Past and Present Champions

Lothar vom Drakkenfels TT, CGC, HIC CHIC # 70085

2010 and 2011 AKC Breeders Showcase Working Group Winner, 2010 Gulfsteam and Dogwood Best in Specialty Sweepstakes, Multi Best of Breed winner UCI Int Ch, American Grand Champion-Bronze, Canadian Champion, UKC Ch. Multi V1

Petra von der Teufelsbrucke CGC CHIC#53304

V1 rated

Krista vom Drakkenfels CGC CHIC# 67644
” Krista”

UCI Int Ch, Reserve Best in Show, Best 2xBred-By in Specialty

A'Damien vom Drakkenfels SchH/VPG1, BH, BST, CDX, RE, AD, CI, CS, CST, TT, CGC, 2010 ARC Versatility Award, 2010 ARC Obedience Top 10, CHIC#33465

FCI Int Ch., American Ch. PR Grand Ch. and Nat Ch., Pan Am. & Latin Am Ch., Venezuelan CH., Champion of the Bahamas, UCI Int Ch. UKC CH.,USRC-SER’05 Best Puppy CKC (9pts) 5 x CACIB, 14x CAC, Multi BoB, BoS, Group Placements,

Fara vom Beni

Champion of Serbia and Monte Negro
2x CACIB,1x CAC, UCI Int Ch. 14X V1 rated, USRC SE Regional Select’09, ECRK Siegerin 2009

Sasha vom Drakkenfels Multi V1 Rated

Tabu vom Drakkenfels AKC Major ptd (3 Pts),

Arusha vom Drakkenfels CGC, TT, CHIC #:39645

UCI Int’l CH, UKC Ch., Multi V1-Rated, USRC-SER’05 Best Puppy Female

Bea Elez Rott CGC, CHIC #45120 “Bea”

UCI Int’l CH, Multi V-1

Blondy Sweet "Blondy"

Kara vom Drakkenfels ” Kara”

4 x BoB (Puppy), AKC Major ptd (3 Pts), Multi-Group Placements (Puppy), UKC Ch. UCI Int Ch.

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