKC and between judges.  How can there be Champions on record that have a natural tail if a dog that has a natural tail “does not conform” to the breed standard.  I have shown this same dog in several other conformation shows without any question.  I am fully aware that, as it stands now, it is up to the judges discretion how he interprets the standard.  However, the particular issue I have in this instance is that Mr. Beyda also judged a specialty show on February 26, 2010 in Tallahassee, Florida offered by the Greater Tallahassee Seminole Rottweiler Club.  At that show, Mr Beyda awarded a placement to a rottweiler with a natural tail.  How can a breed judge “interpret” on one day that a rottweiler with a natural tail merits a placement and then “interpret” on another day that a rottweiler with natural tail “does not conform to the breed standard”?


We are fortunate to reside in a country in which it is still our right to dock tails on our breed.  Under the same blanket of liberty, it is also my right to own a rottweiler with a natural tail.  It is unfortunate, however, that on this day, politics weighed heavier than the merits of the dog.


Thank you for your time and consideration.





Denise R. Tomlinson


CC:   AKC - Event Operations

         AKC – Judges Education Dept

         Jeff Shaver, President, American Rottweiler Club

         St. Petersburg Dog Fanciers Association



There was another dog entered in the show with a tail for females owned by Donna and Bob Warner.  Her handler Kay willingly took her in knowing she would be excused, but by that time so many people were upset, disappointed, and disgusted with what was happening that this show was not enjoyed.  The day prior the Judge was very polite, checked the dogs from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tails with no negatives and did her job very professionally.  She did not excuse the dogs and even placed the tailed female 4th.  She will be someone we support in the future.  Our team supported that entry with over HALF of the entry and spoke about not ever supporting Mr. Beyda again. With many letters of protest like Denise's and Donna's going to AKC someone has to understand that this is America...we have a RIGHT to own, show, and love the breed of Rottweiler and whether it has a tail or not should not matter. May the best dogs that represent the Quality of the Rottweiler over all win!!  We will continue to show our tailed and docked dogs as is our right and support those Judges who give us a fair chance and opinion for our breed. 



The most important news for vom Drakkenfels for the past years is the birth of a special litter.  I have been so excited since the day she was confirmed pregnant that I just can't stand it and wanted to make this announcement. Multi Ch.  Fara vom Beni is now mother to a litter of 7 (5 girls and 2 boys) from World Champion, Gold producer, Int Ch, Benno von der Schwarzen Heide, SchH/VPG3 IPO3, BH, ZTP, AD.  The father of most top producing lines in the world.  I am very proud to Fara and grateful to Eve and Manson Johnson who given me this chance to bring back bloodlines such as these.  Now with some hope we will watch them grow...introducing the R-litter vom Drakkenfels.





"Hello all,

    Today I had Lucia entered in a UKC show. Two weeks ago she got her first competition win. So today we went back to try our luck. Show #1 she earned Best Female, Best of Winners, Best of Breed and a Group III (for her 2nd comp win).

Later that morning we went back in for Show #2: again she earned Best Female, Best of Winners, Best of Breed and a Group I (for her 3rd comp win). That made her a new UKC CH.

Then is off to the Best in Show round. This was Lucia's first time in the BIS group. She stacked her self perfect moved flawlessly and won BEST IN SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


YES YES YES!!  Grandma Happy Dance! 



Eastern Carolina Rottweiler Klub Winter Sieger Show



We had Excellent results at this show:


VP-3 Quazaar Vom Drakkenfels
VP-4 Quake Vom Drakkenfels

P-4 Odzmanok Vom Drakkenfels

V-3 Nikko Von Drakkenfels
V-2 Lothar Vom Drakkenfels

SG2 Arusha Vom Drakkenfels

Congrats to all the winners and special Thank you to Denise Tomlinson, Danny McGuire, Johnny Walker, Jerry Sampson and Nancy Newton for all your help on this trip with the dogs and your support.  I could not have asked for better friends to spend the weekend with getting all that sunshine and fun...I can't wait to do it all over again.  enjoy the shots.




Judge: Olga Grin (Kormeister, FCI-Russia)

Sieger: Karl Von Haus Neubrand
Siegerin: Daisy Mae Rivendell
Youth Sieger: Tony Von Carrabba Haus
Youth Siegerin: Aska Von Der Spencberg
Best Male Puppy: Axis Von Haus Hudson
Best Female Puppy: Bruna Vom Vollenhaus





"This weekend I took Damien to an FCI show for some sun and fun. I can't believe how damn hot it is here. Thank goodness the show was inside. Otherwise we would not of made it. On Saturday the show started around 8 am but Damien didn't have to show until 3:30 pm. So after getting to sleep-in at a show which is very rare we finally made it to the show around 1. I had Damien entered in the CH. The judge was Dennis Sprung. He really liked Damien a lot gave him V1, CACV, CACPB, and BoB. The CACPB was the final point he needed to finish his FCI Pan American CH. We go back home on Monday to hopefully cooler weather."

              Quinn & Damien

WOOT...GRATS Quinn!  be sure to send a copy of the title once you recieve it.  You are paving the way for your children now....


Gulfstream Rottweiler Club Speciality and West Palm Beach

All I can say is WOOOO HOOO....Yea baby!!!  GO TEAM!  Great show, GREATER weekend, and Great results.

Lothar vom Drakkenfels Best in Specialty Sweepstakes and Reserve Winners Dog from the 12-18 class owned by Lynn Murdocca

Stoney Creek's Raven Beauty shown by Peno in Sweepstakes was Best of Opposite and Shown by me in Regular class to 1st place and Best Puppy.  Owned by Durenda Henry and bred by Lori Watkins


And a special Congrats and THANK YOU to our newest team member Kristina Chriscoe and her special girl Zzora who won Best of Opposite, Best of winners for the points!!  YOU GO GIRL...You are awesome and a great friend...


Not to be outdone by us in West Palm...Quinn sent this over:


Hello all,

  Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Today I met the owner of Lucia's brother Lynes vom Drakkenfels aka Bruschi to do their TT. The test was held in Deland not too far from Daytona Beach. After raining for 2 days here the weather finally cleared up for a picture perfect day. I also brought Damien along to meet his son. He was very happy to see Bruschi today. Lucia went in to do her test first. We went through the test fairly quick. When it came to the end with the "drunken stranger" Lucia let him know to get lost. Next up was Bruschi. He too made it through the course rather quickly. It was a good day for both dogs. Both of them passed with ease.

Last weekend I took Damien and Lucia to SC for an AKC show. As luck would have it they each earned Reserve Winners both days.

I also received word from Lynn Murdocca that Kim showed Lothar to yet another Best Sweepstakes win and Reserve Winners Dog last night in West Palm Beach. During the AKC shows in Deland a couple of weeks ago Lothar won points 3 of the 4 days. He is well on his way to kicking more ass this year.

I am really happy for these dogs and their owners. Damien has passed the torch on to his kids. You did a great job Damien!!


Thank you Quinn....and Thank you to my now famous grandson....A'damien vom Drakkenfels.  You are leaving a big paw prints for your children.



Seminole Rottweiler Club Specialty and Tallahassee Cluster

Congrats to ALL the winners of this show and to the club member who made it a time to remember.  The whole weekend was great because of the people we had to chatter with and spend time.  It was just wonderful to attend this show again and see that the friendship and fun is always there.  We did very well with Lothar winning 1st in his classes and Raven winning 2nd for both the Sweepstakes, specialty and the Regular shows.  Sue gave me a chance to show her Champion No-bil's Naughty but Nice in Veterans.  "Hannibal" at age 10 still had the fire in his step with his beautiful movement and attitude.  Thank you to the Seminole team and to the Judge Jay Beyda  and Sweepstakes judge Brad Whittington.





Lakeland, FL-Strawberry Cluster 2010

These shows were a great success for our team winning Winners Dog and or Winners Bitch each day with "Lothar" owned by Lynn Murdocca  and "Raven" owned by Durenda Henry.  We would like to Thank the following Judges for making this wonderful weekend for these young stars:  Peter Gaeta,  Mrs. Mary Ellen Fetter, and Charles Trotter

Lothar vom Drakkenfels wins back to back Winners Dog and Best of Winners from the 12-18 male class


         Stoney Creek's Raven Beauty wins back to back Winner Bitch from the 9-12 female class                     




The first Sieger show of the year was an event held in some very unexpected weather but our hat goes off to the SARK team for putting on an excellent event even under the worst natural circumstances.  Our Judge for the event was Dusko Petrovic, FCI.  We were so excited about this trip because it was the debut of not only new babies but the gathering of good friends and companions from all over.  Denise T and I gathered up the dogs, packed extra jackets and headed out on the road early to give us plenty of dog time along the way.  We consider ourselves the lucky ones because we JUST beat the massive snow storm that hit soon after we arrived.  9 inches of snow! Our group met together after we all got settled into the hotel and had a wonderful dinner together before heading out to have snowball fights and walk the dogs for the final time before bed. 


The next morning dawned with beautiful snow covered ground that the dogs just totally enjoyed! We head to the show carefully following each other to make sure no one had an issue.  When we arrived we were told the pups would be shown under the pavilion area because the grounds were packed with snow and wet icy patches.  Everyone chipped in to move the benches and setup the ring.  First to go in were the Fara boys- Quake, Quazaar, Quantico, and Nancy brought her Bea son Gunner.  The 3 boys won VP 1, 2, 3!!  Denise was VP4 with her boy Odzmanouk for the 6-9 and then we had Eve arrive and join us for the rest of the show and she had a sweep of VP1 and VP4 in the 9-12 class.  I'm proud to say that Lothar and Lucia both received V ratings in the 12-18 class as well. Raven who came with her mom Durenda and dad Steve gave a wonderful performance in the 9-12 class winning VP1! Prada and her brother were there for the 6-9 but first shows are tough sometimes and they performed well.  Bert brought up his beautiful girl Mona!  What a wonderful day we had...


The last day was for our adults to show...My old lady Elfi won V3 in Working class, Kara was V rated with Quinn for Nancy, Demen was V3 for Sue, Tyson was V3 in working for Durenda and Steve, I showed Johnny Walkers boy Drog for Veterans and a V1- Congrats to all the winners!! I can't wait for the next one...Here are the official results and show report-

                                            http://airk.net/news/sark2010news.html                                                    http://airk.net/misc_results/sark2010results.html


Enjoy the Flash show of our adventure





January Circuit- Ormond Beach to Brooksville 2010-14 shows


This circuit is the hardest one in Florida and proved it for us all this year with Temps in the low 20's and icy high winds that sent us for cover.  I will say that it was a good circuit because it was spent with friends from all over the country.  Just nice to see us gather in the same spot to win our majors and cheer each other on.  For us the circuit was in our option a success...with our up and coming puppies winning in their training phase.  From reserves to points on the 2 young ones, and back to back Best of Breeds on little Kallie the Min Pin superstar, Everyone gave a super performances and I could not be more proud as a handler. Thank you to the Judges and to the dogs owners for doing such a great job!



Lothar vom Drakkenfels owned by Lynn Murdocca and Stoney Creeks Raven Beauty owned by Durenda Henry





"Hi Kimmy,

     Just wanted to tell you about the Temperament Test in Palm Bay on January 31, 2010.

     We got up at the crack of dawn because we had to be on the road by 6:00a.m. to be in Palm Bay by 8:00a.m.    The test was held at a park that had a “doggy playground”  right next to the field we were using for testing.  It looked really interesting, but we did not have time to actually check it out.  The only bad thing was the weather was freezing!  It reminded me a lot of Ormond Beach with us being under a pavilion and the wind whipping through like a tornado. 

    The lead tester took a group of 13 people (without their dogs at this point) through the entire test course.  He explained in depth what each obstacle was and what the expectations for passing were.  He was able to calm a lot of nerves with his quick wit and laid back attitude. 

     After this the first dog was out on the field and the test began in earnest.  Each dog went through the course in order and it took no more than about 4-6 minutes for each dog to get through it.  It was very well organized and the next dog that was scheduled to go was put in the  “on deck” area so there was no wasted time having to search for the next dog. 

     Sadly the first dog to go was a huge Rottweiler male, and he “set the trend” at the first obstacle that was located near a bush.  That was the only “bad” situation.  All of the dogs coped with the noisy bucket and the gunshots very well.  The major pass/fail marker seemed to be the threatening drunken stranger one.  Only one or two dogs did not do this well.  Have to brag that Kaiya was phenomenal on this obstacle—she stood her ground out at the end of the leash until she had determined that the threat was past, and then she wanted to check out what was going on around her. 

     After the dog completed the course the dog and handler waited at a designated spot for the 4-5 people that were scoring the performance to meet to discuss their individual scores and come to a consensus as to final score and pass/fail status.  When this was completed the lead tester then met with the handler to let them know if they passed.  No one was given their final score, just a pass/fail status.  Certificates will be mailed to those that pass in 4-6 weeks.  At that point we may know her final numerical score.  The tester did say that she was between 4-6 on every obstacle, and that is the ideal range.  Scores around 1 or 2 designate too little reaction, and scores around 8 or higher designate too much reaction.

     The overall atmosphere was wonderful.  We got to meet and talk to quite a few new people.  We met another lady named Mary that had a Rottie too.  Her dog did great as well, and she was kind enough to video Marisa and Kaiya so she is going to be sending that to us.  There was another lady there who owned the sire of one of the dogs that was testing so she was there to support her dog’s progeny.  I told her how nice it was that the owner of a sire took an interest in his offspring.  I am very lucky to have both you and Quinn interested in Lothar and his future.

     We were done with the test shortly after noon, and because it was so cold we did not stay for the afternoon session.  We are very much looking forward to taking Lothar through the test as soon as he is old enough."


Watch on Youtube


Lynn and Marisa Murdocca


Proud owners of

Lothar vom Drakkenfels

Kaiya vom Drakkenfels

Quazaar vom Drakkenfels

and Amba von der Siebenfelder



Special Thank you to Tommy C and all his hard work, coaching and support of the dogs and owners.  You are a GREAT mentor for the Breed!