Rottweiler Breed Standards

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Tails: In natural condition, level in extension of the upper line; at ease may be hanging.


Tail: Set on too high or too low

Eliminating Faults:

Tails: Kink tail, Ring tail with strong lateral deviation

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Correct in excited state

Correct carriage

Tail in relaxed state

Eliminating fault

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Study of Gait and Motion

Genetic Selection

Predicting Litter Outcomes

Breeding Out Faults*

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Rottweiler Front Assembly*

The Genetic Bottlenecking of the Rottweiler*

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Pedigree Research Center- Pawvillage

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Professional Handlers and Trainers, Wordwide

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Skip Bittner AKC CKC Int'l Show Trainer/Handler (352)228-9323


Quinn Webb
Obedience Trainer


Morgan Brooks
AKC Int'l Show Trainer/Handler
Phone: 904-962-3182

Brevard Florida

Crystal Callahan


Schutzhund Trainer/Helper Trainer


Jeffrey Lynn Brucker
AKC CKC Show Trainer/Handler


Jennifer Ilton Bitttner
AKC CKC Int'l Show Trainer/Handler


Joeri Goedertier
Schutzhund Helper/Trainer
Redwood Krest Rottweilers


Daniel Kemp
Schutzhund Helper/Trainer
Von der Holzhaussiedlung
(0 34 05)1 09 65
Teodoro Arevalo
Show Handler-South America
Email Address

Washington DC

Eugene Ellison
Schutzhund Trainer


Dustin Davis
AKC Int'l Show Trainer/Handler, SchH Trainer


Perry Payson
AKC CKC Show Handler
Goldshield Rottweilers


Julia Foster
AKC CKC Show Handler
Email Address
AKC Registered Handler Map
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European Rottweiler Breeders

vom Haus Bodensee - (Austria)

von der Veste Liupoldsdorf - (Austria)

vom Rabenschloss - (Belgium)

vom Biezemschloss - (Belgium)

Heidenblut - (Hungary)

von der Sommerweide - (Italy)

Lizber Rottweilers - (Italy)

Dell'Antico Guerriero - (Italy)

Alnahid's Rottweilers - (Kuwait)

of Voyager Rottweilers - (Netherlands)

van de Watergeuzen Rottweilers - (Netherlands)

Quizas Online - (Netherlands)

V D Lutenburcht - (Netherlands)

De Runderkraal - (Netherlands)

von Ivan Hause Kennel (Romania)

Ugranfir Rottweiler

vom Hause Radeau - (Denmark)

Kennel Jutlan's - (Denmark)

vom Cäsarenkamp - (France)

des Terres d'Amor - (France)

Schlossmaraness - (France)

Van Het Berenschild - (Germany)

vom Bärenfels - (Germany)

vom Ehndorfer Moor - (Germany)

vom Oberen Knappensee - (Germany)

von der Zirbelnuss - (Germany)

vom Hause Sommer - (Hungary)

van Rohas - (Netherlands)

Kennel v/d Lutenburcht - (Netherlands)

Chestishpride - (Netherlands)

MARSTAL Rottweilers - (Poland)

Rottweilers Prao La Salve (Spain) (Germany)

vom Schwaiger Rathaus - (Germany)

vom Schwaiger Wappen - (Germany)

vom Vilstaler Land - (Germany)

vom Hause Neubrand - (Germany)

von der Scherau - (Germany)

vom Bamberger-Tal - (Germany)

vom Kummelsee - (Germany)

Vom Koenigskanzel - (Germany)

von der Hundshardt - (Germany)

vom Wolfsberg - (Germany)

von der Zirbelnuss - (Germany)

vom Krummen Acker - (Germany)

ERFOLIG - (Russia)

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Crni Lotos - (Serbia)

Earl Antonius - (Serbia)

Corrado della "VAL DI NOTO (Italy)

von Der Bleichstrasse - (Germany)

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vom WolfertTurm - (Germany)

vom Wilden Westen - (Germany)

Von Bickesheim - (Germany)

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vom Plotzschgrund - (Germany)

vom Hause Ditscher - (Germany)

von der Zant - (Germany)

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Frasertal Rottweilers - (Canada)

Braxeburg Rottweilers - (Canada)

vom Legende Rottweilers (USA)

Lonecreek Rottweilers

How Did My Baby Die???

I wanted to share with you something that happened to me in my recent Brito litter. I have been awaiting the results from the vet of a puppy that passed the day AFTER his health tests were completed.

I returned home to find my son taking pictures of the pups and I bent over the box which is in my bedroom to get my normal welcome home love. This box is 4ft by 8 ft so at birth I can sleep with mom and pups until they get past the “critical point” The pups were 8 weeks and their new moms and dads were coming to pick them up. I looked over at my black ribbon male who didn’t get up…at first I thought he was sleeping but when I got closer I realized he was down and had labored breathing. I grabbed him into my arms and screamed for my son. He said “Mom they were just fine 5 minutes before you got home”…I rushed him into the bathroom to check him over to see foamy blood coming from his nose and his tongue turning blue. I thought blockage didn’t see anything, feel anything.

I RAN blindly to my car because I couldn’t stop the tears. I held him in my arms the whole time driving just 5 mins to the vet I could save him. I had called and they were waiting for me. 

Dr. P immediately took him from me and rushed him back. He was warm still and I had hopes. She said his heart was beating and went into action to save him but he poured foamy blood from his nose and expired. My vet requested to do the autopsy and I said yes without question. I needed to know. When I got home I sent an email to everyone that was for the litter. Kay-bless you for calling me and sharing my grief with me while I suffered. I was angry, depressed, and just not understanding what just happened to me. I think this explains a lot of the mystery deaths people have told me about and illnesses in puppies that have no causes, and the vet also confirmed that some new pines now cause a type of disease. a coughing disease…lepto? not sure…its a blur to me right now.

The results came back yesterday from the state. His lungs were full of lesions caused by the saw dust particles from the pine shavings that I used as bedding from age of 6 weeks on. He was the largest puppy at 17 pounds at 8 weeks and took in more dust then the others. He had is travel into his blood stream thru is lungs and cause damage to not only his lungs but blockage to his heart and a small area of his brain. I read the results and had closure in my heart and more tears shared with my family. I have 4 beautiful babies and 4 new families to work with for the future. My son took pictures of my boy before he passed that day playing…I will keep them forever to remind me. Thank you for letting me share this….

but NEVER again…NEVER.

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Vom Drakkenfels would like to thank BreedersUSA for choosing us as their March, 2006 and Feb 2009+2012 Breeder of the Month. Read more about it here:

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